Weruva Cat Food Review: Pros, Cons, and Everything You Need to Know

If you know little about Weruva, this Weruva cat food review can help you make a decision if this is the perfect choice for your dear pets. Let’s take a closer look at this brand and see if it has something delicious and nutritious to offer to your cats.

Weruva Cat Food Review

Weruva Cat Food Review ( Via:Amazon.com )

Raiding the kitchens is one of the best things about going home. There’s nothing more enjoyable than having access to free food.

Weruva aims to provide the same comfort to your felines. Giving them good food is akin to providing a safe place for these felines.

Weruva is named after three pets Webster, Rudi, and Vanessa. This alone says a lot about how the manufacturers of this cat brand value the health of their felines.

The ingredients were all chosen with care to find the perfect one. The company originally started with the aim of providing a nutritious food for cats. Ultimately, the founders created dog food when they adopted another four-legged member in their family.

The Lickin Chicken recipe is made from skinless, boneless, white breast chicken and water. It’s also formulated to meet the AAFCO requirements for adult maintenance.


  • Wet cat food which reduces kidney problems.
  • ​Focus on quality control on ingredients and materials.
  • Pet food manufactured in human-grade facility.


  • Cat food contains products sourced from China.
  • ​Low calorie content means could mean giving more food to your pets.
  • Not all felines would love this food.


  • After getting to know about the company behind Weruva, it’s time to take a closer look at the features of the brand and why you need to give it a shot.

1. Cat Food Made in Human Grade Facility

Weruva manufactures its cat food in a facility in Thailand. This can be a bit alarming for some who prefer food manufactured in the United States but the same facility produces human-grade food for export. The facility meets the strict U.S., Japan, and European Union standards.

As for the ingredients in the facility, chicken which is the primary ingredient in many cat food products undergoes strict testing. There are strict guidelines on the ethical treatment of animals. Chickens used in the ingredient are also on a non-GMO diet.

2. Enriched With Vitamins and Minerals

An impressive cat food will not be complete without additional vitamins and minerals. Taurine which is necessary for having a healthy feline is present in this cat food.

Taurine from this cat food company is sourced from China. Before you think it’s not a great cat food. After all, the manufacturers have a good explanation for it.

The world’s taurine supply, or at least most of it, comes from China too. While many people question the quality of these ingredients, the manufacturers contend it’s not about the source of the ingredients but the quality control imposed to ensure the product is safe.

With this in mind, there is no real danger in choosing cat food with taurine from a Chinese facility.

3. Low-Calorie Diet

If keeping the calories within the lower range is what you are after, you might be excited about Weruva. The company is keen on keeping the calories low which could mean feeding your cat more.

This isn’t much of an issue, and it can turn out to be a blessing if you want to limit the caloric intake of your pet.

General Impression

Weruva cat food

Weruva is actually a well-liked brand, and for good reason. The main ingredient in their cat food is chicken. Remember, a meat-based protein which is a must for felines.

As we all know, cats can’t be vegans since their bodies are designed to eat meat. Since Weruva is keen about adding protein, and they are strict with quality control, the product seems to be the sensible choice.

Weruva cat food is made in facilities which also manufacture human food. Quality control is higher in these cases which could help put your mind at ease. The cat food excludes by-products and grains which should never be near your cat food of choice.


If the Cats in the Kitchen Paw Lickin Chicken is not too popular with your pets, here are Weruva products to try.

Weruva Grandma’s Chicken Soup with Chicken and Pumpkin

Weruva Grandma’s Chicken Soup with Chicken and Pumpkin ( Via: Amazon.com )

This cat food uses chicken as the main ingredient. The guaranteed analysis reveals an eight percent protein content, 0.5 percent fiber, and crude fat of 1.2 percent. There’s also pumpkin, green pea, and carrot thrown into the mix.

Cats in the Kitchen Double Dip

Cats in the Kitchen Double Dip ( Via: Amazon.com )

This cat food is grain-free which cats would love. The formula combines chicken and beef to create a delectable recipe cats would love to eat over and over.

Chicken, chicken broth, beef, and beef lung are the first ingredients listed for this cat food. The guaranteed analysis reveals fiber content of 0.5 percent, 2.5 percent fat, and eight percent protein.

Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Funk in the Trunk

Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Funk in the Trunk ( Via: Amazon.com )

Just like most other products from Weruva, chicken is the primary ingredient of Funk in the Trunk. Chicken broth, chicken, tuna, and pumpkin are the main ingredients of this cat food.

As to the nutritional content, it contains 10 percent protein, 0.5 percent fiber, and crude fat of 1.6 percent. This composition sits well with most felines, and it also happens to be a yummy treat.


  • Weruva happens to be one of the most impressive cat food brands in the market today. Cat owners love it since the ingredients in the cat food are all high quality, as proven by testimonials and reviews.
  • Just like any other at food brand, there are some controversies related to this cat food. There are complaints on where the brand is manufactured as well as where the ingredients are sourced. However, the manufacturers have justifiable reasons for choosing their suppliers, and they take great pains in ensuring that the cat food they sell is safe and healthy.

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