Frontline Plus for Cats Review: Everything You Need to Know


If you are off looking at Frontline Plus for cats review, it would be safe to think you are struggling with your cat’s flea problem. Fleas can make your pets lethargic and these annoying pests may potentially put your health at risk too.

What you need to do is to look for a product to help your feline be free of fleas. Among the top picks is Frontline Plus by Merial.

Frontline Plus is designed specifically for cats which are at least eight weeks old. The company behind this product has studied how fleas multiply, and they created a product which could address the problem right away.

Among the best selling points of Frontline, is its satisfaction guarantee. This is one indication how confident Merial is in its product.

To give you a better picture of this brand’s pros and cons, here’s a quick summary of the product’s selling points as well as its weakness.


  • Highly recommended by veterinarians.
  • Works spectacular when you follow directions properly.
  • Helped numerous felines get rid of flea infestation.


  • Using this flea treatment regularly might cause fleas to adapt.
  • ​Did not work in some felines.
  • Issues with the condition of the product.


Purina Beyond

Here are the top features of Frontline Plus and why it’s worth giving this product a try when you are struggling with your cat’s flea infestation.

1. Provides Long-Term Relief

When it comes to removing ticks, it’s important to think long-term. What makes Frontline stand out is how long-lasting the effects are.

Manufacturers claim ticks will not plague your feline for the next six months after using this product.

The dose in one packet is effective not just on ticks but also on fleas, flea eggs, and lice in kittens and in adult cats.

Recommended application of each dosage is once a month. The manufacturer also estimates that the medication will not wear off even if your feline takes a bath or gets exposed to the sun for up to six weeks.

Reapplication is not necessary unless there is a good chance your pet is going to be infested by ticks again or if there is a high risk of infestation.

2. Easy Application Process

While you have the option to request for your doctor’s assistance to take care of your cat’s ticks, chances are you have to deal with it yourself.

Any cat owner will find Frontline Plus a good choice since it’s totally easy to apply.

You just need to follow three steps and you are done.

Of course, there are precautionary measures you need to observe such as avoiding any contact on the treated area until it dries up.

3. Fast Acting

When your cat has a flea infestation, you would be immediately concerned on how fast the product will show its effects. While fleas are not life-threatening, they can put your pet in serious danger.

The best thing about Frontline is that it acts fast. This means your cat will get immediate relief from pesky fleas. Given the nature of this product, it is also a good choice when you are looking for a way to prevent fleas from multiplying on your cat’s coat.

This product usually gets rid of fleas in all life stages in as little as 12 hours.

General Impression

The Truth about a Cat’s Growth

If there’s one reason Frontline Plus will attract a lot of cat lovers is its promise to free those poor felines from abusive fleas in less than a day. When you have a cat that has a flea infestation, it’s difficult not to pity your pet.

Cats with fleas are always feeling the urge to scratch their body. On top of that, they feel lethargic and they can’t get sufficient nutrition.

With Frontline Plus, all these concerns can be solved right away. This fast-acting treatment certainly won the hearts of many cat owners after they saw the improvement in their feline’s disposition.

Another notable thing about Frontline is on how easy it is to apply. It doesn’t take a genius to treat your cat at home; all you need to do is follow the instructions.

The manufacturers have also been clear on what not to do which is quite impressive.

Given all of these things, reviews are mostly positive. For those who were not impressed with this brand, the common complaint is that the product became less effective with continued use.

It should be noted that fleas can develop immunity too. So, you might want to change up the type of treatment you administer once in a while.

Frontline Plus Alternatives

So, kitty can’t use Frontline, there are still other choices. Here are some products to consider:


Advantage ( Cre :

This is another product veterinarians recommend, Advantage could be just what your cats need to get rid of their flea infestation.

This flea treatment kills the pests on contact and it is good for cats over nine pounds and at least eight weeks old.

Pet Armor

Pet Armor ( Cre :

Manufactured by Sergeant’s Pet Products Inc., this flea control treatment claims to be as effective as Frontline. The active ingredient in this brand is also similar to that of Merial’s flea treatment.

This system can kill all the parasites plaguing your pet within a month. Plus, it can prevent the development of fleas for up to 12 weeks.


Cheristin ( Cre :

This flea control is fast acting and it will get rid of all of your kitty’s fleas in just 12 hours. This flea treatment is also easy to apply and it is gentle on cats.

This provides long lasting effect which is just what you want when your cat has fleas.

Final Thoughts

Frontline Plus for Cats

Based on the overall review of this product, Frontline Plus is a good choice when you are interested in getting rid of your cat’s parasites.

  • If your cat has issues with bests, give this product a go. When in doubt, you can always take a look at another Frontline Plus for cats review.

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