Wellness Core Cat Food Review

[thrive_drop_caps color=’orange’ style=’2′]M[/thrive_drop_caps]arketed to be a cat food product that is free from any kind of grains, it is not surprising why there are a lot of pet owners who trust this brand when it comes to cat food. After claiming to have the best possible ingredients, a lot of people who have cats put their faith on this brand.

Just like other cat food companies, Wellness Core offers different flavors to add variety to your cat’s diet.

Guidelines in Choosing a Cat Food

Guidelines in Choosing a Cat Food

If you have a cat, the first thing you need to learn about is how to make sure that you are taking good care of your pet. There are a lot of cat owners who do not realize that they are making huge mistakes in choosing the food for their felines. Cat food could dictate whether your kitty lives a long and healthy life or not.

If you want to make sure that there will be more years left to your favorite, companion be sure to consider these things when you are shopping for cat food.

  • Food Sensitivity: Just like people there are some cats who can tolerate everything and there are picky cats that need to be on a special diet. It is important to be familiar with the right diet for your cat or you might be putting your pet in danger
  • Nutritional Balance: When it comes to cat food, the right balance between carbs and protein is necessary. This will ensure that your cat will not be lethargic and unhealthy.
  • Cat Preferences: No matter how great a cat food is if the feline refuses to eat it, then that cat food will be of no use. Make sure that your choice will also be your cat’s choice.

Wellness Core Cat Food

Wellness Core Cat Food

Wellness Core Grain-Free Cat Food (Via Amazon.com)

Wellness Core cat food has been around for some years now and there are a lot off cat owners who are thankful for this cat food. One of the most impressive things about this pet food company is the fact that they are not afraid to disclose the full nutritional content of their pet food. The company goes above and beyond the requirements of AAFCO.

There are a wide array of products for cats depending on their age and individual circumstances. For those who are wondering what they can get from this pet food, here’s a quick list of the pros and cons when feeding this to your cat.


  • Contains sufficient amounts of protein to support your cat’s energy needs
  • Enriched with calcium and phosphorus which are necessary to maintain your feline’s health


  • Not agreeable to all cats
  • Some owners reported that the dry kibbles led to the formation of kidney stones
  • Ingredients changed over the recent years and they are not as great as they used to be


Now, we will look into Wellness Core products in closer detail and examine some of the key features. The review is based on the original recipe for the cat food.

1. Grain-Free Formulation

Grain-Free Formulation

Via Amazon.com

Cats are picky eaters and this may be for the best. There are a lot of felines who cannot tolerate grains in their diet and this causes vomiting and diarrhea among other symptoms. Wellness Core happens to be one of the best products for cats who are struggling with food sensitivity.

2. Protein Packed Kibbles

Among the most noticeable things about this pet food product is the fact that cats tend to eat less of this after they have successfully transitioned from another brand.

Based on a closer look at the ingredients, the Wellness Core kibbles contain more protein than most other brands. This means that your cats will remain full even if they eat less of this food.

Protein Packed Kibbles

Via Amazon.com

3. Cat-Friendly Kibble Sizes

Cat-Friendly Kibble Sizes

Some cat owners do not pay much attention to the size of the kibbles that their kitties consume but it happens to be a major consideration.

It is not just about nutrition and holistic health, the size of the kibbles should be a major consideration. The size of the kibbles from this cat food brand is just right so that cats will not have difficulty in gobbling them up.

General Reception for Wellness Core

General Reception for Wellness Core

Via Amazon.com

There are mixed reactions to this cat food depending on the general experience of the pet owner. Among the biggest complaints is the company’s move to change some of the major ingredients in their kibble.

Today, the top ingredients remain to be animal protein sources but there are some who think that the quality of the protein is lower than what it used to be.

Needless to say, there are a lot of cat owners who believe in this product because of all the good things that it brought to their favorite pets. Based on the general consensus, this is a highly recommended product although you need to do basic research on your own.

Wellness Core Cat Food Alternatives

If this is not the right brand for you, there are other alternatives that you can try and this includes the following:

Royal Canin Cat Food

Royal Canin Cat Food

Royal Canin Cat Food (Via Amazon.com)

This manufacturer has been around since 1967 and their headquarters is currently located in France. The prescription formula from this manufacturer happens to be one of the best in the market today.

Solid Gold Cat Food

Solid Gold Cat Food

Solid Gold Cat Food (Via Amazon.com)

This cat food producer is known for their holistic approach when it comes to cat food. They are not that popular but they produce a wide array of products.


Friskies Cat Food

Via Amazon.com

This happens to be one of the most highly advertised cat foods and it is manufactured by Nestle Purina.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts wellness core cat food review

When it comes to cat food, grain and gluten free products seem to be the perfect choices and those are just some of the things that Wellness Core has to offer. Despite these facts, it is important to pay attention to your cat’s overall condition.

Just a final warning, feeding dry food is not a good thing for cats. Make sure that your felines have regular access to fresh water or better yet alternate between dry and wet food to avoid kidney issues.

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