Luuup Litter Box Review: Everything You Need To Know

Poop and pee are not conversations anyone wants to really have – but they are kind of necessary, even for pets.

If you have cats – there is nothing worse than a stinky cat box because you were just too lazy or tired to have to clean out the box yet again. If you ever feel like all you do is clean the cat box – you are not alone!

Messy scoops – pain in the butt liners, we all know it is the job no one in the family wants to do – so Luuup wanted to create a cat litter box that made a cat owner’s life just a little bit easier.

If a self-cleaning litter box is not of interest too you – then the Luuup might be an option.

Overall the Luuup has a good amount of positive reviews but there are also a lot of critical reviews as well so we will do our best to make sense of it all so you can decide if this litter box is right for you.

So, What Makes Luuup Different?

It is a modernized version of the traditional cat litter box! Imagine a life with no sticky residue on the bottom of the box or the lack of need for litter box liners.

That is just a couple of features Luuup makes claims that it excels at.

Here is what Luuup says makes their litter box different:

  • Easy to clean: just lift, sift and throw away
  • Non-stick: the container the cat poop and pee resides in is a non-stick material so the yucky stuff falls right out
  • Economical: because you are sifting and saving fresh litter you are using less than with a traditional scoop
  • Antimicrobial: the antimicrobial spill guard will help prevent spillage from cats that like to kick
  • Design: it is a more modern than most of the other litter boxes out there

How Does Luuup Work?

Basically you have 3 sifting trays that nest within each other.

When the box needs a change – you simply do the following:

  • Remove the top litter tray
  • Shake it back and forth to let the clean litter fall through which then leaves you nothing but the yucky stuff in the tray
  • Empty that yucky stuff from the top tray, it should slide right into the garbage
  • Rotate the tray 180 degrees and place it at the bottom of the stacked trays

Where they make a claim that could be a game changer is the “curved corners” which they note in their description should prevent the litter from sticking to the base of the try to allow easy emptying.

When the 3 trays are aligned properly a “floor” or “base” is created which keeps all the litter in the boxes. This was a little confusing since every try has holes in it – but by using their guide and lining up the trays just so – you can be assured nothing will leak out.

Here is their promo video which shows in more detail how the layers work.

How Big Is It?

The box is an average size box measuring:

  • 20.2″ in length
  • 7.5″ in height (wiyh spill guard attached)
  • 15.4″ in width

There were a lot of remarks about the litter box being too small in their original inventory – the measurements above are the new measurements which reflect a larger size that should accommodate most cats.

If you see remarks from people saying the box is too small – be sure to check when the review was made, it is probably an older review and not relevant any longer since they resized it based on those critical reviews.

Do I Need A Litter Box Liner?

Nope – no liner needed!

Does Luuup Require A Specific Kitty Litter?

The litter box was created to be used with clumping or crystal litters – the type of litter can directly effect how great the Luuup works.

Recommended Cat Litters

Not-Recommended Litters

  • Arm & Hammer Clump and Seal
  • Fresh Step
  • Yesterday’s News & Pellet
  • S’Wheat

They discourage the use of litters that use wheat or walnut based litters because they do not easily clump. For a few of the negative reviews we found we did see that the customer was using a litter that was NOT recommended which caused issues with how easily the cat’s mess “slid” out of the box after sifting. Be sure to use only the recommended kitty litters to have the Luuup be successful for you.

They also state that you will need to use about 4″ of litter in the box to allow it work properly.

Do They Have An Enclosed Option?

At the time of this post there was no option for a hood or cover to create an enclosed litter box, but it does look like the manufacturer is working on one to be released!

Luuup Warranty

There is a 30 day warranty on the product from the date of delivery.

So What Are The Not So Good Things About The Luuup?

1.  Not Being Truly Non-Stick

There are a lot of critical reviews of this cat litter box – but the biggest issue by far is the lack of “non-stickiness”.

There are many reports of customers having to still scrape the cat litter that is stuck at the bottom of the litter box – and since this is the main selling point – it is a big deal.


We are not clear on whether or not the customers are using the recommended kitty litter. They specifically note certain litters which will not work well with the box so that could be a part of the problems that are reported.

2. No Options For Look And Feel

While we actually like the color and look of the litter box – the color is not exactly complimentary to every home. For a first product we would have recommended a beige or more neutral color. But this is not a deal breaker to us!

3. Price

This is definitely a more expensive option – but more than worth it if it works for your cats.

4. Litter Mess

If you have a cat that is a kicker — even the spill guard will not keep the litter from getting kicked to the floor because the sides of the box are not that deep.

What People Say About Luuup.

Luuup started their journey with a Kickstarter campaign where they managed to raise over $1 million dollars, which was a record for a funded pet project.

The also had a page on IndiGogo as well – and it might be beneficial to read the reviews and comments on both of these pages to decide if it is a good fit for you.

The reviews are very mixed.

While their own website shows a 5 star review – we are not clear if they control what reviews show on the website so we do not always use those when doing our homework. We like to look at third party outlets where we know they cannot modify them to their benefit.

Do We Recommend The Luuup?

Personally we are on the fence on this one. Not sure it is any less work than just using a scoop to scoop out the poop daily and it seems to only work with specific litters to be most effective which can ultimately be a pain in the butt if you cat does not like those litters.

I actually scoop my kitty’s poop and pee from a clumping litter every day and put it into a doggie poop bag and throw it in the garbage. I do not need to lift the box at all and it works for me this way.

But I only have one cat.

Either way, I am not sure this is one I would try, but if you do – or did, let us know what you think so others can see what you think!

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