Why Does My Cat Sleep On Me When I’m Sick? The Cute Truth

Cats are lovable, interesting creatures who are constantly surprising us, especially when it comes to answering the important question, “why does my cat sleep on me when I’m sick?”.


Can My Cat Tell When I’m Sick?

  • Surprisingly, your cat can tell whenever you are sick and not feeling well. While there is no straight answer as to how your cat can tell when you are sick or in some form of mental or physical distress, there is a theory that cats are able to pick up on the slightest changes in their humans.

For example, simply think of cats, and other domestic animals, who are trained to help identify a medical emergency before it can occur. This is very common with those who suffer from epilepsy and seizures in general.

If you are running a fever, or have a sickness or general ailment that causes you to act out of the ordinary, your cat will no doubt pick up on this. You will not act the same as you usually do, such as not playing with them, for example.

It’s also a theory that cats can smell certain sicknesses, such as the common cold and the flu, when you’re sweating, for example.

What Will My Cat Do If I Don’t Know
I’m Sick?


Because cats are highly empathetic, very in tune with their humans, and can sense the slightest changes in their owners, they will do any number of things if they have sensed, or figured out altogether, that something is wrong with their owner.

In fact, your cat may even know that you’re sick before you do! A prime example of your cat knowing something is wrong would be identifying that they are constantly at your side. Whether it be while you are going about your day in your home, when laying in bed relaxing or watching TV, or basically any instance where they are sticking closer to you more than they normally do.

Interestingly enough, owners who have had strokes and seizures in the past are constantly met with their cats sitting either close to or on their heads as they possibly could.

However, keep in mind that these are not tell-all signs that something is wrong with you based on your cat’s empathetic reaction, so if you are feeling ill or think that something is wrong at any point, do not base that judgment on the actions of your cat and see your general physician.

Do All Cats Do This?


Not all cats will stick to their owner like glue when they are sick. This is because, like humans, each individual cat has their own personality and set of character traits.

Typically, a cat who is more affectionate and loving toward their owner, or owners, will naturally pick up on any sudden changes or feelings in their home environment. This will greatly include whether or not their owner is feeling well, or feeling like themselves in general.

On the other hand, however, some cats who are considered a “wild child”, or cats who don’t stick too close to their owners in general, will more often than not calm down. Some cats see your illness as a prime opportunity to be lazy and spend the day in bed with you.

In short, how your cat acts and reacts when you are sick and under the weather, in general, will depend greatly on how they usually act, their personality, their temperament, etc.

Will My Cat Comfort Me When I’m Depressed?


Even if you’re not physically ill, if your cat is known to be very loving and affectionate on a good day, you can no doubt expect that they will be by your side if you’re going through a depression episode.

In fact, cats will generally stick toward their owner no matter what the health problems may be. Be it the flu, an anxiety attack, a day of depression, you name it.

Because cats are so very intuitive, you can expect that your loving kitty will be by your side with you through any and all problems that life may throw at you.

How Cats Act During Illness

Now that you know the answer to “why does my cat sleep on me when I’m sick”, look at how your cat behaves on a regular basis. Do they lovingly stick to you like glue on a normal day, or do they generally keep their distance until they want to be cuddled?

  • To figure out whether or not your cat will act as your nurse when you’re sick, just look at how their normal behavior and temperament is to get your answer!

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