Why Does My Cat Have Scabs

Why Does My Cat Have Scabs? Worry No More!


ny pet parent knows that the responsibility for a cat or a dog is not a piece of cake. It takes great courage and full commitment to get a pet and keep it alive. You do not only invest time and money but emotions as well. Because no matter how tedious it gets in the long run, you learn that these creatures have feelings too.

So, how are you as a pet parent, particularly a cat parent? If you are reading this, you are probably full of worry thinking what you may have done wrong. There are tons of things to know about cats and their “nine lives.” However, for this article, in particular, we will talk about a serious condition.

Have you ever noticed your little fur balls running around scratching all over their body? And have you recently noticed scabs and wounds right on their skin too? If you are currently asking “Why does my cat have scabs?” you have come to the right place.

In here we will answer not only based on scientific facts, but on practical experiences. I, too, am a cat enthusiast and lover and I am more than willing to share what I have learned.

The Truth about the Cat’s Skin

The Truth about the Cat’s Skin

Like humans, it is only normal for some cats to experience skin diseases too. Various conditions make it possible for a cat’s skin to end up with wounds and scabs.

As you may already know, scabs are those already-dried-up wound patches that form on the flesh. When the wound heals, the scab is what’s left. It does not look good at all. Any pet parent would worry if there are too much of them on their cat.

Possible Causes of the Scabs plus Treatment

Possible Causes of the Scabs plus Treatment

According to www.cat-world.com.au, there is a condition called miliary dermatitis that may be the cause of the scabbing. This is due by a severe allergic reaction. Yes, cats can get allergies too.

However, there are some possible causes for these lesions too. According to the same article, the cause can be highly dependent on the location of the wound. For instance, you may find your cat’s scabs lined up along the tail or neck. If so, the reaction may have come from flea or tick bites.

It is true that ticks and fleas can be very cruel to cats and dogs alike. They can even cause death if not properly taken care of or handled by the owner. However, it’s hard to prevent this from happening. This is especially true if the cat mingles with other cats or animals outside of the house.

Fleas and ticks are everywhere, and they scatter so quickly that you have to be mindful of your cat’s environment. There are some anti-flea products like soap, shampoo and even perfume in case you need them. However, this may not be enough. You will still have to treat the entire surrounding or habitat of your pet to make sure everything is parasite-free.



Meanwhile, another possible cause of scabbing is an allergy to particular food. You will readily notice this when the wounds start forming on the cat’s head or ears. A cat’s food allergy may be a little harder to trace yourself so that you may want a vet’s advice.

If this is the case, your veterinarian may advise on having your cat on a strict diet. You will then need to monitor if the allergy clears up after testing certain foods. This can be a little tedious and may require a few extra budgets for trying out food items that are unusual. The aim is for your cat to consume only those that are “hypoallergenic.”

There is also a possibility that your cat may have come in contact with “irritants.” There are products like shampoo or soap that contain too many harmful chemicals and tend to cause bad reactions. With this, you have to be mindful of the products you use on grooming your cat.


Why Does My Cat Have Scabs conclusion

It can be rough for you to see your dear cat lurk around with wounded skin. I would totally understand if you say that it pains you seeing them in pain. And so it's nice to know why there are such and how we can help soothe them.

Just remember, it is your responsibility to look after your pet especially when it’s sick. If left hanging, a simple skin condition can lead to something serious. You would not want to be ending up in a hospital with your sick furball all cooped up in tubes.

So did you find this article helpful? I do hope you did. Do not hesitate to leave down your comments and suggestions. Feel free to help other cat parents out there to end their worries. Happy parenting!

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