Why Do My Cat’s Eyes Water

Why Do My Cat’s Eyes Water? Worry No More!


f you are a cat enthusiast or parent, you have probably noticed once what I have seen just recently. There are instances when cat’s eyes become runny or watery. Have you observed this?

If you have, then you probably have guessed that your cat may be in a bit of an emotional state. Most people would think they are crying or are sad when their eyes well up. I had the same thoughts too.

That’s what we do as pet parents. When we feel like something is wrong, or different, we guess and decide based on our instinct. Well, that is totally normal and fine in some cases. However, it’s our responsibility to be able to know when the watery eyes become a sign of a medical condition.

Besides, we would not always want to run to the animal clinic at the first sign of “sickness” right? Aside from being a tiresome task requiring so much effort and time, we have to admit that it’s costly too. Plus, we have to admit that there are animal doctors who misdiagnose pets resulting in more “damage.”

So, to avoid all of those, here we are. If you have been worried and kept on asking “Why do my cat’s eyes water?” you are on the right page. In this article, we will discuss the common causes and the underlying treatment you can perform in these circumstances. We will go through all these to try to ease your worries.

The Truth about Cat’s Eyes

The Truth about Cat’s Eyes

I have not given too much attention to my cat’s eyes until I noticed they were becoming too watery. I’m pretty sure a lot of you can relate to this. We could be very busy and tend to neglect just looking right at their eyes and see if they’re okay.

By doing a little bit of research, I have learned that these fur balls’ eyes can be very sensitive too. Just like humans, cats can be prone to irritation from too much dirt or pollution. And where can they possibly get this? Well, it could be either at home or outside.

According to pets.webmd.com, cats have eye coating. This coating is what protects their eyes from irritants like dirt or microorganisms. This coat is what you readily see when you try looking at their eyes carefully. It is also called the “tear film.”

Just like a human’s eye, it is necessary for the feline eyes to stay moist, thus the water component. And because some cats provide more moisture around that area, we mistakenly think they are crying or tearing too much.

So, are we just overreacting? Not necessarily.

There are some cases when cats are harmed and not just irritated. This is what we need to be on the lookout for. If you notice your cat’s eyes turning more watery than usual and you see other unusual symptoms, be prepared for treatment.

Why do my Cat’s Eyes Water and How do I Treat it?

Why do my Cat’s Eyes Water and How do I Treat it

According to reference.com, your cat may either be having irritation, issues with tear drainage or disorder. Altogether, the “severity” may come from many possible reasons.

Still, according to the article from reference.com, it is possible for your cat to experience this after a fight. The scars can cause their eyes to swell and look watery. Meanwhile, it can also be because your cat has a natural flat and short facial shape. Believe it or not, it can be a factor too.

But if your little fur ball’s eyes are overflowing with water that looks more like a discharge, that’s worse. It could mean that your cat has a respiratory infection. This is similar to when we have colds and our eyes together with our nose turn runny and watery.

So what do we do? First, you need to identify the real cause among all these possibilities. How do you find the most certain answer? Of course, you go straight to the expert.

The veterinarian would usually do a series of tests to see what kind of discharge the cat’s eyes are having. From there, they give out a diagnosis and prescribe some medicines if necessary. For the worse cases, they prescribe antibiotics.

Some simple treatments, on the other hand, would include flushing out the dirt or debris in the eye using syringes. You can try doing this at home if you have the tools.

If you want to avoid having to deal with this kind of case in the future, there is a way. The simplest thing you can observe is the cat’s hygiene. If you want to protect the eyes, make sure the hair in that area is well trimmed. You also have to keep their habitat clean and well-ventilated at all times so that they do not get an infection.

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