Why Do Cats Pull Their Hair Out

Why Do Cats Pull Their Hair Out? Worry No More!


ttention, cat parents! Have you recently had a problem with your fur babies’ grooming?  Well, cats do their grooming; that is all they ever do, right? Cats spend most of their time licking their hair as if combing them neatly to place.

But have you noticed some other mannerisms that your cats have? I am talking about your cats pulling their hair out. I’m sure you have seen them doing this often.

As good pet parents, we tend to worry about these things. Letting them be as long as they look fine and healthy would be our usual response. However, it could be alarming for you when your cats look annoyed and yet stick to the habit.

It could even get worse when you find bald spots on your cat’s head or body. The worries could keep on coming when you find so many lumps of your cat’s hair on the floor.

So, now here we are to discuss a few notes to come up with “measures.” We are about to answer the puzzle—why do cats pull their hair out?

By the way, I have my cats too. I know how it feels just to wonder if everything these little cuties do is normal. Let me share with you some facts that I found out.

The Truth About a Cat’s Behavior

The Truth About a Cat’s Behavior

When I adopted my first kitten, I readily wanted to learn how its mind works. I wished to be the best parent and carefully studied how I could interpret its behavior. I have read through some articles and found out that the feline family could be compulsive animals.

Compulsive-like humans? Really? Yes! Reference.com uses this characteristic to justify the cats’ mannerism of pulling their hair out.

According to their article, cats pull out their hair when they feel anxious or stressed. They tend to do this compulsively, thinking it helps them and their grooming normally.

In other words, they could not help pulling out strands or clumps even when it already hurts. It appears as though it is more important for them to satisfy the need to scratch and pull.

Just like baby humans, younger cats do this more than the adults. Kittens do not have that much control over their behavior, so they just do what they want. This is very similar to babies who tend to scratch their faces with their long nails.

So could it be possible that cats just do this out of habit? About the article mentioned, yes. However, there could be a huge possibility that your cat is experiencing a skin condition that needs to be treated.

Cats and Their Skin Issues

Cats and Their Skin Issues

Unfortunately, there is always a chance that your pet could be having something wrong with its skin. It could be having skin allergies that are usually caused by particular food or object. So, if you think cats could not be as sensitive as humans, well, think again.

If your cat has been already diagnosed as having an allergy, you might be wondering what caused it. Pets Web MD shared some of the usual reasons. There are a lot, including allergy to food, plants, prescribed drugs, or even perfumes. And one of the first symptoms of having it is, yes, the pulling of hair.

If you haven’t figured out why your cats are pulling their hair yet, you can look out for other symptoms of an allergy. Some of them are excessive sneezing or coughing, increase in scratching, runny nose, vomiting, and diarrhea. The symptoms are similar to that of humans.

Other Possible Causes of The “Pulling.”

Other Possible Causes of The “Pulling.”

A veterinarian named Dr. Mary Fuller also shared her thoughts in an article run by Vet Street. According to Dr. Fuller, it could also be tricky for doctors to point to the exact cause of the itch to pull.

What they usually do is conduct physical exams on your cat’s skin, particularly in the bald (or almost bald) area. They look for “external parasites” like fleas because there is a chance of them inhabiting the skin. This is highly likely if your cat likes playing in your backyard or playing with neighboring cats that have fleas.


why does cats pull their hair out

Apparently, there could be one too many reasons as to why cats pull their hair out. But no matter what they may be, it is still your duty as pet parents to look after them.

Trust your “parental instincts” and work with them. If you feel that there is something wrong, go straight to your trusted vet. Panicking is a little off, but calmly having them checked is perfectly acceptable.

Otherwise, if you feel that it’s just one of those bad playing habits, I guess just go with it.

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