When Is Kitten Season

When Is Kitten Season and How To Help Manage It


verybody likes to look and pet a newly born furball since they all look cute. Little do people realize the dangers behind those huge eyes. Have you even wondered how those kittens got here? They are the “by-products” of kitten season.

Kittens during this time of the year loiter at the sidewalks on their own. People often picked them up when winter is coming. However, it is during kitten season where little furballs sweep the country. It looks cute to passers-by, but it’s a massive headache to animal welfare and rescue groups. Cats reproduce as fast as rabbits.

When you see kitties by the sidewalk during hot months, you stop and ask, "When is kitten season, again?" But you should think how to help lessen it.

What And When Is Kitten Season?

What And When Is Kitten Season

It’s the time when most kittens are born, and it usually happens in summer months when female cats look for those summer flings with an unspayed male cat. The heat cycle of the weather influenced the cats to go into heat and mate.

Kittens are usually born between early spring to late fall, in the months of March to October. According to the Animal Shelter Assistance Program, when daylight increases during or after the winter solstice, the possibility of a cat in heat will start by December and will fully kick off until January.

A cat’s pregnancy lasts for 60 days and they ought to bring four to six litters after each cycle. The cat’s young kitties will probably arrive as early as March.

In a year, cats go into heat three times. In warmer climates around the globe, they can mate four times if they wanted to. And that means more litters.

Why is This Bad News?

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If you know a friend that volunteers at an animal shelter, you’ll get to hear stories of a multitude of kittens being rescued and put up for adoption. And that’s not all kitties born around the season. If you add up all kittens in the country, it could add up to a million in a year.

Just because they look cute, people will adopt them. But, no. Hundreds of kittens die or get euthanized because there are no more available spaces in animal shelters. Often, the shelter has used up all of their resources just to protect the rescued cats. Animal shelters struggle highly because they only run with limited resources and workforce because they mostly volunteer groups.

Adult cats suffer the same fate, too. Who would want to adopt an old cat?

The number of growing strays in the country is high, and that number will only continue to climb. A kitten becomes a cat during its 5th month and can already mate when in heat. The current situation is already uncontrollable. Note that cats can have four to six kittens, and they breed three to four times a year. Not to mention that cats grow fast!

When is kitten season a good thing? So far, never.

How Can You Help To Solve The Growing Problem?

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Any help will count. But, if you still don't know the process on how to help lessen the feline population in your town, you can do the following suggested activities below:

  • Volunteer in your local animal shelter: Meet people on the same wavelength who share your enthusiasm for animal welfare. Your local rescues just cannot endure without the help of devoted animal lovers who kindly offer their assistance each week. You can align your talents with their programs as well. Ask for the following if they have a committee on the following:
  • Adoption or foster assistance
  • Multimedia jobs
  • Events
  • Rescue
  • Animal care
  • Education
  • Media and Documentation

Besides, you can gain new friends and experiences too!

  • If you’re a cat owner, spay or neuter your cats: A male cat will become highly dominant and would attack any cat that passes through his territory. A fight will ensue if the other party won’t back down. Catfights could annoy a lot of people who are trying to get some good night sleep. The cat would also move around at night and look for a female in heat. It could add problems to feline population. A neutered male cat, however, will stay at home and won’t make any mess. A spayed femme fatale, couldn’t bear kitties.
  • Engage in trap-neuter-return programs: Trap-Neuter-Return, TNR, is one easy method proven to be highly effective in controlling the feline population. TNR traps cats, get them neutered, and have them returned to their territories.

Also, it seems to lessen their nuisance behavior. TNR cats also tend to catch pests around efficiently.

  • Have the heart to adopt or foster a cat: If you have enough space in your house and have spare time to take in a cat, please do so! It can help lessen the issue. When you bring home a cat, the first few days with your kitty can be significant in determining the tone of your relationship. If you are working, make sure you spent enough time for your pet before leaving to work.

Equipped with knowledge and tips, the next time you ask when is kitten season, do something about it. What do you do when you saw a stray cat on the streets? Would you take the kitty in or leave it there? Penny for your thoughts!

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