When Do Cats Go In Heat

When Do Cats Go In Heat? 5 Important Things To Know


hen do cats go in heat? If you are a cat owner, then you must be ready for the hormonal turmoil that your kitty is about to experience. It is one of the times that you would prefer never to come. It is the time in the cat’s life when she is not only fertile but also ready for mating.

A cat in heat is also called estrus cycle. It might be considered seasonal, but there are many other factors responsible for this condition. So, here we will discuss a few things that will let you know when do cats go in heat and thus, you will be able to prepare for it.

At What Age Does A Cat Go in Heat?

At What Age Does A Cat Go in Heat

The calling cycle of the cats begins at puberty. However, it is a fact that this cycle does not happen at the same times in all breeds of cats. Some breeds will be ready for the process of mating at an early stage of four to five months, and on the other hand, some of them might take as long as ten months.

Your kitty can have two to three cycles in a year. This is mostly the reason why their mating season begins in spring and goes until autumn.

What Are The Signs To Look Out For?

What Are The Signs To Look Out For

To understand when do cats go in the heat, we have here a few signs that you must find in your kitty:

  • Your kitten will be extra affectionate not only towards other cats but also towards people.
  • They will not be able to stop licking the genital region.
  • You will notice continuous and transparent discharges from her vagina.
  • The cat will keep spraying on the vertical surfaces.
  • One of the major sign is a loss of appetite.
  • A cat’s meows become howls.
  • Restless behavior.
  • When you stroke your pet, the cat will lie on her front and raise its bottoms. It’s a reflex when a tomcat comes near.

Take note, however, that some cats are “silent” during the condition. This means that they will show no signs. But if they are in the right age, keep in mind that you must keep your cat inside during this period of its life.

How Many Times Can a Cat Go in Heat?

How Many Times Can a Cat Go in Heat

In a year, cats go into heat for three times. In warmer climates around the globe, they can mate four times if they wanted to.

The estrus cycle will stay as long as seven to 10 days. The cat will look for a partner and seeks to become pregnant during this time. In case that your kitty does not conceive during the cycle, it will continue to find a mate every 14 to 21 days until your pet gets pregnant. All of this will take place during the mating season.

There is only a duration of two to three weeks in which your cat will rest and be out of season, and then the calling will start again.

Can I Prevent My Cat From Getting Pregnant?

Can I Prevent My Cat From Getting Pregnant

Yes, you can! It’s often advised to cat owners that they should spay their pets to avoid an influx of kitty litters. Cats give birth to four to six litters. This causes a problem as there are so many unwanted kittens or adult cats in the States.

They mostly ended up in animal shelters, unwanted by people. In dire occasions, they are being euthanized. As a responsible cat owner, you must help prevent this issue by spaying your cat.

You can start spaying your cat when it reaches four months old. It’s also around this time when they start to look for a mate. You can already take note when do cats go in heat to know when to spay them.

Is It Possible That My Spayed Cat Can Still Go in Heat?

Spayed Cat Can Still Go in Heat

Yes, it’s possible. This happens when there are a small amount of ovaries left in your cat’s body. Don’t fret, however. Your cat display signs of going into heat, but your feline friend can’t get pregnant – her uterus has been removed during spaying procedures.

Your cat’s hormones may settle down, but there’s a chance she still gets that discharge from her genitals.

Understanding Your cat’s cycle and The Consequences

Understanding Your cat’s cycle

So, now you are completely aware when do cats go in heat. It is the time that you take these signs seriously. An unspayed cat can get pregnant and can bring many unwanted litters. If you’re a genuine cat lover, you have to know the consequences when leaving your cat unsprayed.

Kitten season might be cute, but it causes headaches to most Americans in the States.

Remember, as this is the time when your kitten will require the most care from you, make sure to meet all the required demands, and you do not leave her side during the tough times. Show her the love she deserves.

What do you do when your cat is in heat? Share your stories with us!

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