What To Do When Your Cat Is In Heat

How To Prevent Cat Pregnancy (What To Do When Your Cat Is In Heat)


cat’s heat cycle, also known as the feline estrus cycle or reproductive cycle, is a cycle when a cat is sexually receptive and fertile. As a cat owner, you are probably wondering what to do when your cat is in heat.

To help you understand a cat’s heat cycle, we will talk about the onset and what to expect when during the cycle. After that, we will give you tips on how to prevent cat pregnancy, and other tips for when your cat is in heat.

When Do Cats Have Their Heat Cycle?

When Do Cats Have Their Heat Cycle

The onset of estrus varies between cats because of factors such as breed, age, season, health condition, and environmental conditions. For instance, the Siamese breed has their cycle as soon as it reaches four months. Others may not have it until ten months or older.

Since it is a cycle, it is predictable when your cat is in heat or not. However, sometimes it can change because of season change. Cats tend to follow a mating season, which usually begins in spring through autumn.

They are polyestrous, meaning they get the cycle more than once a year. When they are in heat (which lasts for about 7 to 10 days), they can become pregnant if they mate. If they don't get pregnant, the cycle will repeat after 14-21 days. This cycle repeats itself until your cat gets pregnant or when the season changes.

What Happens When A Cat Is In Heat?

What Happens When A Cat Is In Heat

It's important to know what behaviors or signs a cat shows during the estrus cycle because it can help you promote or prevent pregnancy. It can also help you understand what your should do to your cat during this period. Signs of a cat in heat include:

  • The cat becomes more affectionate than usual, towards you or others: It will do things to demand attention such as rub against you or weave in and out between your legs. It will also roll on the floor more than usual.
  • They are more vocal, and it is often louder than usual: This is referred to as yowling.
  • It may raise its behind frequently.
  • There may be bleeding or a clear discharge, but it is uncommon: The changes in a cat during a heat cycle are more of behavioral changes.
  • She may be licking her genital region a lot more than usual: She may also "spray" or urinate more frequently and mark on objects.

What To Do When Your Cat Is In Heat

What To Do When Your Cat Is In Heat

You need to prevent your cat from mating to prevent overpopulation. Besides, you need to be a registered breeder to let your cat mate. Here’s a list of things you should do when a cat is in heat:

  • Spay your cat to eliminate heat symptoms and behaviors: This is a surgical procedure that involves taking out the ovaries and uterus to prevent estrus and pregnancy. The procedure is usually done before the first heat cycle. However, it can also be done later on, as long as it's not during the cycle itself.
  • Keep your cat indoors and away from male cats: You should make sure you close your doors and windows to prevent her from going out. This prevents male cats from possibly coming in. Not only does this prevent pregnancy, but also FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) or FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus)
  • You may want to cover windows to prevent your cat from looking out and getting distracted.
  • Distract your cat with toys and stimulating play: This keeps their minds off the desire to mate and other mental agitations. This also gives your kitty an outlet for all that energy.
  • Offer the cat lots of love and attention to calm them down during heat: Pet her, brush her and play with her because this can make her feel more comfortable and confident. Playing will also give her some exercise and distraction.
  • Consult your veterinarian for more information: There may be other interventions for a cat in heat. This includes hormone inhibitors or other medication that will calm her down.

Other Relevant Facts About The Heat Cycle

  • Cats can get pregnant even during their first heat cycle.
  • They do not discriminate when it comes to mating - they will mate with parents or siblings.
  • A cat is back on the heat cycle even soon after giving birth.

Bottom Line

It’s important to identify your cat’s heat cycle so you can intervene right away. During the cycle, they experience a lot of hormonal changes and are very sexually receptive. If you are not watchful or careful, you could contribute to the overpopulation of cats.

Your cat could also get your sexually transmitted diseases unless you know the male cat's condition. Besides, you need to register to be able to breed cats.


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