What Kind of Cat Do I Have

What Kind of Cat Do I Have? Useful Advice on How to Tell Your Cat’s Breed


here are numerous cat breeds and the ever expanding category is hard to break down. You may need an entire tome to know what a particular cat is. Good news is that you don’t have to scour the entire category as there are certain qualities that you can look into.

Well, asking yourself “what kind of cat do I have?” is quite logical especially if you just adopted a feline. Knowing the type of cat you have would help you learn more about its nutritional requirements and the best way to take care of it.

Aside from that, you would also do well to know what kind of cat you have. Not knowing just eats up your curiosity.

Do You Have a Pedigreed Cat?

Do you have a pedigreed cat

Pedigreed cats often come from cat breeders. These cats need to meet certain standards to be considered as part of a particular breed. These standards include the type of body and head that they have as well as their general size.

Aside from those qualities, it also includes the shape of your cat’s muzzle, the nose and the eye placement, the cat’s eye color and shape as well as the size and kind of ears that the cat has.

Additional factors that can help you determine the pedigree of the cat includes the length of the tail and the coat as well as its pattern, texture and color.

Although the quality and sometimes, even the personality of the cat is considered to determine if it is pedigreed, your cat will not gain a pedigreed status if it doesn’t have papers.

These official papers will detail the family tree of the cat including its ancestors up to four or five generations before it. Without these papers, your cat won’t belong to any breed category in cat shows or be part of any breeding program.

When these papers are lost, the cat won’t be recognized as pedigreed unless there is irrefutable fact that it is. At the moment, there are about 100 pedigrees all over the world.

Does Your Cat Have a Long Tail or a Short Tail?


Manx : Short Tail Cat

Ruddy abyssinian cat long tail

Ruddy Abyssinian : Long Tail Cat

If you don’t have papers, it’s safe to assume that your cat is not a purebred. In this case, the easiest starting point would be to assess the length of its tail. Cats are categorized as Domestic Longhair and Domestic Shorthair.

After looking into the length of your cat’s tail, the next step is to assess patterns and colors of your cat’s coat. Once you have narrowed down the characteristics of your cat, you can compare it with the most common cat breeds.

Some cat categories are more common than others and by just looking at the appearance of cats, you can have a better idea on which criteria your feline belongs to.

What are the most common cat breeds?

Persian Ragdoll cat long hair

Persian Ragdoll : Long Hair Cat

Cornish rex cat short hair

Cornish Rex : Short Hair Cat

Now that you have a better way to identify the type of cat that you have, it would be time to look into common cat breeds. We have already covered that there are

If you are looking for a resemblance that your cat has with major breeds, it would be best to look into the most common breeds. Here are some of the most common types of cats and their major characteristics:

Siamese Cats

Siamese cat

This breed is among the most popular and oldest breed. Siamese cats have a long and lithe body, they are often medium sized and they have short coat. The most striking quality about these cats is the eyes which are intensely blue.

Siamese cats often have colored coats that reach up to their ears, legs, tails and some areas of their face. When it comes to behavior, these cats are very outgoing and they tend to be extroverts and really demanding.

The greatest flaws that people see in these cats are their tail kinks and their squinting eyes. These cats are also more prone to some types of cancers.

Persian Cats

Persian Cat

Just like Siamese cats, Persian cats are an old breed. They are identified quickly with their long coat and their stocky build. This breed is said to have originated from Asia but it made its way to Europe.

These cats have a “cobby” body which means that it is both broad and short. This body often comes with a great built and it is well balanced and the cat has thick legs and a short neck.

As for the eyes, Persians have broad noses and large brown eyes together with small and rounded ears. These cats can either have the traditional doll face that is round or flat. However, Persian cats can also have the modern but flat face.

Among the features of Persian cats, the long topcoat and undercoat is the most striking. One popular breed under Persian cats is the Himalayan Cat.

This cat breed is fondly referred to as Himmies and they are a bit similar to Persian cats. This was produced by breeding Siamese with Persian cats. These cats have a medium sized body and they have a wide set of large and round eyes.

Siamese and Persian cats are just two of the most popular cat breeds today. You should also consider looking into Maine Coon Cats which have long and silky but dense hair and they are exceptionally large.

Another cat breed that’s quite popular is the Russian Blue Cat which has a short coat that is often bluish gray and they have bright green eyes.

The main thing that you have to do is look for a distinctive trait and start from there.

A Quick Reminder on Cat Breeds

A Quick Reminder on Cat Breeds

If you have a cat and you have no clue about your cat’s breed, you might need to figure it out yourself unless you have official papers that could tell you what it is. The process might be difficult but you can always scour over cat breed directories out there.

The first thing to do would be to look for a distinctive characteristic. It could be the color of the coat, the eyes, the personality and any other striking characteristic. From, there you could proceed to distinguishing it among the common cat breeds.

Well, that concludes our quick guide to telling your cat’s breed. Do you have a cat with an unknown breed?

We would love to know more about you method for identifying cats. If you have questions or suggestions, drop us a comment below and be sure to share this post if you find it interesting.

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