What Is The Average Life Span Of A Cat

What Is The Average Life Span Of A Cat?


o you have cats at home? You may be wondering how old they can possibly get before they leave this world. While cats don’t live as long as their humans, it seems as if they could stay for a lifetime.

Why do we want to know what is the average life span of a cat? Felines have a way of weaving their way into our lives that it’s difficult to imagine what life would be like when they are not around.

If you have a favorite cat and you want to have realistic expectations on how long the furry guy or gal can be with you.

For those who are concerned about the life span of their favorite animals, here are some of the most valuable lessons when it comes to taking care of felines and how to do it right.

Indoor Cats: How Long Do They Live?

Indoor Cats: How Long Do They Live

In general, cats that live inside our homes or indoor cats live longer compared to outdoor cats. So, if you are interested in longevity, it would be better to keep your felines inside the house since cats could thrive more when they are just inside the house.

In fact, the estimated life span of a feline who lives indoor is between 13 to 17 years old. However, this is not absolute.

A cat can pass away before it turns 13 and some cats reach more than 20, it would depend on individual’s circumstances as well as a cat’s overall health.

We did mention that indoor cats usually live longer than cats who live outdoors permanently or part of its time is spend living outside your home.

The main reason behind this is the fact that those cats are exposed to the elements and to external factors that can lead to their demise.

What are these factors? For one, there are stray cats that could transmit rabies to an outdoor cat and those felines also catch leukemia faster than cats that live indoors all of the time.

Disease is not the only factor to blame, there are also cases where cats can be run over by a vehicle or a stranger snatches the cat for evil purposes.

With all of these perils, outdoor cats are in greater harm which makes their average life shorter than the average indoor cat.

Average Life Span for an Outdoor Cat

Average Life Span for an Outdoor Cat

We have already mentioned the challenges that an outdoor cat can face. Due to these circumstances, their estimated life span is just a quarter of what the average lifespan of indoor cats are.

These outdoor cats may live from three to five years old although there are cats that seem to thrive in the outdoor environment and they live way beyond their average life.

Hence, cat owners who want to have cats who can live their entire life prefer to keep felines inside.

However, there are differing schools of thought when it comes to how to take care of cats and some believe that their felines can handle the harsh outdoor environment.

The choice would be totally up to the owner although it is vital to prepare for a tragic affair such as lost cats or cats that die due to accidents.

Major Factors That Affect a Cat’s Life Span

Major Factors That Affect a Cat’s Life Span

If you have a feline and you are still confused whether it’s best to keep it indoors or to let it out, then you need to read up on the subject.

Keeping cats inside the house is ideal and if you still want your cat to enjoy the outside world, you can create a safe environment where it can get enough sun and see what the world outside your home is.

However, you need to supervise your pet to make sure that it won’t be involved in any accident.

Although the chances of living longer life are higher for indoor cats, there are also other factors that could affect this. For one, the health of your cat should be a major factor. The food that your cat is eating is another vital consideration.

If you are not sure about the best thing to feed your felines, it would be best to learn more about it. Not all human foods are safe for cats, chocolate for one, could harm your pet.

Taking your pet to regular checkups and making sure that you feline is getting the require exercise are also vital in upholding its health.

Final Notes

What Is The Average Life Span Of A Cat Tinpaw

One cat’s life is not the same as another. Numerous factors come to play including the breed of the cat. Nevertheless, there are ways to make sure that your cat can be with you longer such as giving it the right nutrition.

Cats are great companions and losing them can be a very sad moment for anyone who loves these furry creatures.

What is the average life span of a cat? This remains to be a tricky question although we can only hope that our beloved felines will live longer.

How long did your cat live? Tell us all about it and click share to inform other cat owners about cats and their average life span.

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