Top 50 Cat Blogs About Health and Nutrition

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When you are a cat parent, you need to know every possible thing about making the right decisions where your felines are involved. To get a better grip on the situation, you can search the web for information. But the bigger question is this –where should you start looking for information about your cat’s health and nutrition?

Here are 50 blogs you absolutely need to visit on your spare time to learn more about how to take care of your cat’s health.

Top 50 Cat Blogs About Health and Nutrition1. Hill’s Pet2. iHeartCats3. Cuteness4. IAMS5. She Knows6. Cat Chow7. Kittclysm8. Pet Finder9. Pet MD10. Vet Street11. Pet Health Network12. Pets at Home13. Petcha.com14. Your Cat15. Life with Cats16. The Conscious Cat17. Petvalu18. LoveToKnow Cats19. Vets-Now20. Cat Lovers Only21. Cat Time22. IAABC Cat Blog23. Feline Nutrition Foundation24. Petful25. The Daily Cat26. The Purrington Post27. Maxi Zoo28. Preventive Vet29. Floppy Cats30. Cat Nutrition31. Cat Health Guide32. Paws and Effect33. Ask the Cat Doctor34. Pet Guide35. Little Big Cat36. Cat Health37. Cat Health Detective38. Pet Wave39. Pets40. Eukanuba41. The Spruce42. Purrfect Cat Diet43. Best1X44. Barkley and Paws45. Kitty Desires46. Feline Behavior Solutions47. PET Happy48. All About Cats49. Pet Care Rx50. The Cat Guide

1. Hill’s Pet

Hill’s Pet

Hill’s Pet is a go-to pet food brand trusted by many cat and dog parents. The company’s main home page is dedicated to providing information about cat and dog nutrition. The Hills Pet website has a directory also comes with dog and cat breeds and their nutritional requirements.

Working pretty much like a Wikipedia page dedicated to cats and dogs, the site also provides information on weight management, routine pet care routine from puppies and kittens to mature pets, and a guide to feeding and nutrition.

2. iHeartCats

Screenshot_3 is a store where you can buy apparel, collective items with awesome cat-related prints, and yes, a whole section is dedicated to your cat’s health and nutrition. The site also provides posts on how to take care of cat. There are posts dedicated to cat training and cat behavior too -they even have an “Ask the Vet” corner.

Posts and products aside, the site’s editor Modi Ramos considers his ginger tabby Mr. Purple as the CEO of iHeartCats. Aside from helping animal shelters, you will learn everything about keeping your own cat on its healthiest form ever.

3. Cuteness


This adorable blog is known for having videos of adorable felines and canines which could make you exclaim “Awww!” The page screams cute in an animalistic kind of way but it’s also an informational resource for those who are interested in learning more about pet health.

The site has a lot of information and tips for pet owners especially for those who want to pay more attention to their pet’s health. There are also DIY projects you can work on for your four-legged family members.



IAMS is another website maintained by a pet manufacturer. The site lists the products from the brand, an accompanying guide on the best nutrition for cats and dogs in different life stages. While the focus of the site is on health and nutrition, there’s also information about the company and their commitment to pets.

The resource materials dedicated to cats include an informational brochure on how pet owners should deal with the addition of a new kitten in the family –including how to feed the baby cats. There is also a guide to help those who are looking for the best pet food for their beloved animals.

5. She Knows


She Knows is quite a popular site which covers anything from drama to celebrity news to pets. There is a page link where you can find all sorts of articles about cats, dogs, rabbits, and any pet under the sun. While information on cats is in the Pets & Animals section, the entries are quite attention-grabbing.

Information on particular cat breeds and curious questions anyone who owns a feline would be curious about is in the site. Answers to questions such as the best food for cats, how to ensure you have a healthy cat and adopting cats are some things you can find in She Knows.

6. Cat Chow


Cat Chow is one of the product lines by Purina. As expected, you can buy the cat food directly from the site. As expected from a pet food company, you get loads of information on how to feed your pets and the proper cat diet for different felines. But there’s more you can do than just browse for the right food for your felines.

You can interact with the Cat Chow community; sign up for the Earn & Save rewards, compared different products from cat chow, and learn more about felines.Cat Chow has an interesting Catipedia where you can learn all the basics about having a cat. Grooming, health, breeds, nutrition, and behavior entries are all compiled in the Catipedia to help cat owners get to know their pets better.

7. Kittclysm


This cat blog is maintained by Elise to showcase her obsession and love for cats. Her cat Avery takes the spotlight but she has so many stories to tell about felines. The blog provides entertaining stories revolving about cats and there are also facts about these adorable four-legged fur balls.

Pet care advice, reviews on cat equipment and anything that has to do with felines, and training tips are common entries in the blog. While the stories have a fun vibe, you will also read honest to goodness advice on how you should be treating your cats. The blog talks about proper nutrition and best practices to ensure you have a healthy feline.

8. Pet Finder


Are you interesting in adopting cats or dogs? If that’s the case, Pet Finder is the perfect place to know the basics about pet adoption. You can find tons of information on adopting a pet in your household.

While the site is all about finding a pet to suit your lifestyle, you can learn a lot on cat nutrition from this blog. The cat health advice are quite helpful too.

9. Pet MD


Do you remember looking up your symptoms on the internet to find out what’s wrong with you? If you do that for yourself, you probably do the same when you observe there’s something off with your cats. Pet MD is just the place for those who are concerned about their feline’s condition.

Pet MD provides support to pet parents outside of the clinic, and it is the largest digital resource for all things related to your pet’s health. The site was founded in 2008 and the site has more than 10,000 articles covering health issues your pets might have. Plus, they have a network of trusted veterinarians to help you figure things out about your pet.

10. Vet Street


Vet Street is committed to helping pet owners keep their animal babies happy and healthy. The guide to different cat breeds is my personal favorite; they outline pretty much everything about a particular type of feline.

Vet Street was a website launched in 2011 and it provides comprehensive advice from experts. They have advice columns from professional veterinarians, tips from pet handlers and trainers, and pretty much everything you need to know to ensure your pet’s health. The information and tools in the site can also help you connect with a vet and other pet owners.

11. Pet Health Network


Providing timely information to ensure your cat’s health is not at risk is the primary goal of this site. In fact, they have safety tips outlined to for different seasons. Summer months can cause several health concerns like heat stroke and ticks, and the site provides advice on how to deal with the problem to ensure your cat’s life is not at risk.

The community’s aim is to provide all the resources you’ll need to take care of your four-legged family member. At the same time, you can share pictures, tales, comments, and more. Plus, all the content in the site is has been approved by veterinarians.

12. Pets at Home


Pets at Home are a shopper’s paradise not just for cat lovers but also for anyone who has a special space for pets in their hearts. You can find all sorts of pet supplies, accessories, foods, and toys in this site and the prices are quite affordable. Plus, they offer pet care advice from experts and they also promote responsible pet ownership.

You can read a lot of useful advice on how to ensure you have a healthy feline at your hands from this site. Plus, you get so many tips on raising a healthy pet.



Are you obsessed with dog and cat videos? You can find all the viral pet videos in and more. The site also provides good advice for all types of pet owners especially for those who are looking for health and nutrition facts.

Whether you have a dog, a cat, a bird, a critter or a fish, you can find all sorts of helpful advice on this site.With this information, you will find it easier to take care of a new pet.

14. Your Cat


Your Cat is the site maintained by the pet magazine with the same name. You can read a lot of advice on cat rearing, nutrition, health, and safety on this page.You will have some fun readsabout celebrity pet owners and their beloved babies.

If you love interesting cat stories about brother felines being reunited and to read info on how to become a better cat parent, this is the site for you. And, yes they have weekly cat competitions and your cat might be a good candidate for that one. The site offers some freebies too.

15. Life with Cats


The title says it all, Life with Cats explores the ups, downs, and hilarious moments when you embrace a cat as part of the family. You can find hilarious videos and articles on this site. At the same time, you can learn about different health issues plaguing cats in different parts of the world.

Health and nutrition concerns aside, the videos and pictures on this site will kill you with cuteness. While there are interesting reads too, you couldn’t help but click on the adorable thumbnails featuring cats. This is pretty much a cat lover’s happy place.

16. The Conscious Cat


Inspired by the cat Amber, Ingrid King’s website is a hub for cat owners who are looking for expert advice on how to consciously create a happy place for their dear pets. Ingrid used to be a veterinary manager who turned to writing.

Ingrid is a certified veterinary journalist and her goal is to create informative articles for her readers to help them deal with their feline’s health and nutrition concerns. The site is a mix of informative news about cats, DIY tips, and awesome things cats can help you with.

17. Petvalu


PetValu is another one-stop pet shop for all pet parents. The store offers tons of information on dogs, cats, reptiles, fishes, birds, and other small pets. This pet store has much to say when it comes to taking care of your animal friends.

From the site, you can read what pet experts have to say when it comes to promoting your pet’s overall health.There’s much to read on pet nutrition too.

18. LoveToKnow Cats


What name should you call your new kitty or your new black cat? How do you know your cat has a cold? If you are curious about these types of questions, LovetoKnow Cats is one place on the web you should hang out from time to time.

The blogs in the site are easy to read and they provide a lot of information on cat health and nutrition. Pet care experts voice their opinions and recommendations in the site. You can also ask for help when you are dealing with some issues with your pet.

Since the site promotes responsible pet ownership, they have a wealth of material on proper cat care.

19. Vets-Now


When you treat your pet the way you would treat a new baby in the family, your vet would certainly be on the speed dial. Pet expert Richard Dixon knows all about being on-call and he started the Vets Now site in 2001 to provide pet parents with the information they need anytime of the day.

Vets Now provide services out of ours and although it operates in the UK, you can browse through all the information they have about cats. You can read vital health information such as the dangers of ibuprofen, pet hazards at home, and similar guides.

20. Cat Lovers Only


Designed for cat lovers who are looking for the perfect venue to share their thoughts about their pets, this place is awesome. The site has a huge collection of kitten and cat-related information which could shed some light on your questions. Whether you are a new cat owner or a seasoned cat parent, you probably have a lot of advice or questions of your own.

Founded by someone who owned cats for more than a decade, you can expect this site to have practical advice on how to ensure your cat stays healthy through the years.

21. Cat Time


The first thing which will strike a chord with cat owners when they visit Cat Time is the site’s mission –to have felines adopted out of shelters. Having a roof over their heads is not enough for cats, they need love and care too. You can learn all about taking care of your cat’s health here.

The site has a collection of cat videos and how-to guides, and they donate to shelters and rescues. They also provide updated information on what’s new with cats, review products designed for felines, and help you interpret cat body language.

22. IAABC Cat Blog


The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants has a special cat division where you can read a lot about cat behavior. If you plan to be a Cat Behavior Consultant or you just want to know what’s going on in your cat’s head and how to keep kitty healthy, you should head off to this site and browse through their posts.

The combination of guided studies, mentoring, case study tutorials, and networking can help you become a better pet owner and connect with professionals in the fields. Among the interesting articles in the site includes a guide to your cat’s emotional health.

23. Feline Nutrition Foundation


Proper nutrition is the foundation of your cat’s health, and you can never know too much about it. With more information on what your feline needs to stay healthy, you need to be on top of things. Founded by someone who owns 11 cats, this blog focuses on providing proper nutrition to cats through different life stages.

This site focuses on food and cat safety. It has several helpful tips on how to make your cat eat better and vital information on what your cat’s diet should include.

24. Petful


Here’s a site by another group who wants your pet to live to the fullest. This site is not just for cat lovers since it puts the spotlight on all kinds of pets but you are sure to find inspiring stories and loads of adorable cat articles.

The site contains vet-approved information about cat healthy and safety. They also provide updated pet food recall alerts. This information could help save your cat’s life.

Plus, they have special reports concerning animals that you would want to know. Petful is a fun community where you can connect with the members and share your stories about your pets. Plus you can donate to help their efforts too.

25. The Daily Cat


This multi-media editorial program can equip you with insights and guides on how to give your feline the most comfortable life. You can submit entries about cats you know that deserves to be recognized by the community. Being an award-winning platform, you can expect high-quality articles bearing factual information you will need for raising a healthy feline.

If you have questions concerning your cat’s behavior, diet, or health, you can look for answers in this site. Plus, they also provide tips on how you can own a cat even when you have a hectic lifestyle.

26. The Purrington Post


This blog is the recipient of several awards and it belongs to the Top 15 Cat Blogs of 2016 and the Best Cat Blogs of 2017. The blog is also a proud partner of the Animal Behavior College and there are several people behind this awesome blog site dedicated to cats.

The site provides a lot of information on cat health and nutritionand having a lifestyle that revolves around cats. They also have DIY tips, health care advice, and the list of inspiring stories would surely resound with any cat lover.

27. Maxi Zoo


Maxi Zoo is a pet retailer which operates all over Europe. They have over a thousand stores in the continent and they provide consultations and exclusive brands. With more than seven thousand products for sale, pet owners would find a lot of useful stuff in their store.

Even if you are not visiting the site to buy some pet goodies, it is still worth dropping by since they have a lot of helpful advice on ensuring cat health and nutrition. Articles on how to take care of cats when you are moving or to promote cat safety during the holidays are perfect reads for any cat owner.

28. Preventive Vet


A happier and a healthier cat life –that’s what Preventive Vet is aiming for when they started out this blog dedicated to both cats and dogs. The site provides information on first aid and CPR as well as poison control. These are just some of the basics pet owners need to know.

The site provides training and behavior articles on how to deal with cat stress and aggression to equip you with a better understanding of your pets. They also have a guide on creating a fun environment for your cats.

29. Floppy Cats


Cat blogs usually talk about all kinds of cat breeds as a whole but Floppy Cats is different since it is the hub for all Ragdoll parents. The site which has been active since 2008 makes it a mission to unite cat lovers all over the word, particularly those who are proud parents to a ragdoll.

Health and nutritional guidance for Ragdolls is one of the most interesting aspects about visiting this site. You can learn about common problems that plague this cat breed too. Of course, there are tons of videos on the site and products designed for your furry pet.

30. Cat Nutrition


Cat Nutrition is a blog with sincerity. The blog was born after one cat owner realized a lot of veterinarians overlook proper nutrition when trying to look into the condition of a certain feline. The founder’s cat, Duke, got sick but luckily lived and recovered.

Through this experience, the blog was born and its mission is to educated cat owners to make the best decision for their cats. While the author is not a veterinarian, there are pet experts on board. The blog provides food preparation guidelines for cats and there are recipes too.

31. Cat Health Guide


Cats get sick and when they do, pet parents feel anxious about how their babies are doing. Calling the vet is the best thing to do especially when there are serious symptoms. But for those of us who want to do our own research, the Cat Health Guide is a helpful place when looking up cat illnesses.

The site provides a list of all conditions cats can suffer from and they are segregated in a way which makes it easy for anyone to find what they are looking for.

32. Paws and Effect


Maintained by a punk-rock mom Jane Kelly Paws and Effect is a lovely blog which provides health, nutrition, and general information about cats. As of now, the site remains to be ad-free which makes it a better place for information.

This place provides the basics about having cats and answers questions you might have whether you are a new cat parent or someone who has a nagging question involving cats. The biggest downside is that the site is not maintained by a veterinarian although a lot of effort was made to provide the best possible information.

33. Ask the Cat Doctor


These days, you see tons of sites where you can get information on both cats and dogs. While both pets have four legs and adorable, there are big differences between these two animals. For that reason, your cat needs its own doctor and dedicated site which is what Ask the Cat Doctor is all about.

Ask the Doctor takes a closer look on common conditions affecting your feline’s health. In 2012, the site won the Readers Choice Awards for the Best Cat Health Website and this says a lot about what the site has to offer.

34. Pet Guide


Pet Guide offers tons of information about different kinds of pets but they have a section dedicated to all the interesting cat news in the world. Guides on how to deal with your felines and raise them to be happy and healthy members of the household are among the most interesting materials you can find in Pet Guide.

You can find products, DIY guides on arts and crafts for your cat, and videos with naughty and funny cats in the spotlight. However, the expert advice they provide is easy to understand even for new cat parents.

35. Little Big Cat


Run by Dr. Jean Hofve a holistic veterinarian and Jackson Galaxy, a cat behaviorist, you will find several tips on how to deal with your cat and dog. There are free guides you can download from the site and resources for EFT trainings.

For those who are concerned about pet nutrition, there is a link for pet food recalls, and a directory for holistic veterinarians. If you are looking for a place to read informative information and find products like cat fountains and cat food to benefit your feline, this is worth visiting.

36. Cat Health


Dr. Christianne Schelling created the perfect venue for pet lovers to find more information on cat care, behavior, and health in Cat Health. Cat owners could find products they should be considering to buy for their favorite felines. They have a guide for soft paws, scratching posts and many cat goodies you might be thinking of buying.

Among the top articles on the site include the guide on dealing with diarrhea in cars, anemia, drooling, and how to deal with senior cats. There’s so much stuff you can find here and learn. Plus, they also have videos on this site.

37. Cat Health Detective


Cat parents will agree that the last thing you want is for your feline to fall ill. While there is no immunity serum to prevent that from happening, you can always find ways to boost your feline’s immune system to prevent illness. This site is dedicated to that and more.

This site offers advice on cat nutrition and diet tips. They also provide information on cat allergies and common problems cats encounter during their lifetime. First aid advice and a guide to the anatomy of your cat is also available on this side as well as training lessons.

38. Pet Wave


The cat library at Pet Wave is a unique resource for any cat owner who is trying to look for health advice for their furry friends. This is also the perfect place to study when you are doing your best to be a better parent to your felines.

There are different sections in the page for cat health, cat breeds, cat training, and cat care ownership. When it comes to cats, having videos are always nice because these fur balls always look adorable on cam. You can find everything from brushing your cat’s teeth to Christmas safety tips on this site.

39. Pets


Cats and everything you need to know about these creatures from being a kitten to being a senior cat is all available on this page. Answering questions from what you need to do when you have a four-week old kitten to how you can introduce a kitten to an old cat, this resource deserves to be bookmarked.

The site has been around from 1997 and this is definitely one of the sites with so much information about felines. You can read about health and nutrition on this site, and writers have much to say about

40. Eukanuba


Focusing on good health and nutrition for pets, this site is not just for cat lovers but also for those who have a special place for dogs in their hearts. This site provides a comprehensive nutrition guideline for all cat owners who are trying to make the best choices for their cat’s health.

You can find different articles here to help you find the right food for your cats and enlighten you about your pet, in general. With highly informative entries, anyone would find this place a good resource about felines.

41. The Spruce


The Spruce is not exactly a dedicated cat blog but you are going to learn a lot of things from this place. They have posts on dealing with cat aggression and helping your cats and dogs live in a happy home. You can also learn more about keeping your feline on a healthy diet.

The Spruce is perfect when you get bored of entries about just cats since they have a variety of material about homes.

42. Purrfect Cat Diet


Are you looking for reviews about the most popular brands in the market? Are you looking for cat food reviews for a particular product? How much your cat should be eating?

The answers to those questions can be found in this cat blog. There are similar entries for those topics and they also provide information on feeding tips and the items that your cats can and can’t eat. Aside from cat nutrition, they also have a list of the best cat litter and other equipment you might need when you are raising felines.

43. Best1X


This site is an Amazon Affiliate site which talks about cat tricks, cat training, and cat product reviews, and a lot of guidance on cat health and nutrition. While this site is lacking compared to other sites, they have some interesting infographics about cats.

Perhaps the most awesome thing about this site is the fact that they have tons of DIY guides and tips on how to make sure your cat stays healthy.

44. Barkley and Paws


Training, grooming, and proper nutrition are the main focus of Barkley and Paws. If there’s anything you want to know about these three topics, you should drop by the site to further your knowledge.

What’s lovely about this site is the fact that you can rate the articles based on how useful they are to you. Cat lovers could also find interesting things like special diets for a particular cat breed or how to raise fur babies when you are constantly traveling the world.

45. Kitty Desires


This blog has an awesome layout and the man behind it, Ryan Heinrich, wants to educate people about cats. Although the site belongs to someone who lives in South Africa where cats mostly live outdoors, he has much to say about these four-legged creatures and how to ensure their longevity through proper nutrition.

With his cat Spike as his inspiration, the blog talks about nutrition and keeping cats on the right diet. The blog has been active since 2015 and the cat breeds featured in the blog are quite diverse and highly informative which is probably why this blog is part of the top 100 cat blogs.

46. Feline Behavior Solutions


From the name of the site itself, it’s easy to guess what this page is all about. You’ll get loads on information on how to go about your journey on raising a healthy feline who will be with you for keeps. Among the popular topics in the site include litter box issues, cat introductions, play and enrichment, health and safety, and aggression.

Dr. Marci Koski, the woman behind the site, has a lot of experience in dealing with felines since she is a Feline Behavior and Training Professional. Although she loved animals of all kinds, cats always had a special meaning to her. She has much to say on how to keep these special creatures healthy.

47. PET Happy


A blog which looks into cat and dog behavior, you will gain a new understanding of your pets when you go through the contents of this blog. The people behind the site are Signe and Maris who are both in an industry related to pets. This blog talks so much about health, nutrition, and interacting with felines.

Signe is a pet groomer and a veterinarian while Maris is a cat behaviorist. They have several four-legged family members at home and the site serves as a place where they share their own experiences with their pets. Since they own dogs and cats, they have several tips for those who are interested in ways to make sure the two animals get along.

48. All About Cats


All about cats is a blog dedicated to none other than your furry friends. You can read up on safety tips and health advice for cat parents.

The blog talks about anything and everything under the sun as long as it involves cats. Whether you are looking for the reason why your cat is sad, why kitty is sick or trying to figure out if you should buy a cat tree, this site is the perfect stop over for a bit of cat knowledge.

49. Pet Care Rx


The Rx in the name of this blog provides more than enough information on what you can find here. There’s a list of medicines you can give to your cat or your dog that is going through a tough time. Since the blog covers both cats and dogs, you will find this helpful if you harbor deep feelings for both animals.

The site has tons of health advice and medication guides; there are also articles on traveling and outdoor adventures with your cats and a reference guide for cat training. All these materials are worth looking at if you want to be a better person for your cats.

50. The Cat Guide


Dedicated to providing the support pet owners need in raising happy and healthy felines, The Cat Guide provides extensive guides on cat nutrition. This blog has almost everything you need to know about cat care and cat health.

If you have felines with problematic behavior or cats who always seem down, you can find some insights here on what to do. Made by people with a passion for cats, you will be in good company and you might just find the cure to your kitty’s emotional and physical pains.

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