Top 5 Best Kitten Food Brands

Top 5 Best Kitten Food Brands to Switch to Right Now


ittens need to eat and it only makes sense why you need to know the top 5 best kitten food brands in the market before making a purchase. An informed decision can save your cat from a poor diet. At the same time, it will ensure that your feline will grow strong and healthy.

Being careful with your choices is a necessity. Hence, you need to be a more careful judge when it comes to the right food for your kitten.

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Meat Should Be the First Ingredient

Meat Should Be the First Ingredient

Here's the truth when it comes to cat food for kittens. Meat needs to be the first item in the list. Cats are obligate carnivores and they need to eat meat to grow healthy.

Kittens need to have protein in their diet. In fact, kittens would require more protein than what adult cats would need since they are at a rapid growth stage. If your cat food lists plants as the first ingredient, it would not be the right pick.

Any kind of meat will not suffice either. You need to make sure that the meat has enough quality to pass safety standards for human consumption. Just because reviews are good for a particular brand doesn’t mean you can trust it especially if it lacks meat as an ingredient.

Why does the first ingredient matter? The ingredients in cat food are listed in a decreasing order. This means that the first ingredient has the greatest weight in a cat food.

Grain and Other Controversial Ingredients

Grain and Other Controversial Ingredients

Grains happen to be one of the most controversial ingredients in kitten food. There are some felines that have an allergic reaction to this ingredient. It would be better to avoid feeding cats with anything that contains grains.

Aside from grains, there are also other ingredients deemed controversial. You do not want any cat food containing too many preservatives for your cat as it can ruin their health altogether.

While it's alright for cats to have grain in their diet, they should never have too much of it. Keep in mind cats are carnivores first, so a diet big on grains is not good for them.

Aside from grains, there are controversial ingredients that could endanger cats. These ingredients include vitamin K1 which could damage the lungs, kidney, and even the liver. Caramel color and other preservatives also have the same effect and they are, by all means, bad for your pets.



Most pet owners are concerned about the fiber intake of their cats. Fiber plays a vital role in the digestibility of a particular cat food. Most people ignore the fiber content, when in fact, it plays an essential role in a cat’s diet.

Every cat owner needs to realize that their pet’s health relies entirely on their hands. Choosing the right cat food is one of the best ways to avoid sickness or premature death. The diet of your cats could play a bigger role than what you might have previously thought.

Brand Reputation

The pet food industry is quite a profitable one. Hence, it is not surprising why there are a lot of products that are being introduced in the market today. More options seem to be a good thing but this also means greater confusion on choosing the right brand.

You do not want to make the wrong choices in cat food. Being a responsible cat owner is vital. The only way to pull it off is to be picky with your cat food.

Hence, you need to take the time to check if a brand has been involved in any recall or scandal. Issues like this don’t define a company but it could give you an idea about their safety standards. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to do some checking since you just want the best for your pet.

Top 5 Best Kitten Food Brands

1. Acana

Acana Regionals Wild Prairie Cat & Kitten

Acana Regionals Wild Prairie Cat & Kitten (Via

Tagged as an appropriate cat food, this is a good pick for pet owners who are conscious about their pet's diet. This is made from ingredients sourced from the region to ensure freshness. Given the attention manufacturers have to the formulation of this cat food, it is definitely safe for cat consumption.

This brand comes with vegetable and fruit components which can promote your cat's health. This cat food does not contain grains so picky eaters can consume this just fine. This cat food has the same mother company as Orijen although there are differences in the formulation of the two cat food products


  • Great for sensitive cats
  • Kibbles are soft and powdery
  • Impressive ingredients with no additives


  • Priced at a premium
  • Can be easily mistaken for Orijen cat food
  • Some cats had stomach issues after transitioning to this brand

2. Earthborn Holistic

Earthborn Holistic Natural Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Earthborn Holistic Natural Grain-Free Dry Cat Food (Via

Made from high-quality animal protein and fish, Earthborn Grain Free cat food is definitely one type food that kitty from benefit from. With the high levels of fiber in this cat food, there is no denying that it can have many benefits especially when you are dealing with kittens. This cat food also comes with guaranteed Vitamin E and Vitamin C levels which make it an even better choice.

What makes this cat food so great? First off, it does not contain gluten or grains which make it a good option especially when your kittens are sensitive to the food they eat.


  • Good quality for price
  • Solved issues involving cats that threw up


  • The smell of fish tends to be overpowering
  • Some cats do not care for this food brand
  • Change in formulation caused issues with cat’s health

3. Fromm

Fromm FourStar Cat Food Salmon Tunachovy

Fromm FourStar Cat Food Salmon Tunachovy (Via

Manufacturing cat food is not easy and there could be some issue with the product if the company behind it does not put a lot of focus on quality. This product does not contain grains and it puts emphasis on the freshness of ingredients in each batch. This cat food is perfect for cats in all life stages too.

What makes this cat food unique from all the other products in the market is the fact that it is cooked by batch. This ensures consistency between all the products from the company. It also contains balanced nutrition and the quality is impressive.


  • Ingredients come from raw materials with the highest quality
  • The palatability of this cat food is impressive
  • Safety standards are high


  • Many cat owners claim that the price is too high
  • Has a nasty smell
  • Some cats don’t seem to take to it that well

4. Orijen

Orijen Cat & Kitten Dry Cat Food

Orijen Cat & Kitten Dry Cat Food (Via

This dry cat food is a good choice for cats of all life stages. A lot of cat owners recommend Orijen, and there’s a good reason behind this trust. This is a great cat food and it ensures that kitty is getting the kind of nutrition it needs to stay strong and healthy.

This product comes from organic ingredients which are great when it comes to feeding cats. This happens to be a trusted brand in the market despite its high price tag. Even if you tend to scrutinize labels, you would still find the list of ingredients to be satisfactory.


  • Food sources come from organic sources
  • First five ingredients are perfect for a kitten's diet
  • Comes with healthy fats and great ingredients


  • There have been changes in the original cat food recipe
  • The price is significantly higher than other brands in the market
  • Some products came with defective packaging

5. Solid Gold

Solid Gold Indigo Moon Grain Free Dry Cat Food

Solid Gold Indigo Moon Grain Free Dry Cat Food (Via

Known for the company's commitment to providing Holistic nutrition to pets, this is a good pick when you are concerned about what your kitty is eating. This cat food comes with 20 super foods including pumpkin, lentils, and broccoli to improve the health of your kitty. The company has been around for four decades and there is no denying that the people behind it know what they are doing.

This cat food promotes muscle growth and it has impressive protein content. There is no denying that this choice is a good one for any type of cat including felines with urinary tract problems.


  • Better than some high fiber diets
  • Contains all the necessary nutrients
  • Comes with an overpowering smell


  • Pet owners have issues with the new bags
  • There were some issues with the appearance of cat food
  • Increase in the price of the cat food recently


bét ketten food brands conclusion

By now, you are probably wondering which cat food you should pick when you are looking for the right one for your pets. Any item from this list would be great choices. Fromm stands out though given the company’s dedication to consistency and providing only the best to cat owners.

There are many struggles you need to face with a picky eater. Dealing with felines with this issue could be such a struggle but luckily there are many cat food options for your babies. The price would be the biggest problem too since this cat food is a bit expensive.

This completes up our quick review for the top 5 best kitten food brands. Hopefully, you found more ideas on what to give your kitties.

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