Taste of the Wild Cat Food Reviews- (2)

Taste of the Wild Cat Food Reviews: What Do You Need To Know?


re you looking for Taste of the Wild cat food reviews to know whether this brand is good for kitty or not? Although Taste of the Wild is a popular brand for dog food, the company behind it, Diamond Pet Food, has also ventured into producing food for cats. Just like their signature dog food brands, Taste of the Wild feline formula focuses on bringing together the most nutritious ingredients to promote your feline’s health.

Taste of the Wild cat food is manufactured in U.S. facilities. There are certain controversies surrounding the mother company, Diamond Pet Food, although recalls linked directly to Taste of the Wild only happened once. We will look into what makes Taste of the Wild a good pick for your cats and what this product actually offers.

Taste of the Wild Cat Food Reviews

Taste of the Wild Cat Food ( Via: Amazon.com)

Taste of the Wild may be new to producing cat food, but based on the list of ingredients from this brand, the company knows what cats need to be strong and healthy. Based on a quick analysis of the ingredients in this cat food, it contains the right amount of protein to support your cat’s needs. Just like what manufacturers promised, the ingredients in the cat food are of high quality.

This cat food contains a minimum crude protein of 32 percent. This cat food also contains three percent fiber which could help cats digest this food easily. Aside from those, Taste of the Wild cat food has Omega 3 and 6 as well as Taurine which are all beneficial for cats.

For those who want to know more about this cat food, here’s a quick rundown of its pros and cons.


  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • Many cats take to this cat food right away.
  • Contains the necessary vitamins and minerals to have a healthy cat.


  • The company behind Taste of the Wild has been involved in some salmonella recalls.
  • Some cats had a negative reaction to the food.
  • Picky felines might refuse to eat this cat food.


Choosing Best Flea Medicine

Now, let’s look into the features of Taste of the Wild Cat food in greater detail. Here’s a short summary of the most important qualities about this brand.

1. Uses High-Quality Ingredients

For this formula, Taste of the Wild lists trout, ocean meal, and sweet potatoes as the first three ingredients. Trout is a good source of Omega 3 and 6, which is not surprising why this cat food contains the aforementioned fatty acids. Trout is also a good source of Vitamin B6 and B12, and both are good for your kitty friends.

The second ingredient is actually a catchall phrase for other types of fish, the most common of which is the white fish. This ingredient is also high in protein.

Last on the list is sweet potato. This is necessary to add carbs to your cat’s diet. Keep in mind that although felines mainly need protein, carbs are also needed to provide fuel and energy to the body.

2. Free From Grains

Cats are so different from dogs especially when it comes to food. It is not surprising to find a cat that would be choosy when it comes to what it eats. There are a lot of cats who find it difficult to digest grains, and this leads to a lot of issues.

Aside from that this cat food contains peas and sweet potato. Both of these ingredients contain fiber which would ease kitty’s digestion and prevent problems.

3. Contains Antioxidants

The main ingredients of this cat food are not the only reason why a lot of pet owners are excited about giving this to their felines. This product comes with fruits and vegetable supplements which contain antioxidants. Thanks to the addition of these ingredients, you can look forward to a stronger and a healthier cat.

Aside from keeping your cat strong, antioxidants can also improve your cat’s immune system. This means your feline friend would be less susceptible to diseases and other problems.

General Impression

taste of cat food

Some pet owners who are considering Taste of the Wild have some doubts since the brand is linked to Diamond Pet Food. The company was involved in recalls linked to a salmonella outbreak. Needless to say, Taste of the Wild has not been connected to any recall for the past few years.

Basing on the reviews available from independent sources, this cat food is a good pick. As a premium product, the price is affordable enough and there is no denying that the ingredient list is well thought of. Thanks to these things and the fact that this many attest to how this cat food improved their pet’s health, Taste of the Wild comes highly recommended.


wild cat

What if Taste of the Wild Trout and Salmon is not available from where you are? There are some products that you can try instead of just this product.

Taste of the Wild Venison and Salmon

Taste of the Wild Venison and Salmon ( Via: Amazon.com)

If you have concerns about feeding tuna to you cat, you can try this brand. Coming from the same manufacturer, this brand is perfect for cats that are fond of chicken. The main ingredient of this cat food is actually chicken meal.


  • Price is easier on the pocket.
  • Better quality than other brands in the same price range.


  • Caused some cats to lose appetite.
  • Recent increase in price.

CANIDAE Grain Free Pure Elements Cat
and Kitten Formula Food

CANIDAE Grain Free Pure Elements Cat and Kitten Formula Food (Via: Amazon )

This cat food is made from fresh tuna which cats love. Thanks to the main ingredient, this brand also contains essential fatty acids for a cat with a healthier coat. This is easy on your cat’s stomach and perfect for picky eaters.


  • Cats love this brand.
  • Significant changes in cat’s appearance.


  • Some bags came with extremely dry cat food.
  • Not all cats will enjoy this food.

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dry Cat Food

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dry Cat Food
( Via: Amazon.com)

This cat food provides balanced nutrition for adult cats. The main ingredient is duck and it is a good source of protein. Since it contains select ingredients, this is ideal for cats that are sensitive to fillers


  • Resolved itching.
  • Resulted in shinier and healthier coat.


  • There were complaints about a bad batch.
  • Some cats find this to be less appealing than other brands.

Final Thoughts

taste of wild cat

Based on all the facts about this cat food, this seems to be a good pick. The price is just right and the quality is that of a premium brand. Taking another look at the features of this brand would be helpful too.

Keep in mind that this is just one of the Taste of the Wild cat food reviews you should read to have a better idea if your kitty will appreciate and thrive with this food

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