Royal Canin Cat Food Review

Royal Canin Cat Food Review


ooking for the right cat food for your furballs can be challenging. With all the horror stories plastered in the web about what cat food can do to cats, making sure that you are not unknowingly feeding poison to your kitties is a must. Nothing can be more disturbing than knowing that you killed your own kitty.

Here goes our first review for one of the top cat food brands in the market today –Royal Canin. Hopefully, this Royal Canin Cat Food Review will help you determine if this is the right choice for your cat.

Reminders on Choosing a Cat Food

Cats Food

Before diving into a full review of this cat brand, let’s go over the primary factors that you need to consider when looking for a cat food.

  • Protein Content: Cats are natural born carnivores and they need protein from meat sources so they will stay healthy. Always make sure that the product uses human-grade protein sources.
  • Filler Ingredients: Felines are picky eaters and although some cats will eat whatever food your serve, there are some who need grain-free food. These cats are more sensitive and they need a different diet from regular felines.
  • Overall Nutrition: Individual needs and requirements will vary from one cat to another but the nutritional needs that felines have are almost the same. You need to look for certain nutrients like taurine and Omega 3 in cat food.

Keep in mind that these three factors are just the tip of the iceberg. Always consider the overall nutrition for any cat food brand before deciding to feed it to your pet.

Royal Canin Cat Food

Royal Canin Cat Food

Royal Canin (Via

Widely known for its breed-specific and prescription cat food, Royal Canin is among the oldest cat food manufacturers in the market. The company was originally founded in France in 1967 but it was bought by Mars in 2002.

Although the headquarters for this cat food producer is still in France, one of their production facilities were moved to the U.S.


  • Most cats like eating the food from Royal Canin
  • Numerous reports of immediate improvement in the health of their feline
  • Many cat owners swear by this cat food and its positive effect on their feline’s health


  • Difference in ingredients depending on the place where the product was manufactured
  • Not the best choice for cats that are allergic to grains
  • Some pet stores pulled this product off the shelves due to the drastic change in ingredients


Here are some of the key features of the food products from Royal Canin that every cat owner should take note of:

1. Nutrition-based Approach

Best Grain Free Food for Cat Review Tinpaw


One of the things that can be noticed right away when it comes to Royal Canin products is the focus on the overall nutritional content. When taken as a whole, the cat food products from the manufacturer are good for cats. However, when surveying the ingredients, you will notice that not all of it are made from high-quality protein.

2. Highly Recommended Prescription Formula

Royal Canin may have some flaws when it comes to some ingredients in the product but there are some that may not be advisable to cats.

However, when it comes to the prescription cat food by this manufacturer, you will be impressed by the amount of attention that they have on the ingredients.

The prescription formula which is the best choice for cats with special needs contain ingredients that even the most sensitive cats can digest with ease.


3. Breed-specific and Age-specific Foods

Another quality that Royal Canin cat food has that many cat owners like are the number of products that they have. Aside from prescription formula, they also have cat food that is created especially for a certain cat breed. There are also cat products for kittens, adult cats, and elderly cats.

Royal Canin Kitten Dry Cat Food

Royal Canin Kitten Dry Cat Food (Via Amazon)

Royal Canin Cat Food

Royal Canin Adult Cat Food (Via Amazon)

Royal Canin Maine Coon Dry Cat Food

Royal Canin Maine Coon Dry Cat Food (Via Amazon)

As many cat owners know, the nutritional requirements of a cat could differ depending on their age.

4. Normal Cat Food Contains Grains


Among the biggest complaints that cat owners have about Royal Canin cat food is linked to the fact that it contains grains. Rice and corn are among the most common ingredients in cat food. In fact, some of the cat food under this brand contains rice as part of the first three ingredients.

It should be noted that grains may be a source of protein but they are inferior compared to meat. Meat by-products also make their way into this cat food and this is not the most nutritious source of food for cats.

What Other Cat Owners Have to Say

What Other Cat Owners Have to Say

There are mixed reactions from pet owners. There are some who still believe that this cat food is the best one for their cats. Some can prove based on experienced that Royal Canin’s cat food changed their cats’ life.

On the downside, there are some cat owners who saw their pets get sick after consuming this pet food. Some complained that the problem started after the manufacturers changed the ingredients of the main products. There were also cats that did not take well to this cat food and got sick.

Royal Canin Cat Food Alternatives

For those who do not trust Royal Canin cat food or are looking for other brands in the market, here are some of the best choices:


Friskies Cat Food

Friskies Wet Cat Food (Via :

This is one of the highly-advertised cat foods in the market. This cat food brand is owned by Nestle Purina Petcare Company and there are both dry and wet cat food products from this brand.


Wellness Cat Food

Wellness Complete Health Natural (Via :

Another brand that pet owners must consider, this family-owned company offers cat food products for both kittens and adult cats.

Solid Gold

Solid Gold Cat Food

Solid Gold Grain Free (Via :

This pet food company may not be too popular but they are known for producing the best whole food products for canines.

Final Thoughts

Royal Canin Cat Food Final Thoughts

This concludes our Royal Canin cat food review. To sum things up, this is basically a good cat food product and the ingredients are top of the line. But since it contains too many grains, it is not a good pick for all types of felines.

As far as their prescription cat food is concerned, most cat owners had no complaints. Overall, however, it would be better to look for another cat food brand if your feline does not have a special diet.

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