Pure Vita Cat Food Review

Pure Vita Cat Food Review: What You Need to Know

Grain Free cat food is in high demand these days, and this Pure Vita cat food review will look into the ingredients and the general impression cat owners have about the Chicken Entrée formula. The combined taste of chicken, fruits, and vegetables are quite appealing to any feline.

Pure Vita is a popular brand for dog food but the company is also in the business of producing cat food which is appealing to the taste buds of most felines. With the variety of the pet food products this company manufactures, it is also gaining some attention from many cat owners.

Pure Vita Cat Food Review: More Details on the Chicken Entrée Formula

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Pure Vita cat food is manufactured by a family-owned company which has been operating for 50 years. The company behind this grain-free cat food recipe is known for using ingredients grown in locally. This is one of the reasons why many pet owners put their trust on this brand.

The Chicken Grain-free entrée from Pure Vita uses chicken as the main ingredients. The first ingredient of this cat food is chicken.

Based on the manufacturer’s claims, this cat food meets all the standards established by AAFCO. With its focus on providing balanced nutrition for felines, it’s not surprising why this brand has been mentioned several times by many pet owners.

  • Now, here’s a quick look at the pros and cons of Pure Vita Grain Free Chicken Entrée.


  • Many cats couldn’t get enough of this cat food.
  • ​Contains the right formula to make sure cats stay healthy.
  • Great for felines with several allergies and sensitive stomachs.


  • There are reports that this cat food made some felines throw up.
  • ​Price is a bit too high for some pet owners.
  • There are some ingredients which may act as allergens in some cats.


Why will this cat food fit the needs of your feline? Here are some of the most important details about this cat food from Pure Vita.


Balanced Nutrition


When you have a cat, you can’t just give it any kind of food. You want to choose the cat food which would support your feline’s health and nutrition.

Pure Vita thinks of what cat owners want for their companion animals and uses this as a guiding principle in creating their products. This cat food has a single source protein and ideal for cats of all life stages.

Whether you have a kitten or an adult cat, this is the perfect cat food for your pet. Chicken, the main ingredient of this cat food, is an ideal source of protein and it is also rich in niacin, vitamin B6, selenium, and phosphorus –ingredients your cat needs to stay healthy and strong.

This cat food is enriched with Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.



Pure Vita Cat Food

If there’s one thing Pure Vita is emphasizing with this cat food it’s this –they know how to make a cat food which can reduce allergic reactions to felines. While some ingredients in this cat food may be allergens to some cats, the most common triggers are absent.

Many cat owners have also said great things about this cat food and how it helped their cat grow healthy and strong.


Delicious Taste


Whether you are human or feline, you need to think about flavor when you are interested in buying food. This cat food has been tested on companion animals at different stages to gauge the palatability. Rest assured that the felines’ tastes were considered in creating the perfect cat food.

Alternatives to Pure Vita Cat Food Chicken Entrée

If you are looking for another cat food variety under Pure Vita, here are some of the other options you should consider.

  • 1. Pure Vita Grain Free Chicken and Peas Cat Food: 

    This cat food provides enough nutrition for felines at different stages. This is the perfect choice when you have a kitty that is not allergic to peas.

    The main source of protein for this cat food is chicken. This food is also full of antioxidants which is what every cat needs in its diet.

  • 2. Pure Vita Chicken Stew Dinner: 

    Supporting your pet’s overall wellbeing is a must, and choosing a yummy and healthy cat food is also necessary. This stew dinner is specially blended for cats of all life stages.

    Vegetables and fruits were added to chicken to make this cat food even more nutritious. With this combination, your cats will have access to all the necessary vitamins they need to live longer and stay stronger.

    This wet cat food is also a big favorite for many felines.

  • 3. Pure Vita Grain-Free Salmon and Peas: 

    If your cat loves fish, this could be what your feline needs to be excited for meal time. Just like most of the offerings under Pure Vita, this has a grain-free formula which is perfect for felines with sensitive tummies.

    This also comes enriched with vitamins and minerals to promote your cat’s growth.

General Impression


Based on the overall impression of cat owners who have tried feeding this brand to their cats, the results are mainly positive. A lot of cats found this quite palatable and the ingredients are impressive since main allergens are absent from this cat food.

The main complaints pet owners have about this cat food is the price. Since it is quite a yummy treat for cats, buying this regularly can be quite expensive.

Final Thoughts

With all of the details in mind, it’s safe to say that this cat food comes highly recommended. This has all the necessary things you want your cat food to have including vitamins and minerals to ensure your feline is getting the best nutrients there are.

Wet or Homemade cat food

Aside from nutrition, many cats also love the taste of this cat food. This is not surprising given the measures the company took to make sure your cat will this when they get the chance.

Of course, you still need to look out for potential allergens. And, don’t forget some cats might not react well to this cat food. We hope this Pure Vita cat food review answered important questions you might have about this product.

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