Long Hair Cat Breeds: These 5 Popular Breeds Are In The Spotlight

[thrive_drop_caps color=’orange’ style=’2′]A[/thrive_drop_caps]re you into cats? If you are, you are probably eyeing long hair cat breeds especially if you like kitties that are super cute.

While on the subject of these adorable long haired felines, you should always think about the upkeep they need. You can never discount the amount of attention they require.

Needless to say, if you have the patience and dedication that these cats need, nothing is stopping you from getting one of these babies.

Most long haired feline breeds are so ancient they can be traced back to our ancestors. Well, here are some choice picks for long hair cat breeds that you should consider.

Ragdoll: The Sweet And Docile Cat Breed

Ragdoll The Sweet and Docile Cat Breed

Often considered to be indoor cats, the ragdoll breed is among the sweetest felines that you could encounter. This cat breed is home to kitties with a sweet disposition.

Popular for how docile and relaxed they are, this breed got its name from the way these felines behave when placed on one's lap.

Ragdolls are a cross of Persian and Birman cat breeds with a bit of Burmese bloodline mixed in. As a result, these cats have striking blue eyes, plush coats, and sunny dispositions.

Anne Baker, the breeder behind this child friendly and playful feline, chose to produce a cat with a glorious size and a fun loving attitude.

With her efforts, she came up with the ragdoll cat. Aside from having an adorable appearance, this breed is the perfect playmate for kids.

Birman Cats: The Attractive Feline Companions

Birman Cats The Attractive Feline

Dubbed to be the Sacred Cats of Burma, Birman cats are extremely domesticated and gentle especially to children. Developed by High Priests, these cats are known for their white paws and their regal personality.

These cats have blue eyes and a full coat. Their fur tends to get darker on their leg part.

Birman cats also have colorpoint markings that are similar to Siamese cats. Their plush and soft coat also require less grooming compared to other long hair cat breeds.

This feline companion is patient and gentle, making them ideal companions for the elderly or the infirmed.

Birmans are also perfect as lap cats since they have a gentle disposition. These cats are quite large and on average, they weigh nine to 12 pounds.

As kittens, this breed also tends to be calmer and quieter. Unless you want a cat that is up for a very active lifestyle, this breed would be a good choice.

Persian Cats: The Standard Long Hair Cat Breed

Persian Cats The Standard Long Hair Cat Breed

Perhaps the most popular breed today is Persian cats. Traditionally, Persian cat breeds had a doll face. However, modern cat breeds have the squashed up face.

When you mention long haired cats, people always think about Persian cats. These cats are deemed to be classic beauties although maintaining their stellar appearance means more frequent grooming.

There is so much variety in this cat breed that Persian cats look distinctive even from cats of the same breed.

Nevertheless, these cats share common characteristics such as their love for domestic life. These felines have an adaptable nature.

Often round and stocky, Persian cats are also the perfect lap cats. As kittens, these cats are less rowdy. It is also natural for these cats to seek comfort.

These cats have large and around heads and they have small wide set ears. Sometimes, these cats have snubbed noses and round wide set eyes which also happen to be very expressive.

These cats also have round and large bodies. The legs that carry them are short and straight.

Persian cats come in a wide assortment of colors. Nevertheless, they are pretty much distinctive.

Maine Coon Cats: The Big Boned Domestic Cats

These cats look like raccoons although they are entirely unrelated to them. These large cats have feathered tails and tufted ears.

Developed in Maine, these cats are the oldest domesticated breed in the United States. Although they appear wild and large, they make the perfect domestic pets since they are docile.

Maine Coon Cats The Big Boned Domestic Cats

There is no distinctive pattern or color for this cat breed. However, the most common are the tiger or the tabby pattern.

Main coon kittens tend to be playful which can make them destructive at times.

Nevertheless, they can tolerate rougher play more compared to other cats given their large size. These cats do not require a lot of coddling.

Main coon cats can settle in quickly, making them the perfect household pet.

Turkish Van: The Swimming Cat

Turkish Van cat

Turkish Van cats are aloof. However, they make the best swimming companions. These cats have long narrow hips and broad shoulders.

Turkish Vans possess impressive mouse hunting skills. The shape of their bodies also allows them to have great freedom of movement.

In fact, most of the cats under this breed are athletic.

This type of cat is perfect for households that are quiet and serene. These cats are sensitive to rough handling and loud noises.

Despite their reluctance in being held, these cats are highly devoted and attached to their human family.

Needless to say, these cats have a warm personality and their looks are distinctive.

This unique and natural cat breed has a distinct coat pattern. These cats have gray, black and red markings on their head and tail. This trait is the main identifier for this cat breed.

How To Choose Your Next Feline Companion

How to Choose long hair cat breeds

Are you looking for your next feline companion with long hair? The five choices here are just some of the most popular picks. There are still less popular breeds out there.

Choose your next feline companion based on its personality. Your cat should have a personality that is compatible with yours.

Your next pet should also thrive on your lifestyle.

At the end of the day, you want your kitty to have a happy home. If you cannot provide the level of care and coddling that your cat requires, it would be one miserable kitty.

In the case of long hair cat breeds, you may need to invest more time in them. These cats have grooming needs. Some of them love to hog the spotlight too.

Are you interested in a long hair cat breed? Tell us more about your search for an additional or new kitty in your home in the comment section below. Remember to click share if you like this post.

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