10 Large Domestic Cat Breeds : Simple Facts You Need to Know About Each One

[thrive_drop_caps color=’orange’ style=’2′]C[/thrive_drop_caps]ats make great pets. If you are looking for felines that you wouldn’t be guilty of playing with, large domestic cat breeds would be a good choice.

While some people like smaller cat varieties, there are also others who prefer bigger cats. There is something about big cats that could entice you to treat them like a huge stuffed toy.

However, cats are and will always be better than teddy bears because they could answer you with a purr.

For people who are searching for the perfect pet, here are some of the top choices for large domestic cat breeds.

infographic-Top 10 largest cat breeds

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1. Siberian Cat: The Forefather of the Modern Longhaired Feline

Siberian Cat

This cat breed originated from Russia but it has been developed as a formal breed over the recent years.

These cats are believed to be the ancestors of the modern longhaired cats. There are also claims that cats under this breed are hypoallergenic.

The Siberian cat is formally known as the Siberia Forest cat although they are pretty much referred to as just Siberian. These felines are agile jumpers with a muscular body.

Siberian cats are popular in Russian folktales and for some 1,000 years that they have been known in the country, they were considered as champions by household owners and shopkeepers because they keep mice away.

These cats have great hunting abilities.

Siberian cats are rather large with an average weight of eight to 17lbs. These cats are affectionate and they love being near human companions.

Even when dealing with a stranger, these cats are friendly and often, they will not hide when there is someone they don’t know in the house.

Siberian cat breed  love water and they can be quite playful. They are also the type of cats who wouldn’t be bothered with noise and.

Their demeanor is often calm which makes them great therapy cats.

One problem about this breed is that these cats are prone to heart disease due to enlargement of the cardiac muscles.

2. Highlander: The Attention-loving Giants

10 Large Domestic Cat Breeds Highlander

This is a giant cat breed which is related to the Desert Lynx breed. These cats have a short tail and it is one of their identifying features. This is the kind of cat that you would like to own when you are at home all the time.

Despite their large size, the Highlander wants to be on the spotlight all the time. These cats love participating in activities although it tends to be quiet. These qualities are desirable as pet owners do not have to feat of getting awakened by a noisy cat in the middle of the night.

This cat breed experiences little to no shedding so dander is not much of a problem. These are active cats however and they need to have at least 10 minutes of exercise to maintain their toned body. Best of all, these cats are not prone to health problems so the medical costs are not that high.

3. Maine Coon Cat: Oldest North American Cat Breed

Maine Coon Cat

Originating from Maine, the Maine Coon is among the oldest cat breeds from North America.

There have been some rumors that this cat is a cross between a domestic cat, a raccoon and a semi wild cat which is why its coloring is pretty similar to that of a raccoon.

These cats are quite large and the males tend to weigh 18 lbs. at most while the females are about 12 lbs. With their muscular body, big bone structure, and their winter coat, these cats certainly look quite huge.

However, these cats do not look grand right away since they tend to reach their maximum weight from three to five years old.

In general Maine coon cats are cute in the sense that they act like kittens all their lives. They may not be the traditional lap cats but they love hanging around with their owners.

These cats love to help out when they can which makes them great companions.

4. Norwegian Forest Cat: The World War Veterans

10 Large Domestic Cat Breeds Norwegian Forest Cat

This is one of the oldest cat breeds in the world although little is known about where these cats originated. There are some theories that it can from the Byzantine Empire and others believe that it is a relative of the Siberian cat. This cat breed is lucky to have survived the Second World War.

The Norwegian forest cat was first introduced to the United States during the seventies. With this development, the breed became popular in both Europe and the U.S.

This is a friendly and gentle cat. This breed does not call for a lot of attention and it is the type of pet suited for those who do not like petting cats on a regular basis. This cat possesses the reservation of the Scandinavian population and they will rarely call for attention.

This cat often lives until 14 years but it is prone to certain health conditions. These cats are prone to heart and kidney disease.

5. Ragdoll Cat: The Sweet Natured Longhaired Cat

ragdoll cat life expectancy

If you are looking for the perfect indoor cat that will serve as your companion and a playmate to the kids, the Ragdoll would be the right choice. This cat variety is known for its blue eyes and its placid temperament.

Due to their love for being picked up and petted, many cat owners love having them around the house.

The Ragdoll cat was developed during the 60’s and there has been much controversy surrounding this breed.

Nevertheless, their general calm temperament still remains. Since these cats thrive in a laidback environment, they are also a gentle breed.

These cats can be more than 14 lbs. in terms of weight which means that they are relatively large.

These cats may be prone to heart ailments especially when they have ancestors with the mutated gene. Despite these issues, ragdolls make awesome pets.

6. Ragamuffin Cat: The Large, Long Bodied Feline

Ragamuffin Cat

Although the Ragamuffin cat appears large, it is smaller than it looks. These cats have characteristically big bones and they have plush coats and blue oval eyes.

Out of all the cats in this list, the Ragamuffin cat has a disposition which is a bit similar to the Ragdoll cat. Just like ragdolls, the ragamuffin loves to be held.

They also have a placid nature and they don’t get upset when there are changes in their routine which makes it possible to raise these felines even when you are living in an apartment.

In general, these felines can weight more than 12 lbs. and you need to brush their coat on a daily basis to prevent tangles.

7. Savannah Cat: The First Siamese Hybrid

Savannah Cat

If large cats are what you are looking for, the Savannah should be among the choices.

Savannah cats, especially the males, can grow as large as 30 lbs. making them one of the biggest cats that you can possibly own.

For this breed, the male cats are usually bigger in terms of size compared to the females. In general, however, the size could differ from one litter to another.

Savannah is the first hybrid for Siberian cats. These felines have short hair and they sport a spotted tabby pattern.

Kittens all have blue eyes but they turn, brown, green or gold as they turn into adults. Some cats even have a mixed eye color.

With their long hind legs, these cats don’t have issues with jumping around. These cats are inquisitive and they are not afraid of water.

While splashing around may freak out some cats, you wouldn’t have to worry about that when you have a Savannah.

These cats are also devoted to their owners and some could act like dogs, they tail their person all over the place.

Some are friendly to strangers while other can hiss and growl when they see someone they don’t know.

Some Savannahs have the same small livers as their Serval ancestors and they may require boosters for flu and other ailments.

8. American Bobtail: The Playful Companion

10 Large Domestic Cat Breeds American Bobtail

These cats are known for how intelligent and playful they are. This cat breed is the one that you need to get when you want a companion that could learn easily. You will find yourself having so many hours playing hide and seek and many games with this feline.

Another great thing about this breed is the fact that it is friendly. When you have dogs, other cats, and pets at home, you can count on the American bobtail to be friendly to the new addition to your family. However, this feline will not let you get off the hook easily when you do something bad.

This cat has a rectangular shape and the tail is so distinctive that the breed became popular because of it. These cats look naturally wild cats and their appearance closely resembles non pedigreed cats.

Needless to say, this cat breed is very healthy and they are not known to have major health complications.

9. Bengal: The Exotic Water-Loving Breed

Bengal: The Exotic Water-Loving Breed

Closely associated with the Asian leopard cat, it is not surprising why this cat became quite popular. The main goal of the breeders who developed this cat is to create a type of feline that is healthy, confident, healthy, and highly distinctive. The coloring of these cats can range from the “snow” to the light brown to the flamboyant bright orange color.

Bengals are different from other cats because they love playing with water. These cats also love jumping and there are accounts of Bengal cats jumping over four feet. This type of cat is ideal for those who can shower the felines with a lot of attention.

The greatest medical concern in cats of this breed is the onset of blindness in the first year although this is rare. Bengals can take care of their own grooming as they do not shed a lot. In fact, this is one of the cat breeds recommended for those who are prone to allergies.

10. Turkish Van: The Breed with the Most Distinctive Pattern

Turkish Van

If there is a cat breed that should be hailed for its uniqueness it should be the Turkish Van. The color pattern for this cat is so distinctive. Usually, there are grey, red or black markings on the tail and the body of the feline.

Originating from Turkey, this is a muscular cat which has a large body. This is a rugged and a highly active cat that looks really great.

These cats are the perfect choice for those who want cats that will leave them alone. This is a proud cat breed and they are often aloof although it does not mean that they do not enjoy time in your lap. This cat will appreciate your company but they do not like it when you hold them.

Another distinctive thing about this cat is their love for swimming. This cat defies the normal trend for a cat’s fear of water.

Which of these large domestic cat breeds is the best one?


From this list of the large domestic cat breeds that you can pick as your new companion, you may get an idea on which cat to buy or breed next.

It would be awesome to have, at least, one large cat at home especially those felines who love attention. There are more large breeds out there that you may want to consider too.

Have you ever owned a large breed cat? What was it like to raise your cat? What’s the best experience you guys had together? Tell us all about your large breed cat on the comments section and don’t forget to click share!

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