When Do Kittens Calm Down

When Do Kittens Calm Down and Begin to Mature?


he cuteness of a kitten is pretty hard to beat, but with an exhausting level of energy, we have to wonder, when do kittens calm down and begin to mature? Many of our readers have wanted to know about the process, so we’re here to give you an answer.


When Do Kittens Calm Down?

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Kittens typically calm down, or begin to lose their hyperactive energy levels, when they have reached their first birthday or very close to it. Although, this time frame will depend on the individual kitten.

For the sake of saying so, you should be ready for your kitten, or kittens, to be balls of nonstop energy from the age of around 9 to 10 weeks of age all the way up to their first year. If they do not calm down once they hit their first birthday, however, you should expect something entirely different.

Your Kitten’s Energy and
What to Expect

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During the first 8 weeks of a kitten’s life, they will be normally active but will not have the coordination to start scaling the furniture and terrorize your home. Although, the energy and improved coordination will come soon after.

Before you know it they will be jumping, climbing, chasing, and trying to roughhouse with their parents, siblings, owners, etc. Once their age progresses to around 10 to 11 weeks old you will notice the change.

Your kitten will be constantly on the move, curious about everything, and looking for anything fun they can get their little paws on. Cats, by nature, are predators and learn the thrill of the hunt by exploring and indulging their curiosities.

The Phase of Endless Energy

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Kittens never stop eating, play with their brothers and sisters, are discovering the world around them, and are, of course, babies no matter how you look at it. Both human and feline young have high energy levels.

For some kittens, the phase of endless energy is just that: only a phase that they will eventually grow out of and calm down. It’s normal for you to ask yourself “when do kittens calm down?”, but it’s also important to know that their high energy is normal, as well.

Why is My Cat Still Hyper?

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If your cat has grown and matured into an adult feline and still has endless energy, they most likely will not grow out of it. Though a litter of kittens share the same parents and many of the same genetics, not all kittens are the same.

As previously stated, each kitten is born differently in personality and is has their own individuality to them. Even senior cats can still have their kitten years in them and may go into what’s known as “the kitten crazies” every now and then.

One of the main reasons why a cat could remain hyper for their entire life is a result of genetics. If one, or even both, of the parents are cats with regular high levels of energy, a kitten could inherit this from one, the other, or both and just be a naturally whirlwind.

You may have noticed that your adult or senior cat enjoys racing up and down the hallways, or all over the house in general, during the middle of the night. Felines are at their most active during the night, typically around the midnight hours.

Ways to Calm a Kitten Down

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Kittens have both endless and unpredictable energy. For example, one minute they could be calm and cuddling in your arms, the next trying to pay and nibble on your arm in an instant.

The best way to calm a hyperactive kitten down is to play with it frequently and tire them out with a variety of toys to ensure they do not get bored and lose interest. Losing interest in a toy or two is very common in kittens, so switch it up now and then.

Interactive toys, such as a laser light or a fishing pole toy, for example, are great toys for kittens. The kitten remains entertained, engaged, and constantly on the move after the toy of your choice.

Letting a kitten roam on their own, in a safe area, of course, has both pros and cons. For example, allowing a kitten to roam freely encourages their curiosity, but it also encourages destruction.

Overall, remember that a bored kitten is a destructive kitten, so try to keep your kitten engaged in something as much as possible.

Kittens: Furry Balls of
Endless Activity

Knowing the answer to “when do kittens calm down” and what to expect will ensure that destruction is minimal. Remember that constant, varied play and exploration are very important for a kitten to learn and grow.

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