How to Tell if Your Cat Has Worms

How to Tell if Your Cat Has Worms: 7 Simple Symptoms to Look Out For


orms as a common problem in cats and this is true even if your kitties don’t venture out. The only good thing about these worms is that they are easy to detect. You can tell if your cat is host to these parasites by observing your kitty’s behavior.

As we all know, worms are never good whether they pester humans or animals. They tend to rob us of much needed nutrition. There are actually four types of worms that could be wreaking havoc in your cat’s digestive system.

Cats exhibit different symptoms depending on the kind of worm they are infested with. We will talk all about the process of telling whether your cat is infected by a worm and how to recognize the symptoms.

What You Need

  • Disposable Gloves
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Vial

How to Tell if Kitty Has Worms

The primary thing that you would need is your powers of observation. There are simple symptoms that you would have to look out for to know if your cat is infested by worms.

Cats of all ages can have round worms and the scariest thing is the fact that it could be transmitted to humans. If you have a cat, the last thing you want is to get any kind of intestinal worm from it, no matter how much you love that kitty.

There several tell-tale signs that can help you see if the cat is infested by worms and they are:

#1. Changes in your cat’s body shape

Changes in your cat’s body shape

The most common symptom associated with worms is having a potbelly. You would immediately notice it because it looks as if the area is swollen. This is an alarming sign and you should be on your way to the vet whether it is a bad case of roundworms or any other illness.

#2. Kitty is always throwing up

Kitty is always throwing up

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By now, you would know the normal behavior for your cat and something else entirely. Although some cats vomit frequently, excessive vomiting should be a red flag.

Worms often induce vomiting for cats because they irritate the stomach lining. In some cases, these worms block the outflow to the cat’s stomach. Either way, you should see your cat’s vet since conditions leading to vomiting are serious.

#3. Loss of vigor and energy

How to Tell if Your Cat Has Worms step 3

People are just like cats in the sense that their energy is often depleted when they are sick. When your cats don’t get sufficient nutrients from food because worms, they feel tired all the time.

When your cat is extremely playful and suddenly you notice a drop in energy level, this may be another red flag. If you notice any other signs that could indicate that your cat has worms, you should consult your vet.

#4. Check the feces of your cat

Check the feces of your cat

Among the most important things that you have to check is the feces of your kitty. You can visit the litter box once in a while to see if your cat is not suffering from bad bouts of diarrhea.

There are noticeable signs that your cat has a worm infestation. For instance, if the stool is tarry and dark, it could be hook worms. These worms attach themselves to the intestinal wall and cause blood loss, hence the appearance of the stool.

Another symptom of having worms is diarrhea. These worms interfere with the digestion of your cat since they are in the gut. If you notice that your kitty has been experiencing nonstop diarrhea for a 24 hour period, it’s time to call the vet.

If the diarrhea is not that bad but you want to see for sure if kitty has worms, you can examine the stool sample using the equipment above and by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Wear your gloves.
  • Step 2: Take the popsicle stick to examine the feces of your cat.
  • Step 3: Look for signs of egg packets that may be stuck to the stool’s surface. These eggs look like cucumber or sesame seeds. They may wriggle or move sometimes which is a sign that there are worms there.

It would be unusual to see any kind of worm in the feces of your cat but sometimes they are excreted. If the worm is flat and has a cream color, it is a tape worm. If it is long like a spaghetti strand, it could be a roundworm. Meanwhile, hookworms that are too small to see could be 2 to 3 mm long.

#5. Examine your cat’s beddings

Examine your cat’s beddings

When kitty has worms, the eggs could stick to the place where they sleep. You can examine the cloth and see if there are any eggs there.

Look for something that looks like cucumber seeds just like the ones you were searching for in the cat feces.

#6. Examine the anus of your cat

Examine the anus of your cat

When your cat defecates, the feces passes through the anus so there is a high chance that tapeworms would stick there. Wear your gloves before you look into the anus of your cat. Pay special attention to the fur around it.

If you notice any white packets that look like seeds then it’s positive that your cat has worms and you should schedule a visit to the vet.

#7. Take a stool sample.

how to tell if your cat has worm step 7

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This is the most conclusive way to know if your cat has a worm infestation is to get a feces sample. Using a gloved hand, get enough feces from the litter box and seal it in a vial or a bag. It’s ideal to submit the sample within 24 hours.

Final Thoughts

what to do if your cat has worms

It would be a sad affair is kitty has worms and this is the last thing you want. Needless to say, there are symptoms that you can look out for to ensure that your cat is treated right away.

Every cat owner knows how frustrating it is when your cat suffers from any form of infection. Worms are even worse because they drain kitty of nutrients and they can infect humans too. Hence, early detection is always best.

Did your cat ever suffered from worm infestations? What did you do? Tell us all about it on the comment section below and click share to help our everyone else whose cat may, unknowingly, be suffering from worm infestation.

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