How To Potty Train a Cat: Kitty Needs These 4 Effective But Simple Steps

[thrive_drop_caps color=’orange’ style=’2′]W[/thrive_drop_caps]hen you own a kitty, learning how to potty train a cat is among the essential duties that you would have to tackle. This is necessary because it makes your life easier and makes it more convenient to keep kitty inside the house.

Can you even imagine the stress brought about by having to step on cat poop or urine when you enter the house? It can be a hard living situation no matter how much you adore having a cat.

While cats are trained by their mothers on taking care of their business, this may not be the case when you have orphaned cats. For those cats that grew up on their mom’s side, they know how to use the litter box when they are about 12 to 14 weeks old.

If your cats haven’t been trained to dispose of their litter all on their own, the job will fall solely on your shoulders.

What You’ll Need

  • Unscented Kitty Litter

How To Potty Train a Cat

Step 1

Designate a place for your cat in the house

Designate a place for your cat in the house

When your cat has not been potty trained yet, accidents could happen all the time. This means that it's highly likely that kitty will leave poop all over your place or spray urine in the carpet or on laundry or whatever is lying around the floor.

If this is the case, you have to designate a special place in the house, preferably one which is away from foot traffic, as your cat’s main living area.

It would also be a good idea to remove any potted plants in the cat’s living area as fluffy might think it is the litter box. If you can't avoid including the plant, place it on something that could cushion the floor from poop and cat pee as cats might commit the mistakes of using it often as their toilet.

Step 2

Place the litter box inside your kitty’s living area and look for a private but accessible location for it

how to potty train a kitten

When you are planning to train your cat, you need to look for a good place for the litter box. Be sure to add litter to the box so your cat can get familiar with the scent. This way, they know where they should go when they have to relieve themselves.

It is vital to choose an area which is accessible but at the same time private. If the area is not too private, kitty might not poop or relieve themselves there and instead wreak havoc in your home.

In case you need to change the position of your litter box, do it gradually.

You can also replace the box with the food bowl as cats rarely poop where they eat.

Another reminder is to look for a place where you can’t hear a loud hum of all the kitchen appliances or any other equipment. The noise can be distracting to your kitten.

Step 3

Allow the kitten to get familiar with the litter box

how to potty train your cat in litter box

Familiarity is one of the most important things to do when potty training. Introduce the kitty to the litter box right away even if it doesn’t know how to use it at first. The best way to place kitty in the box is when it wakes up, just finished a meal or squats somewhere as if to poop.

There are some cats that will get what you are trying to teach them right away and there are others who won't. You have to be more patient with those cats and allow them to spend more time in the box.

Digging into the litter box often comes naturally but if it doesn’t, don’t force your kitty to learn by taking their paws and mimicking the motion. This might cause trauma, not education.

It's also vital to know that cats often get hungry about 20 minutes after a meal. This allows you to narrow down the time for their trip to the litter box.

If you happen to have kittens that are less than three weeks, you may need to get a towel and warm it with warm water. You would have to rub this on the cat’s genital area to make her pee or poop.

Step 4

Reward Cats For Doing The Right Thing

Reward cats for doing the right thing

Be prepared to have a lot of frustration when potty training but never punish cats in the litter box. Instead, praise them when they do the right thing.

Some cats take longer to learn than other but that’s normal. So, as a pet owner, you should be prepared to put up with this.

Parting Words

how to toilet train a cat

Learning how to potty train a cat is and will never become easy. Fortunately, with a fair amount of patience and a few hints on what you are supposed to do to teach it how to dispose of its own litter.

If you are new to cats, it pays to know that kittens can be trained to potty. You probably have to learn the normal and abnormal cat behavior ultimately, just hang in there.

No matter how difficult it seems to have a cat to take care of, there’s always a silver lining such as how adorable these fluffy creatures are when they put their mind to it.

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