how to get mats out of cat fur

How To Get Mats Out Of Cat Fur? Be Tangle Free!


s cat parents, all we ever want for our furballs is a combination of health and hygiene. We have to admit—there are times when we feel ashamed when they smell and look differently. And so usually, we resort to paying tons of money for grooming salon services.

What will you do if you come home one day and find your cat’s fur all clumped and matted? You try combing it, but then your cat starts to fuss because it hurts. I’m pretty sure you will feel bad for your baby.

Of course, the fastest way to treat this problem is to run to your nearest pet grooming salon. It’s easier for a busy person just to drop the cat off and wait until the haircut is over.

But what happens when you no longer have the luxury of the time and budget to have them groomed? Do you sacrifice your cat’s hygiene and health? The answer should, of course, be a “no.”

Are there ways to prevent all the hair clumping? Yes! Are there steps that teach how to get mats our of cat fur? Yes! Read on and find out how you can do this on your own at home.

What You Will Need

1. A neat comb

how to get mats out of cat tinpaw

Let me emphasize the word “neat.” You want to make sure that the comb is washed and dried properly before you use it on a mat. You would not want to add dirt or ticks or fleas on your cat’s skin which can cause irritation.

Also, since you’ll be dealing with clumps of dry and sticky fur, you might want to have a wide-toothed comb. Some brushes can cause the fur to tangle up more, and that will only double the trouble.

If you can find a mat comb or a razor comb, then that will do the job. These combs are intended for detangling fur out of cats. You may check out your local pet stores to see if they have it.

Bayer Advantage II

Bayer Advantage II

Bayer Advantage II (Via

This product from Bayer is a topical flea medicine that you can give your cats once a month. This is a great medicine for killing flea as it can kill not only adults but also eggs and larvae.

As we know, fleas can get out of control in just a short amount of time because they reproduce really fast and you need to kill larvae and eggs to get rid of the infestation entirely.

One treatment could last for four weeks so you don’t have to do treatment constantly. Plus, even if you wash your cat’s fur or kitty goes swimming, it would still be effective.


  • This cat treatment doesn’t have a strong smell which makes it easier to use it on cats
  • Works quickly and if cats are not exposed to fleas again, they would not need a repeat treatment
  • Medicine is easy to apply on cats


  • Some cat owners complained of a bald patch in areas where the medicine was applied
  • There are some cases where the medication did not work
  • New formulation is not as effective as the old one

2. A good pair of scissors

By “good” of course I mean they have to be sharp enough. This might be your last resort if the combing does not work. So, you would want a pair that can cut through the sticky mats easily.

However, you also have to be mindful of the sharpness. Scissors that are too sharp could easily cut through your cat’s skin and hurt it. And then your cat will begin to resist your grooming him. Either that or your cat will start getting aggressive and fight you. That could be the worst case scenario.

3. Detangler or anti-static spray

Detangler or anti-static spray

Now, these are not that necessary. I’m just placing this here so that you have a variety of options. If the combing and even the cutting don’t work for you for some reason, you can resort to these. These products may be available in your local pet stores too.

But again, you still have to be mindful of these products. Not all grooming products are super safe because of the chemicals they contain. Certain chemicals are too harsh on the skin, or that may hurt the eyes.

How To Get Mats Out of Cat Fur

1. Try combing the affected part.

By using a wide-toothed comb or a soft-bristled brush, comb through the tangles gently part by part. Make sure that you hold the fur closest to the skin before pulling the comb. Do not just pull and pull and force the comb to detangle the ends of each mat. This will help prevent too much pain.

Remember that you are not combing your hair. You are brushing the hair of your cat, and you do not know how it feels about it. So, you better be gentle.

2. Cut through the mats gently

Cut through the mats gently

Using a good pair of scissors, try cutting the mat sections carefully. When doing this, remember to hold the base of the fur section before cutting. This will help you see through the mat and help you not to cut the skin.

Remember to do this only if the combing does not work first. That is because this step can be dangerous for both you and your cat. Only professional pet groomers do this with ease, and usually, they use electric razors to do the job.


how to get mats out of cat conclusion

Paying these salons a visit does not only help cats look better but also feel better. Sometimes, we tend to neglect them during our busy days. We do not even notice them having insect bites or allergic reactions. But if you do not want your cat to feel more neglected, provide him comfort by going DIY.

I hope these steps I shared will help you get through the “mat challenge.” If you have comments and other suggestions, feel free to put them down below. Happy grooming!

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