How to Fatten Up A Cat

How To Fatten Up A Cat: The Best Method


nowing how to fatten up a cat the safe way is crucial to their health if they are currently experiencing issues with it. For example, if you’ve rescued a cat, but she won’t eat properly, knowing how to fatten her up a different way is going to save her life.

Ask yourself this question, “couldn’t I just give my cat more food than usual”, or, “couldn’t I just constantly give her treats on top of meals?”. The answer to both those questions is absolutely not. This could jeopardize their health to a critical level.

What You Will Need

While some will tell you to add a number of things into your cat’s diet to help them gain weight, all they really need is regular visits to the vet and a healthy, balanced diet.

1. Kitten Food

Kitten Food

Your cat needs all the calories she can get right now, so kitten food is the way to go. It contains more fat, protein, nutrients, and is generally grain-free when compared to the majority of adult cat foods out there.

2. A Combination of Wet and Dry

You will need a top quality brand of dry food. Listed below are the most beneficial brands of foods for cats you can choose from:

  • RedBarn Naturals Salmon and Delilah Grain-Free Canned Food
  • Spring Naturals Grain-Free Chicken Dinner Dry Food
  • Now Fresh Grain-Free Adult Dry Food
  • ZiwiPeak Daily Cat Cuisine Canned Food
  • Fromm Gold Holistic Adult Dry Food
  • Earthborn Holistic Wild Sea Catch Grain-Free Natural Cat & Kitten Dry Food

Keep in mind that, to do this properly, you will need a mix of both dry and canned wet food. Wet food will help them to eat more, gain weight faster, and has nutrients and more water when compared to dry food.

3. Certain Human Foods

Certain Human Foods

There are a ton of ingredients sitting in your fridge right now that are great for learning how to fatten a cat up. Listed below are just a few great examples of the human food you will need/can use:

  • Beef marrow
  • Heart, liver, and other organs
  • Egg yolks
  • Raw chicken skin
  • Plain yogurt
  • Fish oil

Using certain human foods can actually speed the process of gaining weight up, but ensure that you following moderation in this case.

The Ultimate Fattening Recipe for Underweight Cats

Using the following recipe will ensure that your cat gains as much weight as needed in a short period of time. While on this diet, remember that your cat still needs to see her vet, especially if her weight loss is a result of a serious health problem.

1. Preparing the Dry and Wet Food

Try mixing a bit of the wet food with the dry. Your cat may find this mixture more appealing, but if she’s finicky, she may reject it. Use this food calculator to figure out the amount of dry to use.

The calculator allows you to select the age, activity level, and the desired weight that your cat should be. You can find the proper weight number by speaking to your vet.

Next, mix some of the wet food in. You should be going for a wet food brand that has more moisture than others. This will help the goodness seep into the dry food and create a better, more appealing meal for your cat.

2. Preparing the Human Food

Preparing the Human Food

Dry and wet food only have approximately 5% fat and 7% protein, but an underweight cat needs up to 20% fat and 30% protein each day. This is where human food comes into the mix to save the day.

Fish oil, for example, is great for drizzling on top of the food mix. It makes the meal more appealing and adds extra vitamins and minerals for a healthier cat. Cooking or leaving the meat, such as liver and raw chicken skin, for example, is completely up to you based on your cat’s preferred taste.

You may have to tweak the recipe a few times to get your cat to eat it if she is finicky, too.

3. Mixing It Up and Serving

Free feeding, which is just leaving the bowl out for her to pick at, is good to start with. As they progress by eating more you can then create a proper feeding schedule. You will have to do this part by ear.

Fattening Up an Underweight Cat the Safe Way

Fattening Up an Underweight Cat the Safe Way

Learning how to fatten up a cat who is underweight for whatever reason takes time. No one recipe will be the right one, considering cats can be very finicky, change what they like, etc.

However, by following the basic outline above, you can get off to a great start and go from there.

Have you ever had to tailor meals for your underweight pet? If so, let us know in the comments!

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