how long do ragdoll cats live

How Long Do Ragdoll Cats Live? 3 Odd Secrets On Its Lifetime

How long do ragdoll cats live? There’s so much to learn about this fascinating cat breed’s history and characteristics.

Considered to be among the most gentle cat breeds, rag dolls are very affectionate towards their family members.

Since these are long haired cats and they are pretty large, they make wonderful pets. Of course, there’s their docile nature which makes them adorable and awesome to have as a pet.

Ragdolls happen to be among the most considerate cats that you can own. If you have a busy schedule, they wouldn’t be making such as fuss because they are quite the independent cats.

ragdoll cat life span

Although they have long coat, the fur is not too dense and the undercoat isn’t too thick so they are not prone to shedding

Another great thing about these cats is that they can take over grooming duties on their own.

They are not prone to hairballs and they don’t have many problems with matting, these felines are perfectly capable all on their own.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can neglect them. These animals still need your love and affection!

Ragdoll Breeders Claims That the Breed Is a Human-Alien Hybrid

The breeder behind this wonderful breed is Anne Baker.

ann baker

During the 60’s in her home in Riverside, California, Baker crossed Josephine, a cat who seemed to have come from a Persian Angora breed with cats that appear to have Burmese and Birman bloodlines.

The result was the amiable Ragdoll cat.

Baker was keen on letting other cat lovers know about the new breed and news got out fairly quickly.


She received royalties for every kitten she sold although there has been much controversy during that time.

However, over time Anne Baker made ridiculous claims about the new breed of cats. She marketed them as the link between humans and space aliens stating that they had human genes and that the cats were immune to pain.

ragdoll cat life expectancy

Other breeders broke off from her because of this and they started to breed ragdolls as faithful human companions not as what Baker advertised.

To stake her claim, Baker obtained a patent for the “Ragdoll” in 1975 and claimed that other cats are all fakes.

The valid was valid until 2005. Despite the controversies involving how she produced the felines, Baker remains to be remembered as the woman behind this fine breed.

How the Ragdolls Represent This Breed’s Personality

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For most of us, the ragdoll refers to those playthings kids are fond of. However, it is certainly the perfect name for cats under this breed because of their nature. Unlike other cats, ragdolls adore being held by almost anyone.

These felines are known to collapse on the lap of anyone who happens to be around them; in short they go limp when you touch them.

They are the type of felines who would retrieve what you throw at them and stay close to you while you are in the house.

If they see the chance to sit on your lap or cuddle, they would take it without questions asked.

Ragdoll may not be the most active cats but they can learn new tricks quite quickly. You wouldn’t have problems on telling them to stay on the sofa or the bed since these cats are not too fond of heights.

They also have a sweet voice and they aren’t too vocal even if they are trying to remind you that it’s meal time.

These cats are dog-friendly, so you can have both animals at home. Plus, rag dolls do not mind playing dress up too which makes these animals great to have at home.

Average Life Span of Rag Dolls

Average Life Span of Rag Dolls

If you launch a Google search for the lifespan of ragdolls, you would see that the answers can be a bit different.

On average, however, they tend to live from 12 to 15 years old. This is just the average life span for these adorable felines.

There are some cat owners who have pets that died at 19 years old which is pretty much old for cats under this breed.

It should be noted that the life of your cat would also depend on how you take care of it during its stay with you.

Ragdolls, in particular, are prone to a certain type of heart disease known as Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

About 30 percent of this breed develop the said condition and lead to heart failure. Since this is genetic, the best thing to do is avoid breeding cats with this condition.

Ragdolls as the Perfect Human Companions

how long do ragdoll cats lives

With the huge contradictions between the size and the nature of this cat, it is certainly among the most intriguing breeds in the today.

There’s so much to love about these cats that many pet owners are asking, “how long do ragdoll cats live?”

For those who are considering an indoor cat who would be with them, ragdolls would be a perfect choice. Have you ever owned a ragdoll cat?

We would love to know how long your kitty lived and about all those cute stories about it.

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A Ragdoll Kitten Care Guide:
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