How Long Are Cat Pregnancies

How Long Are Cat Pregnancies? What You Need To Know About Baby Cat


ne of the hallmarks of a cat’s life is pregnancy. In the same way that we take extra care of ourselves when we are expecting a child, we also want the best for our cats when they are pregnant.

Every cat owner is aware how important it is to take care of their felines during this crucial period. Whether your queen is in heat or you already have little kittens on the way, you can refer to this guide.

But the biggest question for those who are expecting kittens for the first time is this – how long are cat pregnancies ?

We will cover all of the vital points in your cat’s pregnancy and how long it will take before small and mischievous kittens are all over your home.

Is My Queen Pregnant or Just Fat?

fat cat
pregnant cat

There are clues that could tell you if your feline is expecting a litter or if she is just overweight. Unless you spayed your cat, it is capable of getting pregnant as early as four months old.

When your cat is in heat, they could copulate as much as 20 times in just one day. This makes it highly likely for them to get pregnant.Among the early signs that your cat is pregnant cat is a bulging belly which appears 30 days after mating.

“Pinking up” or the enlargement and reddening or her nipples may also be seen from two to three weeks after conceiving.Although it is a rare occurrence, there are also cats that get nauseous during pregnancy.

Just like in humans, cats undergo hormonal changes and this leads to “morning sickness” accompanied by vomiting and loss of appetite. This often disappears in a few weeks although you can take your cat to the vet if you are concerned about her wellbeing.

Aside from seeing these symptoms in your cat, you could visit your vet to confirm if your queen is going to be a mother cat soon. Your vet can give you some idea on how many kittens your cat is having.

How Should You Take Care of Your Cat’s Needs During Pregnancy?

Take Care of Your Cat’s Needs During Pregnancy

When your cat is pregnant, you want to make sure that you are taking good care of her and her kittens.During your cat’s pregnancy, you need to make certain adjustments. Among these includes not picking up your feline four weeks into her pregnancy.

Doing so might cause pain to her kittens. In the sixth week of your cat’s pregnancy, she might eat more than she usually does. There’s no cause for alarm if your cat gains a quarter of her original weight as this is perfectly normal.

Cats often consume one and a half times more food than they usually do during this period. Given their need for sustenance, it is also recommended that you add food that is specifically formulated for expecting cats.

At this stage, you could also feel the movement of the kittens inside her stomach and count how many there are. Cats often give birth to two to five kittens.

Another important thing to remember is that you should consult your vet if it is safe for your cat to take a vaccine during this period.

How Long Do Cats Stay Pregnant?

How Long Are Cat Pregnancies

Cats often stay pregnant from 62 to 67 days which is approximately nine to ten weeks. There’s no cause for concern if your cat is about to give birth soon as problems with delivering kittens are rare.

In fact, with the exception of the Persian cat, almost 99 percent of all cat species give birth successfully unassisted.

How Will You Know If Your Queen is Giving Birth Soon?

By the ninth week of your cat’s pregnancy, you will notice a reddish discharge from your cat’s vulva. This indicates that your cat is preparing for delivery.

At this time, she will be starting to look for a nest or a place to give birth in.When your cat is in this mood, it’s recommended that you visit vet for a final prenatal checkup.

Another sign that your cat is about to deliver her kittens is when she stops eating. This often happens a day before the delivery. Aside from those two, you should also check her temperature.

cat stop eating

When a cat is about to deliver her kittens, her body temperature drops below 100 degrees Fahrenheit.It would be useful to get a thermometer for your cat for this purpose.

One good choice is the Advanced Pet Ear Thermometer but you can always buy a thermometer from a local store if it is more convenient.When your cat enters the tenth week of pregnancy, you can expect the kittens to be born anytime.

Siamese cats, in particular, often give birth a few days into their tenth week. If after ten weeks your cat has not given birth yet, it’s time to take her to your vet for advice.

thermometer for cat

Final Thoughts

Taking care of a pregnant cat for the first time can seem overwhelming but it’s totally worth seeing those cute kittens afterwards.

Be sure to provide your dear feline with enough nutrition and monitor her condition each week. This is also the perfect time to invest in a pet thermometer so you will have idea if she’s about to give birth.

We understand that you may be worried about your queen but giving birth is a normal part of a cat’s life life. The best thing to do is to be there for her when the time comes.

If there are any warning signs that could indicate a complication during delivery, consulting the vet would be a wise move.This is just a quick guide on your cat’s pregnancy.

If you have any more questions or you need help with your cat’s pregnancy, just drop us a line in the comment section below.

Taking care of a pregnant cat

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