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7 Unusual Cats That Don’t Shed


fter years of memes and videos, you’ve finally reached the point in your life where, like me, you can’t live without a cat of your very own. However, we run into a problem immediately because you need the cats that don’t shed on everything you love.

Maybe you don't have a lot of time to devote to grooming a long-haired cat, as much as you love their regal manes. Or maybe you don't care to vacuum up a cat's worth of fur every week, like I do. Whatever your reasoning, you're in luck, because I've put together a list of low-maintenance kitties who would love living with you.

1. Siamese, If You Please :

Cats That Don’t Shed Siamese

Yes, your fairy tale dreams are coming true! If you saw Lady and the Tramp and thought, enough with the dogs—get back to those cats, then the Siamese may be the kitty for you.

They are not hypoallergenic, but they do have short, sleek coats that shed only about twice a year. They are also among the most vocal cats , so if you can't stand constant “mrow”ing, then we'd better move on.

But if that's not a deal breaker, you'll be pleased to know that they're smart, friendly, and stereotypically curious about anything you're doing.

2. Sphynx, the Obvious Answer :

Cats That Don't Shed Sphynx

If you are dead-set to the point of tears that you don't ever want to brush a cat's fur, wipe your eyes and look at the Sphynx. The most famous hairless cat, it feels like cozy suede and is too a cat, Joey Tribbiani.

The hairlessness is a genetic mutation that occurred much the same way blue eyes developed in human animals—one ancestor was born with the mutation and now a lot of descendants have it. Without fur, however, they can get oily and will require baths, which will go a lot easier if you start bathing your baby when it is a baby.

3. Cornish Rex, a Curly Cue :

Cats That Don't Shed Cornish Rex

If you like the idea of an unusual-looking mouser, but you're unnerved like Joey by the hairless breeds, consider a Cornish Rex. They're shaped kind of like the whippet dog breed, but that's not the only interesting characteristic. There is also their hair, which is short and curly. They have marcel waves, like the fancy ladies of the 1920s, or like little lambs.

This breed is the perfect choice for someone who wants a more active pet, as they stay as active as kittens into adulthood. They like to play games more associated with dogs, like fetch, and like dogs, they need some room to run around.

4. Bengal, the Easy Tiger :

Cats That Don't Shed Bengal

Another cat breed with an unusual look is the Bengal, with its leopard-like spots. Those spots are the display on a coat that's short and thick, with minimal grooming requirements. You'll need to comb it weekly, but that's all. Combing will distribute its skin's oils, so there's no need for regular baths.

Like the Cornish Rex, the Bengal is active and will play dog games, including with actual dogs. They may shy away from younger children, like toddlers, but love to play with older kids. And while you don't have to bathe them regularly, that doesn't mean they're adverse to water. In fact, you may have a time keeping them out of it.

5. Korat, the Ancient :

Cats That Don't Shed Korat

Yet another cat with a distinctive look, you may have never heard of the Korat, but that doesn't mean it's a kitty-come-lately. The earliest known reference to it is an illustration in a book that could be as old as the 14th century.

Traditionally, you couldn't even buy one; they were only given as gifts. Typically they come in a silver-blue color that appears to shimmer. How cool is that? In addition, while they may look small, they're surprisingly weighty.

They have extraordinary senses—no word on if they have ESP—and they love to cuddle and play. If you're looking to find your kitty soulmate, look no further.

6. Burmese, the Spark Plug :

Cats That Don't Shed Burmese

Like the Korat, the Burmese is a dense little kitty, often described as a “brick wrapped in silk.” It's also similar to its relative, the Siamese, in many aspects.

Like the Siamese, it has a short, silky coat that doesn't shed too often. They are also vocal like the Siamese. They are active and bossy and if they're female, they're happy to rule your household as their queendom.

Male Burmese tend to be more relaxed, but both genders will want to be involved in what you're doing. If you have a Burmese, you're a team now, and you're the sidekick.

7. LaPerm, the Dandy :

Cats That Don’t Shed LaPerm

If you can devote a little more time to grooming, the LaPerm might be the breed for you. They have curly hair like the Cornish Rex, but it's longer and should be brushed at least once a week, which keeps tangles at bay and helps prevent shedding.

LaPerms are clever little mischief-makers, so you might want to take extra care to keep them occupied.They aren't as vocal as some breeds and while you will need to brush them, they're low-maintenance personality-wise. They are affectionate and like to be around their people, but are not as clingy as some breeds.


Did you enjoy learning about some breeds that may have been unfamiliar to you? Did this help you narrow down your kitty choices? I hope so. While I have been happy for teen years with a tuxedo cat who sheds so much sometimes that I could make another cat out of his discarded fur, I understand that a regulation furball isn't the best option for everyone.

Cats that do not shed

That is why I made this list. Whatever choice you make, I hope that you will look for your future companion at a shelter or a reputable breeder. There is a cat out there just waiting for you to find it. I hope I've given you the information you need to make a more informed choice, but if you still have questions or comments, we would love to hear them. If you enjoyed this article or know someone it could help, please share it.

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