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How Much Does it Cost to Declaw a Ca

How Much Does it Cost to Declaw a Cat? – Different Factors and the Final Price

​Our readers like you have asked us how much does it cost to declaw a cat, so we’re here to give you the best answer we possibly can. While it’s not easy to determine an overall cost, we can give you a general idea. How Much Does it Cost to Declaw a Cat? How Much […]

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Is Peppermint Safe for Cats (1)

Is Peppermint Safe for Cats – The Whole Truth

A lot of our readers have asked us is peppermint safe for cats to eat and be around in general. With this in mind, we’ve done our research to ensure that a clear, thorough answer can be found to this question, so let’s get right into it. Is Peppermint Safe for Cats Is Peppermint Safe […]

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put weight on cat

How to Put Weight On a Cat – Top Tips

Asking yourself “how to put weight on a cat” can be a tricky situation. For example, is your cat sickly skinny, or just underweight and needing a weight gain before it becomes a problem? This is an important question, so we’re going to answer it for you. How to Put Weight On a Cat How […]

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cat autism

Can Cats Have Autism? 10 Signs Interesting Similarities

Can cats actually have autism? It’s proverbial question among millions of feline owners around the world. Although opinion on the subject is still heavily debated up to now, experts nevertheless believe that it could totally be a possibility. Can Cats Have Autism? Can Cats Have Autism?Interesting Similarities Between Autism and CatsVocal Cats and AutismCats and […]

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Are Salt Lamps Bad for Cats?

Are Salt Lamps Bad for Cats? We Aim to Find out!

Salt lamps are both relaxing and beneficial for humans to have in their homes, but are salt lamps bad for cats, and do they put their lives in jeopardy? There are so many questions surrounding the topic of cats being around salt lamps, and we aim to answer all of them for you. Are Salt […]

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How to Fatten Up A Cat

How To Fatten Up A Cat: The Best Method

Knowing how to fatten up a cat the safe way is crucial to their health if they are currently experiencing issues with it. For example, if you’ve rescued a cat, but she won’t eat properly, knowing how to fatten her up a different way is going to save her life. Ask yourself this question, “couldn’t […]

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How To Clean A Cat Wound

How To Clean A Cat Wound – The Easiest Way

Cats can be unpredictable. They can be too playful that one day, you’ll be surprised to come home to a humongous skin wound. You can only wonder where that wound came from. Is it from a cat fight? Or maybe your fur ball scratch itself running along wires and such? As pet parents, we could […]

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how to take care of a kitten

How To Take Care Of A Kitten: Simple Steps To Love Baby Cats

Anyone who owns a cat learns how to take care of a kitten. If you have no experience in this department, this may be the best time to learn. Kittens are different from adult cats. This also means that their needs are not the same as your older felines. You need to address the needs […]

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How To Tell If Your Cat Is Happy

Do you have trouble understanding your cat’s kneading claws against your legs or his constant trips to the tree outside just to get your attention? Well, these are common problems cat owners face every day. But the fact is that cats do these gestures to get your attention and because of affection. Cats are misunderstood […]

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