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how to take care of a kitten

How To Take Care Of A Kitten: Simple Steps To Love Baby Cats

Anyone who owns a cat learns how to take care of a kitten. If you have no experience in this department, this may be the best time to learn. Kittens are different from adult cats. This also means that their needs are not the same as your older felines. You need to address the needs […]

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How To Tell If A Cat Has A Fever

How To Tell If A Cat Has A Fever And Is Terribly Sick

Is your kitty’s behavior unusual? Just like us humans, cats can get sick. However, copping a feel by putting your hands on their forehead will not suffice. Unlike you and me, our kitties seem to be more complicated. If you are unsure of the best way to determine if your cat is sick, here’s a […]

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How Do Cats Get Tapeworms

How Do Cats Get Tapeworms: 3 Absolutely Yucky Facts!

If you notice a difference in your kitty’s behavior especially in diet and energy levels coupled with diarrhea and vomiting, tapeworms may be to blame. These buggers are common in cats. Any cat owner should take care of these tapeworms immediately as they are a threat not just to cats but also to humans.You kitty’s […]

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How many teeth does a cat have 01

How Many Teeth does a Cat Have ? Why You Need to Know the Answer

Teeth, especially cat’s teeth, have always made be curious. How many teeth does a cat have ? Is the number the same for humans and cats? Are the teeth my cats have sharper than mine? Are they milk teeth or are they permanent? These are just some of the questions about teeth that made me […]

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How to Tell if Your Cat Has Worms

How to Tell if Your Cat Has Worms: 7 Simple Symptoms to Look Out For

Worms as a common problem in cats and this is true even if your kitties don’t venture out. The only good thing about these worms is that they are easy to detect. You can tell if your cat is host to these parasites by observing your kitty’s behavior. As we all know, worms are never […]

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How To Tell If Your Cat Is Happy

Do you have trouble understanding your cat’s kneading claws against your legs or his constant trips to the tree outside just to get your attention? Well, these are common problems cat owners face every day. But the fact is that cats do these gestures to get your attention and because of affection. Cats are misunderstood […]

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What Are Cats Allergies To

7 Shocking Things What Are Cats Allergies To

We all know that rats are allergic to cats, especially when they become your kitties’ meal! However, just like us, our feline friends can also have allergies. So, what are cats allergic to? Allergies invade your cat’s immune system because it becomes sensitive to certain substances or chemicals in our surroundings, which are known as […]

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Can Cats Take Benadryl zzz

Cat Allergies : Can Cats Take Benadryl ?

Does kitty have an allergy? Getting sick is a part of life not only for humans but for pets too. You might be worrying a lot about it. No matter how much we tend to take care of our pets, we cannot keep them from getting sick and even allergies. When this unexpected time comes, […]

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How To Get Rid Worms in Cats abc

How to Get Rid of Worms in Cats in 4 Easy Steps

Cats naturally like roaming around, interacting with other cats, and preying on rodents, making them prone to getting intestinal parasites. While most infected cats do not show signs of having worms, severe worm infestation can cause weight loss, diarrhea, vomiting, and at times even stunted growth. But aside from the dangers posed by intestinal worms […]

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