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Can Cats Have Cheese

Can Cats Have Cheese ? Alarming Facts You Need To Know Right Now

For some reason, cat owners seem to feed everything they see in the fridge to their kitties. Since I am guilty of the same thing, I wouldn’t be quick to judge others who find it adorable when their kitties eat their food. Based on what we see on television, rats are the ones who love […]

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Can Cats Have Peanut Butter

Can Cats Have Peanut Butter ? It’s Weird! Your Cats Absolutely Love It!

So, you are staying at home looking for something to eat when you see peanut butter in the fridge. Well, peanut butter sandwiches are not that bad, right? While holding a spoonful of peanut butter, your kitty struts to where you are and looks up at you with its cutest expression. Then, you had a […]

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Can Cats Have Chocolate

Can Cats Have Chocolate: 3 Weird Facts You Just Need To Know

It may seem as if your kitty can eat anything. But your fur ball does not have a stomach made of steel. There are some food items that they should not eat. If your cats consume prohibited food items, there would be consequences. Your cats might feel ill too. Among the biggest questions cat owners […]

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What Does Kittens Eat

What Does Kittens Eat: 3 Complete Nutrition Foods You Need to Know About

Are you a first time kitten pet owner? If someone just gave you a cute fur ball or you bought one of these cuties for yourself, you might be feeling curious what to feed your cat.   Of course, you might have some idea what to feed your kittens after asking from the person who […]

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Can Cats Eat Corn? Expert Advice on the Controversial Maize

Cats are just like small kids, they eat everything! At least most of these fur balls do. Have you ever walked in on your cat and you had to reprimand it because it was eating something dangerous? Every responsible pet owner knows that cats are not like humans –kitties cannot tolerate the same food that […]

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Low Protein Cat Food

Low Protein Cat Foods – 5 Absolutely Awesome and Frustration Free Picks for Poor Felines

Every cat owner knows when there is something wrong with their babies. If you are hands on when it comes to your kitty’s health, you probably know that renal failure is the leading cause of death for cats. This condition is fairly common in adult cats. The primary means of treatment involves a change of […]

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