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How Old Is A Cat In Human Years

How Old Is A Cat In Human Years?

How old is a cat in human years? Unless you get to see your pet since birth, then, you can tell how old your feline friend is and can estimate it to your age. However, although science has advanced everything in our tech age, admittedly, no research exists that helps figure out the exact relationship […]

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When Do Cats Go In Heat

When Do Cats Go In Heat? 5 Important Things To Know

When do cats go in heat? If you are a cat owner, then you must be ready for the hormonal turmoil that your kitty is about to experience. It is one of the times that you would prefer never to come. It is the time in the cat’s life when she is not only fertile […]

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How Often Should A Cat Poop

The No.1 Fact You Need to Know: How Often Should A Cat Poop?

Just like humans do, pets need to “dispose of their waste” regularly too. A regular bowel movement means a healthy body. As a pet parent, you should be the one monitoring this on your little fur babies. A cat, for instance, can be very adventurous and go to far off places without your knowledge. So, […]

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do cats shed whiskers

The Revealing Truth: Do Cats Shed Whiskers?

Let’s talk about cats. If you currently have one, you would understand that taking care of these little fur balls could be difficult sometimes. They love pets, but they could also be stubborn and hard to deal with. However, if you’ve come to love pet parenting, you would feel that it’s rewarding to take care […]

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why do cats trill

Why Do Cats Trill? You’ll Be Surprised!

Cats could be very tricky to understand, and this is common knowledge. Especially if you are a pet parent, you would understand how difficult it could get to interpret a cat’s behavior. They could be mysterious and yet funny at the same time. They have movements that are awkward and yet revealing of their nature. […]

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Why Does My Cat Bite Me For No Reason

Why Does My Cat Bite Me For No Reason and How To Handle It?

There you are, relaxing or doing something important, then, out of nowhere, your cat bites you. Then you wonder, “Why does my cat bite me for no reason?” Most of the time it comes without warning; one minute, your cat is sweet and playful, then all of a sudden, it’s a vampire or something. A […]

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What To Do When Your Cat Is In Heat

How To Prevent Cat Pregnancy (What To Do When Your Cat Is In Heat)

A cat’s heat cycle, also known as the feline estrus cycle or reproductive cycle, is a cycle when a cat is sexually receptive and fertile. As a cat owner, you are probably wondering what to do when your cat is in heat. To help you understand a cat’s heat cycle, we will talk about the […]

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When Does A Kitten Become A Cat

When Does A Kitten Become A Cat? Treasure the Exciting Years

All creatures grow up. Even your little kitty. But that doesn’t mean you’ll love your pet less when the furball grows up. In fact, your bond will only go stronger. A kitten’s first year with you is undeniably critical. There you get to care for your pet to be physically fit, to see its distinctive […]

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When Is Kitten Season

When Is Kitten Season and How To Help Manage It

Everybody likes to look and pet a newly born furball since they all look cute. Little do people realize the dangers behind those huge eyes. Have you even wondered how those kittens got here? They are the “by-products” of kitten season. Kittens during this time of the year loiter at the sidewalks on their own. […]

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Why Are Cats Tongues Rough

Why Are Cats’ Tongues Rough? Know the Reasons Why

You will be missing one-third of your life if your cat hasn’t licked you yet. It’s the kitty’s way of showing you its affections. As an owner, who wouldn’t want that? But before thinking of returning the love, the first thing that you will notice is how rough your kitty’s tongue is For a soft, […]

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