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What To Do When Your Cat Is In Heat

How To Prevent Cat Pregnancy (What To Do When Your Cat Is In Heat)

A cat’s heat cycle, also known as the feline estrus cycle or reproductive cycle, is a cycle when a cat is sexually receptive and fertile. As a cat owner, you are probably wondering what to do when your cat is in heat. To help you understand a cat’s heat cycle, we will talk about the […]

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When Does A Kitten Become A Cat

When Does A Kitten Become A Cat? Treasure the Exciting Years

All creatures grow up. Even your little kitty. But that doesn’t mean you’ll love your pet less when the furball grows up. In fact, your bond will only go stronger. A kitten’s first year with you is undeniably critical. There you get to care for your pet to be physically fit, to see its distinctive […]

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When Is Kitten Season

When Is Kitten Season and How To Help Manage It

Everybody likes to look and pet a newly born furball since they all look cute. Little do people realize the dangers behind those huge eyes. Have you even wondered how those kittens got here? They are the “by-products” of kitten season. Kittens during this time of the year loiter at the sidewalks on their own. […]

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Why Are Cats Tongues Rough

Why Are Cats’ Tongues Rough? Know the Reasons Why

You will be missing one-third of your life if your cat hasn’t licked you yet. It’s the kitty’s way of showing you its affections. As an owner, who wouldn’t want that? But before thinking of returning the love, the first thing that you will notice is how rough your kitty’s tongue is For a soft, […]

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What Is The Average Life Span Of A Cat

What Is The Average Life Span Of A Cat?

Do you have cats at home? You may be wondering how old they can possibly get before they leave this world. While cats don’t live as long as their humans, it seems as if they could stay for a lifetime. Why do we want to know what is the average life span of a cat? […]

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how to get cats to get along

How To Get Cats To Get Along: 3 Ways To Solve Your Worries

Cats may not get along for a wide array of reasons although the culprit is often a cat’s bad experience or their lack of social graces. There are also instances where cats have a personality clash with other felines. Cats may not have a reputation for being territorial but they sure are.If you feel that […]

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do cats need baths

Do Cats Need Baths ? 3 Weird Facts about Cat Baths That Will Surprise You

Among all the cat topics that we can cover, baths don’t come to mind much often. So, do cats need baths ? Here’s a quick explanation for that. While cats can go without baths, they need to do some cleaning up because it’s the most hygienic thing to do! Of course, as their human companions, it […]

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How Do Cats Mate ? 3 Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

How Do Cats Mate ? 3 Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Mating is a natural process and if you have cats, you should be highly familiar with it. Just like other mammals, there’s a mating season for cats. Anyone who owns a feline hates this season since cats tend to be out of control when they are in heat. If you don’t have a clue on […]

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How To Potty Train a Cat

How To Potty Train a Cat: Kitty Needs These 4 Effective But Simple Steps

When you own a kitty, learning how to potty train a cat is among the essential duties that you would have to tackle. This is necessary because it makes your life easier and makes it more convenient to keep kitty inside the house. Can you even imagine the stress brought about by having to step […]

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How Long Are Cat Pregnancies

How Long Are Cat Pregnancies? What You Need To Know About Baby Cat

One of the hallmarks of a cat’s life is pregnancy. In the same way that we take extra care of ourselves when we are expecting a child, we also want the best for our cats when they are pregnant. Every cat owner is aware how important it is to take care of their felines during […]

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