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cat pooping

How Long Can a Cat Go Without Pooping? The Interesting Truth!

If you’re asking yourself, “how long can a cat go without pooping”, for whatever reason, the answer could be life-saving to your cat’s life. Whether your cat is constipated or has a more serious underlying issue, you need to know. How Long Can a Cat Go Without Pooping How Long Can a Cat Go Without […]

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do cat have belly button

Do Cats Have Belly Buttons? The Odd Question

A lot of people will tell you that cats do not have them, but do cats have belly buttons? What if we can’t see them, does that mean they aren’t actually there? We aim to answer all of these important questions that readers just like yourself have asked. After all, knowing whether or not cats […]

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How to Keep Cats out of House Plants

As you may well know, cats actually do like greens, with regular grass and catnip among their favorite “snacks.” Besides eating plants, they also like to hide in them, and if you have big and bushy plants in your house, you might see your cat stalking behind one or just using either the pot or […]

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Do Cats Have Periods?

Do Cats Have Periods? The Surprising Truth

  If you currently have a female kitten and are asking yourself, “do cats have periods”, you’re definitely in the right place. A lot of people don’t know what to expect, or the answer to this question in general, so we’ve taken the time to answer it.   We will be answering the big question […]

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Do Male Cats Have Nipples

Do Male Cats Have Nipples: The Mystery Behind Them

A lot of people have asked me, “do male cats have nipples?”, which is actually a very good question. If male cats do, indeed, have nipples, then what are their purpose, and why would they have nipples like a female cat does when males do not produce milk for their kittens?Since people have continuously asked me […]

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When Do Cats Stop Growing

When Do Cats Stop Growing and When Are Cats Fully Grown?

Humans, on average, tend to stop growing between the ages of 18 to 24-years-old, but when do cats stop growing? When are cats considered fully grown and become an adult cat? There are many questions that surround this topic, which we aim to answer for you. Knowing the answer to “when do cats stop growing […]

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Why Do My Cat’s Eyes Water

Why Do My Cat’s Eyes Water? Worry No More!

If you are a cat enthusiast or parent, you have probably noticed once what I have seen just recently. There are instances when cat’s eyes become runny or watery. Have you observed this? If you have, then you probably have guessed that your cat may be in a bit of an emotional state. Most people […]

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How Big Will My Cat Get

How Big Will My Cat Get? Wonder No More!

Purchasing needs careful consideration. You do not push through with it just because you think it’s cute to have cats running around your home. You would want to consider factors like the cat’s gender, appearance, and size. Choosing a gender is quite an easy decision to make. If you are willing to take care of […]

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how to get mats out of cat fur

How To Get Mats Out Of Cat Fur? Be Tangle Free!

As cat parents, all we ever want for our furballs is a combination of health and hygiene. We have to admit—there are times when we feel ashamed when they smell and look differently. And so usually, we resort to paying tons of money for grooming salon services. What will you do if you come home […]

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Are Cats Color Blind

Are Cats Color Blind? 5 Important Things To Know About Your Cat

Are cats color blind? The myth that cats are completely colorblind continues to be around for quite some time, regardless of the fact it’s been proven untrue for almost fifty Ñyears. Before this time, nonetheless, many believed that cats could just see in white and black. This myth even appeared to be backed up by […]

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