Why Does My Cat Stare At Me? Top 5 Reasons Why

Why Does My Cat Stare At Me?If you’re asking yourself  “why does my cat stare at me”, you’re definitely not alone! Cats are very curious little creatures, but there are a number of reasons as to why they may be staring at their humans.

We’ve discovered the top 5 reasons why cats stare at their people.

They’re Checking Up On You

Our cats tend to stare at us as a general interest and to check up on us to see how we’re doing. Have you ever had your cat come into a room, look at you for a couple of seconds and then leave? This is a prime instance of your cat coming to see what you’re up to and then getting on with their day.

If you see your cat doing this, take it as a compliment and reward them with a nice word, a treat or even some cuddles. Your kitty will learn that by coming to check up on you periodically they will get rewarded for being such a good cat.

Sometimes when their humans need some comfort the most, such as stressful and sad times, they’ll check up on them a lot more and offer some compassion. Remember to think about how you’re feeling and the current mood you’re in, too!

They’re Bored

The phrase “curiosity killed the cat” comes from the fact that cats are very nosy. With this in mind, your cat could be staring you down to see how you react. Will you ignore them, or will you offer some form of entertainment? The choice is totally yours.

This is very common in cats who are prone to watching their human’s mood to figure out whether or not it’s a good idea to try and get you to play. Even if you don’t get some fun interaction going, they could also just be watching what you’re doing because in their minds you are the most entertaining thing around.

They’re Waiting For Dinner Time

Cats are no doubt masters of reminding their humans that they’re hungry. With this in mind, instead of asking yourself “why is my cat staring at me”, ask yourself “what time is it?”.

My Cat Stare At Me

Once your cat is on a set feeding schedule and knows when they are to be fed, you will never get away from them once they know what time it is.

Your cat could be staring at you because they’re waiting for you to prepare their breakfast or dinner, so keep an eye on the time the next time you catch your cat staring at you out of the blue.

They’re On A Predatory Drive

Cats are predators by nature, that much is simple and widely known. If your cat has been staring at you for long periods of time, or even following you around your home while still staring at you, look at their body language.

Are they lower to the ground, ears back a bit, with a twitching tail? If so, you’ve got a cat that’s currently on the hunt.

Take care, however, because this does not necessarily mean your cat is going to attack you. When your cat is on a predatory drive it means that they are hunting or stalking, but it doesn’t mean they’ll hurt you.

They may just have tapped into their natural instincts and are slinking around the house after you as somewhat of a game. If you see your cat doing this, offer them a toy to play with.

You will more than likely notice this behavior especially when they see a bird or a small animal outside of a window, or even a bug inside your home.

They’re Not Feeling Well

Because cats cannot speak, they have to resort to other ways to let their humans know that they are not feeling well.

Do not panic, these cases are very rare when it comes to staring, but it must be included. If your cat has a history of problems with certain organs, this could be the reason why they are staring at you.

Cats will often stare if they are experiencing kidney failure, untreated hyperthyroidism, and heart disease. These illnesses cause a cat’s retina to dilate and cause them to appear as if they are staring.

Therefore, if you have noticed that your cat’s eyes are dilated nonstop, call your vet immediately and make an appointment.

….and maybe the reason your cat is really staring at you is as simple as….




Remember – although cats want to act all cool and stuff, they ultimately love their humans – they just hate showing it. So maybe – just maybe, they really just love you more than catnip – and this is the only way they want to show it!

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