Can Cats Have Cheese

Can Cats Have Cheese ? Alarming Facts You Need To Know Right Now


or some reason, cat owners seem to feed everything they see in the fridge to their kitties. Since I am guilty of the same thing, I wouldn’t be quick to judge others who find it adorable when their kitties eat their food.

Based on what we see on television, rats are the ones who love cheese. However, when there's a kitty right beside you and you are munching on a piece of cheese, you might be curious if your feline will eat it. So, the biggest mystery right now is can cats have cheese ?

We will answer that question in the next sections.

If You Were a Cat,
Will Cheese Taste Delicious to You ?

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Although I spend a lot of time with my kitties, knowing how their taste buds work is beyond me. Just like people some of my furry friends like cheese, some won't give it a backward glance. In general, cats like cheese and you can feed them this dairy product.

Even if your cat likes cheese, try your best not to indulge kitty. This true even if your cats love nibbling on it. Keep in mind that you are doing this to make sure that your kitty will remain healthy.

We all know how cats can be charming. No matter how cute they are when they want to have cheese, be strict with their diet when it comes to cheese and other dairy products.

Is cheese Safe for Cats ?

If you are worried about your cat getting poisoned by cheese, rest assured that this product will not be toxic to your dear pet. However, it's hard to say that it is safe. Here's why.

Cats cannot consume milk or any product made from it without the risk of having diarrhea. Ironically, milk is the only food kittens can consume. The reason behind it is that cats lose the enzymes that could break down milk as they grow into adulthood.

In fact, most of the adult cats are lactose intolerant. But don't let this deter you from feeding your cat. You can let your cats eat some cheese in small amounts.

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Cheese is full of protein. So, it seems to be good for kitties. But it is also made from milk which cats cannot tolerate.

Should you decide to experiment with your kitty's diet, you should feed it small portions at first. By doing this, you'll know if your kitty can tolerate it or not.

Can cat have cheese

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It's ideal to stick to certain brands of cheese contains different ingredients depending on the manufacturer. If you pick something creamier, it could mess up with kitty's digestion.

There are also some cheese products that are safer for your cats compared to others. For one, you can try giving kitty some grated cheese. You can also give it some cottage cheese.

As much as possible, avoid giving your cat brie and camembert cheese which are creamier cheese varieties made from cow's milk.

Aside from diarrhea, kitty may also start vomiting if it consumes too much cheese.

Why Feeding Cheese
as a Treat is Good for Your Cat ?

While we acknowledge that there are certain perils in feeding dairy products to your cat, there are also benefits that you can get from it. For one, you can use cheese as a treat for kitties.

Introducing cheese to cats can also be useful when you have to encourage your kitties to drink their medicine. The taste of cheese is effective in masking the taste of medicines. There are also cat owners who ground the medicine for their cats and add it to cheese.

By allowing cats to get used to the taste of cheese, they would look at it as a treat. Feeding them with cheese could make them think of it as a treat. So, if you try to feed it to them for any other reason, they will not suspect that something is afoot.

However, if your cat's tummy is already in turmoil or when kitty is suffering from vomiting bouts, try not to use cheese to feed them medicine. This may cause the condition to worsen especially if your kitty is lactose intolerant.

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Final Thoughts

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If you are just like me who likes browsing through cute videos of cats, you may have come across one or two that caught your attention. Seeing cats eat cheese was highly adorable.

It's such a relief that cheese is not bad for cats although it may not be the best protein source in their diet. Now, you know how to answer someone who asks you - can cats have cheese ?

Needless to say, always emphasize that you can only give it to cats that can tolerate that much lactose. Otherwise, you may end up with one sad expression and one sick kitty.

Did you learn something new from this article? Tell us about your experience with feeding your cat with cheese in the comments section located below. Don't forget to share this piece of information with your fellow cat lovers.

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