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Can Cats Have Autism? 10 Signs Interesting Similarities

Can cats actually have autism? It's proverbial question among millions of feline owners around the world. Although opinion on the subject is still heavily debated up to now, experts nevertheless believe that it could totally be a possibility.

Can Cats Have Autism?

can cat have autism
  • Nonetheless, research on the subject is still nonconclusive, so the answer to the question can either be a yes or a no. The purpose of this article is to compare human autistic behavior to that of cats.

Autism in humans is a pervasive developmental disorder. Those affected by the malady often have trouble with communicative comprehension. In the same manner, cats often display these manifestations, but it does not entirely mean that they have autism.

Feline behavioral specialists believe that these symptoms might only be part of a cat's trait and it's impossible to diagnose an autistic feline using the same analysis used in humans.

Interesting Similarities Between Autism and Cats

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For instance, cats have similar attributes to autistic persons. In one way or another, they display an extraordinary sensory input, a known vulnerability to overload, and strong visualization skills.

In the social fabric, cats also have organizational strengths similar to high functioning autistics that may or may not have a highly developed, yet non-verbal, communication ability. Both are also gifted with a high intellectual capacity.

As a matter of fact, autistic persons and cats have incredible problem-solving skills. In the social setting, felines are generally loving and empathetic to those they are closest too, similar to a person that is diagnosed with autism.

Both also have different needs and habits, they tend to lash out, make abrupt noises or go totally silent in a matter of minutes. Their focus on something that interests them are comparable, and their tenacity and dedication to a chosen matter are obstinate.

Vocal Cats and Autism

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Though these similarities may or may not have any connection, humans, and cats, in general, have different psyches. People that are diagnosed with spectrum disorder are often loud. Whether it may be speaking, grunting, humming, singing or through other forms of vocalization. By the same token they tend to exhibit these same as cats.

However vocal cats might just be vocal because they have inherited these traits from their parent's genetic composition. Some breeds, such as the Oriental Shorthair, for example, are just loud because of their natural habits.

Case in point, having a rambunctious cat does not mean that they're autistic. We cannot tell for sure unless there is solid evidence that cats can actually have autism. We will be observing this subject for any updates, as of now, it isn't conclusive to declare a cat autistic because they share similarities with autistic humans.

Cats and Autism

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Now that you know the answer to the important question, “can cats have autism?”, some interesting similarities between humans with autism and cats, and why your cat is vocal other than being autistic, what are your thoughts on the matter?

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