can cat eat olive oil

Can Cats Eat Olive Oil? Is Safe for Cats?


an cats eat olive oil, is it good for them, and what benefits could it have for a cat? There are a lot of questions surrounding cats eating olive oil, some you may have yourself, so we aim to answer each one.

Can Cats Eat Olive Oil?

cat eat oil
  • Yes, cats can have olive oil. However, it must be given in considerable moderation.You should only be giving your cat about a tablespoon of olive oil per day mixed inwith their food, whether it be homemade or processed, and no more than that.

A small dose of olive oil where human consumption is concerned is considered to bea large dose for cats, which is why you must be very careful. Certain health issues canarise from a cat having too much olive oil in a day, as well.

Which Type of Olive Oil is Best?

cat eat olive oil

Extra-virgin olive oil is the best type of olive oil for a cat. It only has one percentageof acidity, includes vitamin E, polyphenols, carotenoids, and chlorophyll, all of whichare great for cats to have.

Extra-virgin olive oil helps to strengthen the immune system of a cat and lessens therisk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease thanks to the monounsaturated fats thatcome with it. It also breaks down fat to help with weight loss, too!

Extra-virgin olive oil, overall, has the antioxidants and less-refined properties toensure that your cat bounces back as soon as possible. The vitamins and free-radical-fighting properties are also a big help, too.

Regular olive oil, however, has a higher profile where fat is concerned, which isanother reason why moderation is important. Too much olive oil, meaning giving it toyour cat on a basis that is long-term, can cause some serious weight gain and bring onan entirely new category of health issues.

Though extra-virgin olive oil is known as a super food for pets, the moderation rulestill strictly applies here. In fact, it applies to any type of olive oil, not just extra-virginand regular olive oil.

Health Concerns on Cats and Olive Oil Consumption

can cat eat oil

If a cat ingests too much olive oil at one time or in the span of a day they willexperience issues with diarrhea. Ergo, it’s extremely important to stick to themoderation rule and not give your cat any more than any are supposed to have.

Too much olive oil ingested by a cat has also been known to cause a deficiency oftheir vitamin A levels, which is why it’s important to know that olive oil should onlybe a quick fix on a short-term basis.

How to Relieve Feline Constipation With Olive Oil


If your cat is experiencing issues with constipation, olive oil may just be your cat’ssaving grace. Constipation is extremely critical when a cat is facing it. They typicallytend to refuse their food and water, and maybe even their favorite treats.

Coaxing them to eat and drink will surely fail, but there may be a natural remedy thatyou can use that you have in your own kitchen. No expensive vet bill for medicationrequired in this case!

Olive oil helps to improve digestion, works as a mild laxative, and even lubricates theintestines of cats. It even helps certain skill ailments, as well!

In small amounts, olive oil can help the acute treatment of constipation through aquarter of a teaspoon of olive oil each day. However, this is only for a treatment thatis on a short-term basis, as well.

No more than up to 2 tablespoons mixed in with their regular food should be given aday. Once their bowel movements have gone back to normal, or almost back tonormal, cut that amount of olive oil in half while still mixing it with their regularfood.

Other Benefits of Feeding a Cat Olive Oil

can cat eat oil

As previously stated, olive oil can help a cat’s constipation issue, aid in the health oftheir skin and coat and improve their digestive system, but olive oil does much morethan that.

For example, if your cat is having a major problem with hairballs and you have runout of options, reaching for the olive oil may just do the trick. Giving a cat olive oilfor hairballs helps their stomach and their digestive tract at the same time, so it’s awin-win for everyone.

Cats and Olive Oil ?

  • Now that you know the answer to “can cats eat olive oil”, you can make a better judgment yourself based on the facts, the negatives, and the positives, especially!However, remember that moderation is definitely key here.

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