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The Shocking Truth: Can Cats Drink Soy Milk?


aving cats as pets can be challenging at times. If you are a cat lover like I am, I’m pretty sure you would understand that these cuties are sometimes rough. I am specifically referring to their choice of food.

Some experts and pet owners would say that feeding a cat is a matter of training. Case in point: training it as a kitten to feed on cat food alone.

If this is the case, you can expect it to depend on cat food even when it gets older. On the other hand, if you start it with table food, then you would have to prepare table food every time.

But have you ever tried feeding your kittens with milk? This question is out of the picture for some cat owners as it could be costly. Some would even think that it is unnecessary for cats in general.

Well I, for one, think that treating my little fur balls with milk a few times could be excellent. Cow’s milk works well for me, and my cats lick and love it. But have you ever thought of offering other milk substitutes? What boggles my mind is this: Can cats drink soy milk?

Have you ever asked the same question? If yes, well you have certainly come to the right place. We will be laying out clear, detailed answers so as not to feed our beloved mistakenly.

Giving Cats Adult (Cow’s Milk)

giving cat soy milk

Thanks to, I have come to learn that cow’s milk can be harmful to cats. As scientifically discussed in the article, cats have an enzyme called lactase.

This enzyme is supposed to digest lactose ( a substance from milk). However, after the kittens wean from nursing, this digestive activity stops; thus the cat’s intolerance to dairy.

The Truth about Cats and Soya Milk

The Truth about Cats and Soya Milk

Before you experiment on soy milk for your cats, let us examine one thing first. Let us study how drinking milk affects the body system of the feline family in general.

According to Samantha Drake in her Pet 360 article, a cat could react negatively to dairy products like people do. Think lactose intolerance.

Humans who are unluckily lactose intolerant vomit or experience diarrhea when ingesting dairy. And surprisingly, cats do too in some cases.

A clinical nutritionist named Dr. Amy Farcas reveals that soy and its other forms could be harmful to cats too. Since soy milk is processed with sweeteners like cane sugar, cats are usually unable to digest it; thus the vomiting.

Now,’s article also gives a clear picture of how soy could be harmless. As you probably already know, soya alone does not contain lactose. So, the thought of soya milk being lactose-free is highly acceptable from pet parents.

However, soya still contains substances that a cat’s digestive system could still not process. These substances refer to the “sugar” I mentioned earlier. Specifically, these sugars are called stachyose and raffinose. These are the sweeteners that cats have the difficulty of digesting.

The problem is there are cats that have come to love milk and soy milk in particular. They love it and think about it as their pet parent’s treat. In my case, this holds true.

Since this has personally worked for me, I guess my cats are few of those who aren’t lactose intolerant. But still, I would not dare you to try it on yours.

On Cat’s Milk

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If you have learned all this just now, you would have realized that there is the safest—cat’s milk. Kittens feed on milk from their moms at birth like we do. That is healthy just as human breastfeeding is.

According to, kittens usually wean from their mother cats after 3-4 weeks. This is quite short if you compare it to human breastfeeding that has to last for at least 6 months. But for cats, the 3-4 weeks period is more than enough to give a kitten all the nutrition it needs.

The same article explains that when adults drink milk from a mother cat, they do not get nutrition anymore. This means that cat’s milk only works its wonders at birth until four weeks, and that’s it. It is quite amazing, right?


can cat drink soya milk

So is soy milk harmful to cats, young and old? Well, not necessarily. You can always try to see whether your cats could handle it. Because if they do, you will realize that they will grow loving it.

Cats can be very affectionate, and giving them these treats like milk will make you a greater pet parent. But then again there’s still a chance they might get sick, and you should be mindful of that.

In other words, it would be up to you. If you are a careful and meticulous owner, you better not risk it.

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