how to get mats out of cat fur

How To Get Mats Out Of Cat Fur? Be Tangle Free!

As cat parents, all we ever want for our furballs is a combination of health and hygiene. We have to admit—there are times when we feel ashamed when they smell and look differently. And so usually, we resort to paying tons of money for grooming salon services. What will you do if you come home […]

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Why Does My Cat Have Scabs

Why Does My Cat Have Scabs? Worry No More!

Any pet parent knows that the responsibility for a cat or a dog is not a piece of cake. It takes great courage and full commitment to get a pet and keep it alive. You do not only invest time and money but emotions as well. Because no matter how tedious it gets in the […]

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Best Cat Houses

Best Cat Houses: 4 Absolutely Warm, Perfect Homes For Cats

Cat houses are a necessary feature when you have felines that live indoors. While there are some cats that will not require a lot of indoor exercises, it is still important to make sure that your favorite feline will get some degree of physical stimulation. This will ensure that they are fit and healthy. Giving […]

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4 Best Covered Litter Box

4 Best Covered Litter Box : More Superior, Guaranteed Quality

Looking for the best covered litter box seems to be the perfect solution for pet owners who are afraid that their felines will not be comfortable in doing their business out in the open. While these boxes afford some degree of privacy to your lovely pets does not mean that you can just go with […]

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Are Cats Color Blind

Are Cats Color Blind? 5 Important Things To Know About Your Cat

Are cats color blind? The myth that cats are completely colorblind continues to be around for quite some time, regardless of the fact it’s been proven untrue for almost fifty Ñyears. Before this time, nonetheless, many believed that cats could just see in white and black. This myth even appeared to be backed up by […]

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How Old Is A Cat In Human Years

How Old Is A Cat In Human Years?

How old is a cat in human years? Unless you get to see your pet since birth, then, you can tell how old your feline friend is and can estimate it to your age. However, although science has advanced everything in our tech age, admittedly, no research exists that helps figure out the exact relationship […]

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5 Best Cat Litter Brand Reviews

5 Best Cat Litter Brand Reviews : How To Choose the Right One

Whether you are looking for a new cat litter brand or you are switching brands, these 5 best cat litter brand reviews can help. When you have a cat at home, investing in a litter box is a given but that’s not all. You also need to look for the cat litter that goes with […]

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When Do Cats Go In Heat

When Do Cats Go In Heat? 5 Important Things To Know

When do cats go in heat? If you are a cat owner, then you must be ready for the hormonal turmoil that your kitty is about to experience. It is one of the times that you would prefer never to come. It is the time in the cat’s life when she is not only fertile […]

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How Often Should A Cat Poop

The No.1 Fact You Need to Know: How Often Should A Cat Poop?

Just like humans do, pets need to “dispose of their waste” regularly too. A regular bowel movement means a healthy body. As a pet parent, you should be the one monitoring this on your little fur babies. A cat, for instance, can be very adventurous and go to far off places without your knowledge. So, […]

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do cats shed whiskers

The Revealing Truth: Do Cats Shed Whiskers?

Let’s talk about cats. If you currently have one, you would understand that taking care of these little fur balls could be difficult sometimes. They love pets, but they could also be stubborn and hard to deal with. However, if you’ve come to love pet parenting, you would feel that it’s rewarding to take care […]

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