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3 Best Over the Counter Cat Dewormer – You Need Right Now

We all know that worms and other parasites are a cause for concern when you have indoor pets. Cats, in general, are more prone to these types of infestations. Addressing them early on is very important as it may directly affect your cat's lifespan.

Felines are usually infected by three types of intestinal worms and they can cause severe complications that often lead to their demise. Out of the major intestinal parasites identified by vets, tapeworms, roundworms, and hookworms are most prevalent in cats.

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Complications Caused By Parasites

Major Factors That Affect a Cat’s Life Span

Felines that live outdoors are more prone to these parasites, and contact between your cat usually results in an impending infestation. As a result, your cat might become weak and lethargic, and would often show these symptoms:

  • Bloody stool
  • Vomiting
  • Weight loss
  • Coughing
  • Breathing problems
  • Big stomach and bloating

Keep in mind that the symptoms may or may not entirely show up depending on the severity of the worm infestation. Aside from these manifestations, your cat might also show signs of weakness and immobility. If that happens, consult your vet asap and ask for advice on what needs to be done with the feline.

In most cases, your vet will advise you to purchase a cat dewormer. There are many variations of this drug and the most usual ones are in tablet form. Like most animal pharmaceuticals, there are things that you need to consider before buying one.

Things To Consider In Choosing a Cat Dewormer

So, kitty has worms and you want to get rid of it right away. What do you need to do? If you are planning to go with tablets, then it would be safer to ask your vet first about the possible side effects. Other things that you need to consider and these things include:

1. Proper Dosage

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Like most medicines intended for humans, cat dewormer tablets also need to be administered in the proper dosage. The fitting dose will depend on your cat's weight and age.

Since it requires specific weighing scales intended for cats, getting the accurate weight can be a bit tricky. However, there is a simplified way of measuring using the common scale.

All you need to do is carry your cat and stand on the weighing scale. Proceed by standing by yourself and subtracting the differences on the first and second attempt.

It would be advisable to ask your vet before buying the deworming tablets especially if you have an overweight cat. Always follow the recommended dose to avoid complications.

2. Toxicity

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Aside from the right dosage, you also need to make sure that the dewormer will only get rid of worms, not your cat. The last thing you want to end up with is a sick kitty.

There’s no denying that dewormers work in different ways and sometimes, it could do more damage to your cat than to the parasites that it's trying to purge.

If you want your feline to stay safe, it’s important to look up the ingredients in the deworming formula. This is another reason why you need your vet’s expert opinion. Most of these meds are safe but just to be sure, do your research and ask your doctor about the possible side effects.

3. Taste and Smell

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Although it would not really matter whether cats find their dewormer appetizing or not, tablets usually have a medicinal smell that felines hate.

Although there are some dewormers that can be crushed and added to your cat’s food, you might need to make an effort to mask the scent or your cat won’t touch the meal.

Top 3 Best Over the Counter Cat Dewormer

Lets face it, it is hard to see our beloved cats suffer from worm infestation. Aside from weakness, infected felines are often in pain and have trouble pooping. Luckily, deworming products help a lot in easing symptoms of the manifestation. If you are not sure, you can check out the three products below.

Prolabs Feline Tapeworm Tabs

Prolabs Feline Tapeworm Tabs

Prolabs Feline Tapeworm Tabs (Via :

One of the most preferred deworming tabs recommended by vets for worm infestations, Pro Labs Tap Worm Tabs (prazinquantel) is proven to be an effective treatment for infected cats. 

There are some things that you may not know by just reading the label, so it’s important to read the tips offered by other cat owners who used it before.



  • Some cats won’t take the pill because of the smell
  • Not effective in some felines.

Bayer Expert Care Tapeworm Dewormer Cat

Bayer Expert Care Tapeworm Dewormer Cat

Bayer Expert Care Tapeworm Dewormer Cat (Via:

Better known as an effective dewormer for adult cats, Bayer's Tapeworm Dewormer is a proven brand with decades of research and innovation. The tablets are among the cheapest available in the market, and it is usually prescribed by most vets.

It's not advisable for kittens because it's difficult to swallow, even some cats have difficulty taking it in.


  • Great value for the price.
  • Just the perfect size to feed felines
  • Works just as advertised


  • Some cats can’t swallow this properly
  • Not suitable for kittens

Excel Roundworm Liquid Cat De-Wormer

Excel Roundworm Liquid Cat De-Wormer

Excel Roundworm Liquid Cat De-Wormer (Via :


  • Comes at a very affordable size
  • Works for both cats and dogs.
  • Easier to administer compared to pills targeting worms


  • Does not come with a syringe for oral administration
  • Could make cats sick

The only liquid dewormer on the list, this product is a bit harder to use but is very effective against roundworms. If you can’t find a way to make your cat take it, you can always add it to their food bowl.

​A bit of creativity can go a long way since it is in liquid form, nonetheless, it's a well-reviewed product worth checking out. It can also be used on dogs.

Which DeWorming Solution Is Best?

There is no doubt that the three products listed above are all capable of treating parasite infestations. If I were to choose, I'd go with Prolabs product since its one of the best-reviewed dewormers available in the market today.

If you want a cheap alternative, you can always go with Bayer. To be honest, Excel's liquid dewormer is quite a chore to administer, but all it takes is a little patience and all is good, it can also be used on dogs too.

Average Life Span of Rag Dolls

While getting rid of worms is a must, you should also be sure to treat fleas which are one of the reasons why your cats have worms. If you can’t get rid of fleas, you can rest assured that your feline will have worms in just a small amount of time. By observing these things, you can look forward to a healthier cat that is free from worms.

Have you already dealt with a worm infestation? Tell us all about your methods and be sure to share some tips for other cat owners who need to solve the same problem.

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