3 Best Flea Medicine for Cats

3 Best Flea Medicine For Cats: Quick Ways For Killing Fleas


hen you have cats, you will definitely be familiar with how irritating it can be when your pets have fleas. These parasites can irritate your cat’s skin and they also pose major health hazards to your favorite pets.

When your cat swallows one of these fleas, they could cause tapeworm infestation and anyone who owns a feline will know how stressful it can be when your cat needs deworming.

Luckily, there are things that you can do to get rid of fleas and save your cat from constant scratching. With numerous options open to you, you should consider each one with care and see which would be the best flea medicine for cats.

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How to Tell if Kitty Has Fleas

How to Tell if Kitty Has Fleas

If you notice that your cat is not behaving normally, there could be something good. Unless you are sure that your felines are just doing it to catch your attention, they might be having some issues. Among the most disgusting parasites in cats are fleas.

If you regularly spend time with your cats, it’s easy to tell that they have fleas. However, if you need some pointers, here are some of the most common signs that your cat has fleas:

Common Signs

  • Scratchign and biting
  • Grooming excessively
  • Restless, agitated or eddy mood
  • Small reddish or brownish insects crawling in places where your cat loves to stay
  • Bumps and skin lesions
  • Energy and muscle loss
  • Appearance of small specs in a cat’s fur
  • Bald patches

Keep in mind that flea are the cat equivalent of lice. The telltale signs are pretty much the same in cats as they are in human.

Why You Need To Get Rid of Fleas?

Flea Medicine for Cats Review

Cats are the most unlikable parasites because they pose dangers to your cat’s health and even to you. You need to address your cat’s issues with fleas right away because they are not just annoying, they are harmful.

If you need more convincing that those small pinhead parasites should be out of your cat’s fur right away, here’s some complications from a flea infestation.

  • Anemia: Cats may suffer from blood loss when they are constantly bitten by fleas.
  • Plague: Fleas are notorious for having caused the plague and when left unchecked, cats may experience fever, weakness, and have abscesses
  • Tapeworms and Hemobartonella: Of the two, tapeworms are the one which may not be fatal but if your cat gets hemobartonella from fleas, it could be fatal. One out of three cats who have this parasite die.

Aside from putting your cats at risk, getting rid of parasites is also in your best interest because fleas can bite humans.

Bite marks from fleas are a bit like mosquito bites although they form papules and there’s a distinct area at the center where the fleas insert their piercers.

Choosing Flea Medicine

Choosing Best Flea Medicine

Given all of the dangers that you and your cat may encounter from fleas, it’s important to consider all the options open to you if you want to finally say goodbye to fleas.

Here are some of the things that you need to consider when you are looking for the best flea medicine for cats.

#1 - Usage

There are different kinds of anti-flea control medicine that you can use on your cats. Some medicines can repel flea so that they will not come near your pet, another type could attack immature fleas so that they won’t be able to reproduce, and finally, there’s the flea medicine that will kill adult fleas.

If your cat already has a flea infestation, you may want to go for the flea medicine that will kill your cat’s adult fleas.

#2 - Formulation

In most cases, there are flea formulations that can be effective in the fleas for both cats and dogs. However, there are some medicines that are meant for dogs that you should never give to your cats. In some cases, the medication might be damaging to your cats.

So, never use your dog’s flea medicine in cats and don’t use your cat’s flea medicine on dogs. If you are in doubt, you should ask your vet about the best medication for your cat.

#3 - Cat’s Preferences

There may be other factors that should affect the kind of medicine that you choose for your cat but you also need to consider your cat’s needs. There could be flea medication that will not suit your cat well.

In some cases, the flea medicine may not be ideal if your cat is taking certain medication or has a certain condition.

If you are in doubt if a certain medicine will be good for your cat or not, you can always drop by your vet’s clinic and ask for advice regarding this matter.

Always keep in mind that one cat is different from another and although flea medicines are designed for all types of cats, your cat may have special needs. So, you should also keep that in mind.

Nevertheless, there are several cat medicines that you can try on your cat. Here are some of the top suggestions on the best medication that you can try on your cat if you are dealing with fleas.

Best Flea Medicine For Cats - Top 3 Options

Bayer Advantage II

Bayer Advantage II

Bayer Advantage II (Via Amazon.com)

This product from Bayer is a topical flea medicine that you can give your cats once a month. This is a great medicine for killing flea as it can kill not only adults but also eggs and larvae.

As we know, fleas can get out of control in just a short amount of time because they reproduce really fast and you need to kill larvae and eggs to get rid of the infestation entirely.

One treatment could last for four weeks so you don’t have to do treatment constantly. Plus, even if you wash your cat’s fur or kitty goes swimming, it would still be effective.


  • This cat treatment doesn’t have a strong smell which makes it easier to use it on cats
  • Works quickly and if cats are not exposed to fleas again, they would not need a repeat treatment
  • Medicine is easy to apply on cats


  • Some cat owners complained of a bald patch in areas where the medicine was applied
  • There are some cases where the medication did not work
  • New formulation is not as effective as the old one

Merial Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control

Merial Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control

Merial Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control (Via Amazon.com)

This is a three step flea control medicine that is ideal for cats that are at least eight weeks old. This medication is useful to cats for up to six months.

This is also a good choice because it can kill the eggs, the larvae and the adult ticks so that your feline can finally be free of fleas.

This comes with a satisfaction guarantee which should make it an awesome choice to consider when you have a cat that is struggling to keep fleas out of its fur.


  • Sold at an affordable price
  • Highly effective in getting rid of fleas both matured and those that are still larvae
  • It is easy to apply and the instructions are direct and easy to understand


  • May not be effective on some cats
  • Caution must be taken and should only be used when necessary
  • The recommended doses may not be effective in larger cats

Activyl Spot-on for Cats

Activyl Spot-on for Cats

Activyl Spot-on for Cats (Via Amazon.com)

This treatment for cat fleas from Merck is the perfect choice when you do not know how to keep those fleas at bay.

This treatment can be used every four weeks. Of course, you need to follow the advice of your veterinarian when it comes to using this product.

Just like the first two items on the list, this is effective not just against fleas that have already matured but also for eggs. This is a topical medicine and you can use it in most cats without any problems.

This is one of the options that cat owners resort to when other kinds of flea control medicine don’t seem to work.


  • Non-greasy formulation and easy to apply
  • Can get rid of fleas quickly
  • More effective compared to comparable brands


  • The price is higher compared to similar brands
  • This made some cats quite sick after being applied for flea control
  • In some cats, the formulation caused hair loss and bald patches

Which Flea Control Medicine Is the Best?

Which Flea Control Medicine Is the Best?

All factors considered, Merial Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control seems to be the best option between these. The main reason for this is that the reported cases of cats having bald spots after application are not that many.

It is also an effective flea control medicine which can kill fleas at all stages of the parasite’s life.

However, it would be good to ask your vet if it is an option that you should consider for your cat. Keep in mind that when it comes to cat’s health and using medicines, a vet would be the person to go to.

Nevertheless, always read the instructions and follow them properly to avoid causing injury to your pet.

While it is vital to keep fleas at bay, it doesn’t mean that you have to put your cat’s health at risk. If any medicine seems to make your cat ill, it would be best to stop using it and look for some other medicine.

Have you ever struggles with fleas? How did you deal with it? Tell us about it in the comments section and don’t forget to share.

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