Best Flea Drops for Cats

Best Flea Drops for Cats : 3 Products You Need to Stop Itchy Problems


leas can be a big problem, especially for cats. These parasites can make your cat weak and they also bite humans. So, if your cat has these parasites, it would be in your best interest to remove them right away so your cat won’t suffer.

If you pay enough attention, it would be easy to see if your cat has fleas. Fleas often push cats to do more grooming and they scratch one area a lot because it is itchy. Other signs that your cat has fleas include:

  • Irritability especially when you pet it or pick it up.
  • Biting or scratching incessantly.
  • Grooming in an aggressive manner.
  • They suddenly stop playing around.
  • Their diet and appetite change suddenly.

These are just some of the basic signs that there is something wrong with your cat. Of course, there are other visible evidences that there are blood-sucking parasites in your cat’s coat. For one, these fleas are visible and you can see them with the naked eye.

Also, if you or any of the people at home have insect bites that are obviously not from mosquitos or ants, then it could be cat flea. In this case, choose the best flea drops for cats is necessary. There are other types of flea control options, of course, but this happens to be one of the most effective.

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Why Getting Rid of Fleas Is a Must

So, your cat has fleas, why should you be concerned about it? Well, fleas may not cause your felines to drop dead suddenly but anyone who owns a cat knows that these little creatures can do much damage. In fact, you need to deal with them right away before things become worse.

Fleas may be small but the amount of damage that they can cause your cats is not. 

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Among the complications that could happen to cats when you don’t control fleas includes:

  • Anemia: Who would have guessed that something as small as fleas could suck the blood supply of your cat? They can and they will be successful in doing this if you are not paying a lot of attention. Fleas can cause anemia in cats and this could be life-threatening.
    Outdoor cats are more prone to getting anemia compared to indoor cats but you should not be complacent. Make sure that you pay attention to the ticks before it causes irreversible damage.

  • Allergic reaction: The constant scratching is not just annoying to look at; fleas can also cause real damage to your cat’s health. In most cases, cats that are infested with fleas could have open sores, bald spots, and they could have uncontrollable itching. It may be necessary to consult a veterinarian for this, so be sure to drop by your cat’s doctor.
  • Cat scratch fever: This is one of the reasons that you need to address flea infestation right away, fleas could cause much damage not just to your cats but also to you. When a flea bites a cat, it could suffer from this condition which can be transmitted to humans. In people, it can cause fever and headaches.

These are just three of the serious conditions that your cat may come in contact with when it is infested with fleas.

What to Consider
When Choosing Flea Medicine

By now, you should know that choosing flea drops is important. But, how can you pick the right one for your pet?

1. Toxicity Level

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One thing should be clear when you are looking for flea medicine not just for flea drops, never use a dog’s flea control medicine on your cat. Remember that cats and dogs are both mammals but their physiology is entirely different. You need to consider this since treatment that is safe for canines may turn out to be toxic to your cats.

Aside from that, you should also read what is on the label. This may seem to be the first thing that you should absolutely do but there are some people who don’t do this too often. Make sure that the ingredients are all safe for your felines before proceeding any further.

2. Type of cat

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Where does your cat live? You may have an indoor cat or an outdoor cat. Of the two outdoor cats are more prone to flea infestation.

If it is an outdoor cat, you need to make sure that you give the cat treatment for fleas on a regular basis since they are more prone to having these parasites. Although it doesn’t mean that indoor cats are exempted, the chances that they will have fleas are definitely lower than your outdoor cats.

3. Application

There are some flea drops that are recommended for cats up to a certain weight. This is a unique consideration and you need to read the labels to see if your cat’s weight will qualify. This consideration is dependent on the type of cat that you have, so it only makes sense that you won’t buy a flea drop that is for cats up to 10 lbs. when your feline is 14 lbs.

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4. Side Effects

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Flea drops are designed to get rid of pests but they could also harm your cats. There are cases where some medicines don’t sit well with cats or it may also be dangerous for your cat. Make sure that you read the ingredients and as suggested above, the toxicity level.

You also need to consider the side effects. This should be disclosed in the treatment but you can read reviews for a more realistic idea of what could possibly happen to a cat when using a certain product.

Best Flea Drops for Cats

Here are three of the top choices that you have when you are shopping for flea medicine for cats:

Activyl Spot-on for Cats

Activyl Spot-On for Cats

Activyl Spot-On for Cats (Via :

When you are searching for the best product for flea control for your cats, one of the products that you might see is Activyl. This spot-on treatment can be helpful in dealing with fleas. This is among the popular choices for flea control since it is relatively safe for cats.

What makes Activyl effective is an insecticide known as indoxacarb. This compound is known to be deadly to fleas but it is safe for mammals such as cats and humans. There is also a flea control for dogs under the brand but as pointed out above, don’t use the flea drops for canines on kitty or you won’t like the results.

Make sure that you read the instructions on how to apply this properly.


  • Great for cats since it has relatively safe ingredients.
  • Highly recommended by veterinarians.
  • Effective in removing fleas and eggs.


  • Some cat owners did not like the smell.
  • A bit pricey.
  • Some cats had a bad reaction to the product.

Bayer Advantage II Flea Control Treatment for Cats

Bayer Advantage II Flea Control Treatment for Cats

Bayer Advantage II Flea Control Treatment for Cats
(Via :

Coming from one of the best-known brands for pet products, Bayer’s flea drop for cats is one of the most popular. This is a monthly treatment that promises to get rid not just of the fleas but also of the eggs. Aside from that, this is a great pick since it remains effective even if kitty goes swimming.

If your kitty is having issues with fleas, this could be a great treatment option for them. A lot of cat owners swear by this flea medicine and it wouldn’t hurt to give it a go especially if your kitty’s infestation is a bit out of control.


  • Has a more effective formulation than some brands.
  • Has a good reputation for keeping fleas away.
  • Value for money.


  • Price is a bit high.
  • Isolated reports of felines who had negative side effects.
  • Some cats did not respond well to treatment and fleas came back.

Merial Frontline Plus for Cats

Merial Frontline Plus for Cats

Merial Frontline Plus for Cats (Via :

If you are sick with fleas that seem to be too stubborn, this may be the answer. Considered to be one of the safest choices for flea control, this product claims to be applicable even for pregnant felines. Plus, it can kill fleas in just 24 hours.


  • Can control flea infestation in a short amount of time.
  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • Recommended by vets.


  • In rare cases, cats acted weird after application.
  • There were instances where the fleas kept coming back.
  • Some products did not perform as expected.

Which One Is The Best?

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Of the three, the best choice is Bayer Advantage II Flea Control Treatment for Cats. This is one of the most popular products on Amazon and although there are some complaints, there are more positive reviews about this product. The best thing to do before buying this is to look into the ingredients and see if your feline is allergic to it.

Aside from that, you also need to take the necessary precautions so your cat will not be in danger when you are using this product. Also, be sure to read the instructions on the proper way to use it. Keep in mind that some cats will not respond well to a certain product, so testing it in a small area first would be a wise thing to do.

Fleas can become immune to a product, so you may need to change the treatments you are using once in a while.

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