5 best dry kitten food reviews

5 Best Dry Kitten Food Reviews : How To Feed Your Baby Cat


et’s get the most important bits out of the way. Cats, in general, should not get their nutrition entirely from dry food. Here are the 5 best dry kitten food reviews to consider when shopping for pet food.

If you decide to give kibbles to your furry friends, then you should be sure to give them enough water and to give them some wet food from time to time. This practice can ensure that your cats will not be sick from the kind of diet that it is maintaining. At the same time, the variety would be awesome.

While on the subject of looking for the best food choices for your cats, you also need to focus on looking for the dry food that would promote kitty’s overall health.

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What To Feed Kittens

What To Feed Kittens

If you have a baby kitty with you, congratulations! Having cats as your babies are great and these creatures can be pretty lovable too. However, kittens have different needs from adult cats and you are probably aware of this by now.

Kittens need to have at least 30 percent protein in their diet. In other aspects, kittens will require the same amount of nutrients as adult cats.

Compliance With Nutritional Requirements

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What’s the litmus test for kitten food? Compliance with the American Association of Feed Control Officials standards should be on your checklist. These standards exist so pet owners will have a basis when they are shopping for cat food.

This standard also lists how much protein, carbs, and nutrients are recommended for your cat. This is the version of the recommended daily allowances in humans. Complying with this is one way to ensure that your cat food is a good pick.

Aside from the rules set out by AAFCO, you should also remember that the best cat food is one which will eliminate the need for supplementation. When it comes to cats, too much of a good thing can be harmful. Besides, the only time that you should consider giving supplements to your cats is when your vet tells you to do so.

Protein Is The First Ingredient

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Protein is a critical component of your cat’s diet. If you want to have a healthy pet, you need to make sure that they are on a diet that allows them to have access to enough protein to support their energy needs. The rule of thumb, in this case, is to make sure that the first ingredient in your cat food is high-quality meat.

Meat is a must in a cat’s diet. Meat meals, bone meals, and grains are not enough to support a cat’s protein needs. If your cat food is only using these makeshift ingredients your cat might grow weak and it would not be such a fulfilling meal for them.

Best Dry Kitten Food Reviews

1. Orijen Cat Food

Orijen Cat & Kitten Dry Cat Food

Orijen Cat & Kitten Dry Cat Food (Via Amazon.com)

Orijen cat food is the right choice for your kitties since it contains high amounts of protein. With 40 percent protein content and 20 percent carbohydrates, this is the perfect choice for cat food. A third of the meat in this cat food comes from fresh meat making it a great choice of food for your feline's nutrition.

This cat food is nutrient dense which makes it perfect for cats in all life stages. Whether you have a kitten at your hands or an adult cat, this dry food which is manufactured in the United States would be perfect for your pets.

Another great reason for loving this cat food is the taste. This feed has a liver enhanced flavor which is why even picky cats would not think twice about munching on the kibbles.


  • High protein content ideal for growing cats
  • Highly trusted brand when it comes to cat food
  • Widely availability


  • The pet food formulation has been changed
  • Higher magnesium content compared to its original formula
  • Maximum levels of some ingredients like phosphorus and calcium has not been specified

2. Wellness Cat Food

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Cat Food

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Cat Food (Via Amzon.com)

If just like any other cat owner, you have been looking for the perfect food choice for your favorite felines, you might have come across Wellness Cat Food which is great both for adult cats and for kittens.

The formulation behind this cat food is lifestyle based. This product focuses on making cats and their owners happy by ensuring that the felines are getting the best nutrition they need. The calories have been reduced in these kibbles.

Aside from that, this cat food also contains fiber which helps cats digest this food easier. If you are watching your cat's weight, this is also a good pick. Besides, this cat food can play a vital role in hairball management and it contains omega fatty acids.


  • The ingredients in this cat food are all human grade
  • All the items in this pet food is free from hormones and pesticides
  • Every ingredient in this cat food are all sourced in the United States


  • Contains rice which is a mediocre ingredient
  • May be difficult to find in local pet shops
  • Some pet owners noticed a change in the smell of their cat’s litter

3. Canidae Cat Food

CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Heaven Biscuits

CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Heaven Biscuits (Via Amazon.com)

Whether you have a cat, a dog or both, you might have heard about Canidae. The cat food from this manufacturer is considered to be one of the best. The pet food from Canidae often includes meals that are made from meat which is considered to be a good indication.

This cat food contains vitamins and minerals and it contains omega fatty acids and oils that make this easier to digest and at the same time, the ingredients are all high quality. Since it does not contain numerous fillers and it is mainly grain free.


  • Gentle on any dog’s stomach
  • Pet owners reported an improvement in their cat’s disposition
  • Good value for price


  • Some cats are not too keen about eating this cat food
  • There are some complaints that cats did not tolerate this food well
  • Customer service is not too great

4. Fromm Cat Food

Fromm Kitten Gold Dry Cat Food

Fromm Kitten Gold Dry Cat Food (Via Amazon.com)

Fromm is a cat food company that has been making food for felines for several years now. When it comes to quality, this company will never compromise.

Based on the ingredients listed for their cat food products, Fromm does not include grains or fillers in their cat food. Aside from that, the quality of the meat that comes in their cat food is impressive. When you have kittens at your hands, you want to ensure that what they are eating is all high-quality meat which is one of the reasons many cat owners believe that Fromm is a good pick.

Meat quality is not the only impressive quality of this cat food manufacturer. They also include essential vitamins and minerals to uphold your kitty's nutrition. Where quality is concerned, this is definitely the way to go.


  • Kibble sizes are just right
  • Many cats love this cat food


  • Some cats found it harder to food after switching to this food
  • Price is higher compared to other brands
  • This may not be readily available in most pet shops

5. Acana Cat Food

Acana Cat Food

Acana Cat Food (Via Amazon.com)

Fast sugars can ruin a cat's diet and Acana is a good food when you are concerned about your feline's diet. Known to be a biologically appropriate diet for felines, this is definitely one of the best picks whether you are feeding a kitten or an adult cat. Why is this food better than most other cat food brands in the market?

Based on a review of the ingredients and the advertisements by this cat food manufacturer, the pet food is made from natural ingredients. The raw fruits and vegetables are all natural so the level of nutrients that goes into your cat food is higher. Plus, it tries to support all of a feline's nutritional needs while ensuring that your cat's urinary tract stays healthy.

Since the regional ingredients in the local community are used, this cat food is even more nutritious. With these considerations in mind, there is no denying that Acana cat food is superior to most other products in the market.


  • Cat food is fit for human consumption


  • May be prone to stock shortage
  • Could be hard to find in local stores
  • Some cats do not take to this cat food easily

Which Dry Kitten Food Is Best?

Which Dry Kitten Food Is Best

With five good cat food choices, it would be quite difficult to choose one that would be perfect for your pets. Needless to say, one product stands out, namely Orijen.

When you are looking for the type of cat food that can support your kitten’s nutritional needs, you need to find a cat food with high quantities of protein. Out of all these products Orijen is the preferred product. Aside from containing a huge amount of protein, most cats also love this food.

While Orijen is the best brand out of these 5 best dry kitten food reviews, it is also a question of which food your cat prefers.

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