Best Cat Houses

Best Cat Houses: 4 Absolutely Warm, Perfect Homes For Cats


at houses are a necessary feature when you have felines that live indoors. While there are some cats that will not require a lot of indoor exercises, it is still important to make sure that your favorite feline will get some degree of physical stimulation. This will ensure that they are fit and healthy.

Giving your cats their own personal space where they can play and have fun would be awesome. This is just one of the reasons why cat condos that are equipped with a place for cats to play would be fun too.

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What To Consider When Choosing a House for Cats?

When you are planning to have felines at home, it's normal to think about the natural habitat of the animals. There are certain things that you need to focus on if this is the case.Here are some of the major factors to consider when you are looking for the right cat house for your beloved felines.

1. Cat's Activity Level

Cat's Activity Level

The kind of house that your cat needs to have should be appropriate to the feline's age. When you have an elderly cat, you want a cat house that is easy to get in and out with. The same goes for cats that have injuries that might restrict their movements.

You should also think about the things that would make your cat happy. Is your fond of scratching? A scratching post in your cat house could be a good feature to see.

Meanwhile, if you have a cat that loves to climb and jump around, you might want a cat house that could provide that sort of entertainment too. With the sheer quality of products in the market today, it would not be difficult to find a cat house that would suit the needs of your feline.

2. Quality and Design

Quality and Design

Cats are choosy creatures and this is not just applicable to food, it also includes their homes and playthings. When you are looking for a home for your kitties, you need to consider the quality of that product. However, it doesn't end there as the design is also another thing to consider.

Quality matters since you want to purchase a product that will be valuable for its durability and ability to last for a long time. Otherwise, you might just be wasting your money.

As a rule, you want a product with a wide base. This is one of the basic indications that the structure is sturdy. If the cat house wobbles or topples over when your cat jumps on it and plays around, they could decide not to play in their cat house again.

The design is also another major consideration. Cat houses often contain holes and you want to make sure that your cats could fit into those holes. If this is not the case, they could be discouraged in playing in their private space since they could get stuck in those holes while playing around and this is never fun even for cats.

3. Cat House Construction

These days, cat houses are made from different materials and it can be a bit confusing which ones are the best picks. When it comes to cat houses, you would want to stick to solid wood. Projects using a wood router don't just look nice, they can be pretty durable and stable too.

It is easy to differentiate solid wood from other products in the market because it tends to be heavier. Unfortunately, solid wood does not look too aesthetically appealing over time and cracks start to appear. Aside from wood, new materials like metal and plastic are also appearing in the market.

4. Introducing Cats to a New House

Introducing Cats to a New House

When you have a kitty at home and you want to introduce your cat to anything you, you won't have much of a problem since felines tend to be naturally curious creatures. Hence, it will not be much of a struggle to get them to explore the new cat house. Most cats will even stick around when you are opening a box.

Some cats are not that keen on exploring new things, though. There are some felines that would need some time before they can get accustomed to a new cat house. Sometimes it would just take hours but there are instances where it will take days for cats to get accustomed to a cat house.

Best Cat Houses Reviews

1. Curious Cat Cube

Curious Cat Cube, Cat House

Curious Cat Cube, Cat House (Via

This cat condo is made from brown faux suede and a fleece bed topper and there is no denying that it looks absolutely awesome. The cat house is sturdy and it can withstand the weight of your cat whether you have a feline that is playful or a cat that just loves the peace and quiet.

The cat cube is perfect for small cats and dogs and you can also bring it along when you are planning to go out of town since it is collapsible. Your cats will also appreciate the amount of privacy they can enjoy with this home.


  • Provides a cozy place for cats to chill out and relax
  • Cat house assembly is quick and easy
  • Highly portable and can be carried easily


  • Product was smaller compared to what most customers expected
  • Not all cats love playing with this thing
  • Some suggest that more holes would be a good addition

2. Petmate Kitty Kay Condo

Petmate Kitty Kay Condo

Petmate Kitty Kay Condo (Via

Is your cat going to spend some time outdoors and you want them to have a safe haven while they are out exposed to the elements? This is the perfect choice for you if that is the case. This dome-shaped home for your kitty could help divert rain away from the entry point so your feline can go in and out without any problems.

The surface also discourages nesting and it is highly durable which keeps pets warm especially in the winter. During summer months, the cat house also remains cool so your kitty will remain comfortable. Plus, the floors are carpeted which makes it a good have for your favorite cats.


  • This keeps cats warm especially during harsh winters
  • Is big enough to keep cats comfortable inside
  • Great for outdoor cats and strays


  • Can be a bit too small for some felines dislodged and not too secure
  • Some parts were missing when it was delivered to some customers
  • Top portion can be ruined easily

3. Petsfit Outdoor Cat House

Petsfit Outdoor Cat House

Petsfit Outdoor Cat House (Via

Do you want your cats to have their own personal space? Then, this small house which can accommodate more than one cat could be the perfect option for your favorite feline. When you have outdoor cats that will need shelter from time to time, this would also be great to own.

This cat house will require some assembly but it is not that hard to do it since holes have already been drilled into the cat house. The shelter for cats comes with a solid construction and the design is top of the line. The colors are also perfect for an outdoor cat house.


  • Cozy and attractive cat house design
  • Feral cats dig this cat house
  • Great value for money especially when you have kittens


  • Too small for fully grown cats
  • Craftsmanship is no that outstanding
  • Wood can be a bit fragile

4. K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Kitty House

K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Kitty House

K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Kitty House (Via

This patented product happens to be a good choice when you want your cat to have something to call their own. There are many products imitating this brand that there is no denying that this remains to be the top choice if you want quality and durability rolled in one.

This cat house comes with a door trap and it is insulated. Both exits are reasonable and the felines can go in and out easily. Plus, the materials have been tested by an independent laboratory to ensure that they meet the safety standards.


  • Warm and pleasant place for cats to sleep in
  • Some cats love sleeping inside this cat house
  • Assembly is easy as it only require Velcro and zippers


  • Not too great for outdoor use
  • Tends to get sopping wet outside when the weather is bad
  • Water tends to seep into the cat house easily

Which Cat House Is Best?

Which Cat House Is Best?

Looking for a cat house is not that big of a deal. However, it is vital to think about the things that you want to see in your feline’s makeshift home. Durability is, of course, a primary consideration.

Needless to say, you also need to think where you are going to place the cat house. In an outdoor environment, you need a cat house that is waterproof and one which can withstand the harsh conditions.

If you are just looking for one that cats can call home, Petsfit Outdoor Cat House could be the perfect fit. Before ordering one, be sure to check out the sizes to see if your feline would be comfortable in their new home. Reading what other cat owners have to say about the product would also be a great way to see if the cat house is an acceptable choice for you.

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