Are Cats Color Blind

Are Cats Color Blind? 5 Important Things To Know About Your Cat


re cats color blind? The myth that cats are completely colorblind continues to be around for quite some time, regardless of the fact it’s been proven untrue for almost fifty Ñyears. Before this time, nonetheless, many believed that cats could just see in white and black.

This myth even appeared to be backed up by the outcomes of scientific experiments. Cats are color blind, but can still notice colors – an experience to what some people have when they’re color blind.

What Colors Can Cats See?

What Colors Can Cats See

To a cat, most colors are distinguishable, but recognizing green and red is challenging and the hues are cats color blind to because of a deficiency of special nerves in their eyes.

In this video, you can see cats chasing red lasers. But, if they have a hard time seeing the color red, then why are they chasing it? Just like a bull in the ring, they’re chasing the movement not the color. What do you think? Are cats color blind? Cats are not a hundred percent color blind. But rather, their vision serves to their vantage in life.

Because color perception isn't an essential requirement of their eyesight, it doesn’t bother them. A mix of all of their perceptions discovers how cats communicate with the planet.

Cats’ eyes have developed with time to offer excellent nocturnal vision, allowing them to hunt during the night better. They may be in a position to see nicely with merely a fraction of the light that people want.

When Did The Myth Begin?

When Did The Myth Begin

We’ve stumbled upon an uploaded copy of an article published in 1920’s which states that a certain Prof. F. M. Gregg of Nebraska Wesleyan University has attempted to lure cats to their kitty meals by using colors.

Test results indicate that the gray signal is more effective in holding the cat’s attention. During the 1960s, scientists tested a dog’s color vision and found out that the pooches can quickly detect the color blue. But not red or green. Afterward, they found the same issue with cats.

A Cat’s Eyes

A Cat’s Eyes

If we take a comparison between a cat and a human’s vision, we can see some similarities and difference on how both see the world. Below is something to compare.

1. Focus

Humans can see what’s in front, but their vision blurs out at the sides. Overall, we have a visual field of 180 degrees. On the other hand, cats have a wider depth of focus with 200 degrees of the visual field as disclosed by the Business Insider.

2. Nearsightedness

Cats are nearsighted. It would take them 20 feet on the subject before what they can see what human do at far. Humans can see up to 200 feet, imagine that? Compared to humans, though, cats have great peripheral vision. So, that little wriggling mouse in its hole? Yeah. Your cat saw it first.

3. Night Vision

How come you can question are cats color blind and agree the fact that they see more detail in the dark? Though the little fur balls lack the proper amount of color cones that is equivalent to a human’s, their rod cells jacked up eight to 10 times than a human’s.

They are more sensitive to dim lights and can easily detect motion in the dark. Additionally speaking, they have a tissue at the back of their retinas called the tapetum. This tapetum improves their night vision and is the reason why their eyes glow in the dark.

4. Color Saturation

It’s probably because of this aspect of a cat’s eyes that makes people ask, “Are cats color blind?” Humans can see the colors green, blue and red. Green and red have a lower saturation in a cat’s vision, thus making them dull in their eyes.

What About Kittens After Birth?

What About Kittens After Birth

That’s a different topic. Kittens are blind at birth as they closed their eyes and won’t open until they are two weeks old. Their vision is weak at this stage and could easily damage due to the light exposure. As if whether they are color blind or not, kittens can already pick up what colors are there to see. In other words, they know what an adult cat sees.

Cats Don’t Care

are cats clolor blind tinpaw

Cats never cared about the color they see. To them, that’s the norm. To say yes to the question “Are cats color blind?” is politically wrong. Just because they couldn’t see what humans can, doesn’t mean they’re color blind.

Perhaps the colors are not meant for their hunter’s lifestyle. What’s important is that their vision works best and their eyes are healthy to live a good life.

What do you think about a cat’s vision? Do you still believe that they only see in shades of gray?

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