What Can’t Cats Eat: 8 Unexpected Foods That Will Kitty in Danger

[thrive_drop_caps color=’orange’ style=’2′]R[/thrive_drop_caps]aising a pet is not too different from raising a kid. At least, I would like to think. Among the most important things in ensuring your kitty’s well-being is making sure that he or she gets the right nutrition.

Aside from knowing what to feed your cat, you should also know what not to give it. Knowing what cats can’t eat is among the basics of being a responsible cat parent.

There are food products that your kitty should never eat in its entire lifetime. Why? We will tell you all about the perils of these food products in the next sections.

1. Alcohol and alcoholic beverages

Alcohol and alcoholic beverages

You may enjoy booze from time to time and that’s perfectly acceptable. However, if you need a friend who would drink with you, you should look for a human companion.

Don’t turn to kitty because cats are not meant to be drinking buddies no matter how sympathetic they are to your cause.

What is in alcohol that makes it a danger to your beloved pet? For starters, alcohol is not the best beverage for humans. In cats, it is even worse.

Just like in us humans, alcohol can cause intoxication in cats which would mean that you could end up with a hangover buddy.

In fact, alcohol can also cause gastrointestinal irritation which is also one thing us humans are very familiar of when we’ve had a drink too many.

Aside from those symptoms similar to a hangover, cats couldn’t get as scotch free as we humans do. In worse cases, they could have a respiratory disease or worse coma and death.

2. Some Fruits and Fruit Seeds (Apple Seeds, Apricot, Cherry and Peach Pits)

apple seeds tinpaw
cherry tinpaw
peach pits tinpaw
apricot tinpaw

As we have been pointing out, there are foods that cats were not meant to eat. This includes the seeds of some fruits and fruits including apricots and cherries.

These items are never a good thing to feed cats because they are poisonous to your kitties. All of the fruits and seeds listed here could cause cyanide poisoning to your felines.

In fact, most of the items listed here are not only a danger to cats but also to dogs and to horses.

When your feline experiences poisoning after consuming these items, your cat may experience suffocation. The poison tends to interfere with the blood’s oxygen releasing capability causing your cat’s demise.

3. Cooked Bones

cat eat cooked bones

There are some pet owners who think that cats would love to munch on bones. While some cats might like doing it, this is not necessarily good for them.

Cat owners are even advised to refrain from doing this as it can be dangerous to their pets.

The reason why cooked bones are such a danger to your kitties is that they tend to splinter. Due to this, they could obstruct the gastrointestinal tract of your cat and cause damage to your kitty’s digestive system.

Instead of feeding kitty with cooked bones, look for a friendlier food product to feed to your cat.

4. Coffee and Caffeine

coffee and caffeine

For those who like taking tea or coffee in their spare time, kitty can join you but don’t allow it to consume too much of those drinks. The same goes for chocolates too.

Try to avoid feeding your cat those munchies even if you know that your feline has a sweet tooth.

Chocolate and products containing caffeine particularly tea and coffee contain theobromine. Chocolates also contain a bit of caffeine.

Although both caffeine and theobromine are toxic to cats, these food items contain higher concentrations of the latter.

This chemical mainly acts as a diuretic and, at the same time, it is a cardiac stimulant which could cause elevated blood pressure levels in your cat.

This ingredient could also make the nervous system more active as it mainly works as a stimulant.

Although you can feed kitties with chocolate if you are dying to do it, you should try to keep levels to a minimum. Nevertheless, it is best not to feed it with chocolate.

It doesn’t even matter if it’s dark, milk, white or cocoa powder. All of these are not good for cats.

If you happen to have chocolate covered Macadamia nuts, don’t feed it to your kitty. Although there’s no proof that it’s bad for cats it is known to cause muscle weakness and tremors in dogs and it would be best to stay cautious.

5. Garlic and Onion

garlic and onion

These two are quite common in human food. In fact, it’s a staple in many kitchens. While we, humans, love how this improves the taste of our food, it may not be too good for our kitties.

There are disulfides and sulfoxides found in these ingredients that are highly damaging to cats. While these ingredients are great for our health, it can cause anemia in cats.

The nutrients in both garlic and onion can attack the animal’s red blood cell which leads to haemolytic anemia.

This is among the reasons why you should take care in feeding your cat with products means for babies since some of these contain garlic, onion or both.

6. Raw Eggs

raw egg

Although it’s a bit hard to think why some people would feed their kitties with raw eggs, some do.

And, it is one of the biggest mistakes you can make since even vets do not recommend doing this.

Some might be thinking that eggs are a good protein source which they are. You can cook the egg if you want to give it to your kitty and it’s safe but you should do this sparingly. After all, cats are not meant to eat the same breakfast that we do.

Raw eggs are bad for them because it can expose cats to salmonella and lead to pancreatitis

7. Tuna

cat eat tuna

While it is true that feeding your cats with tuna will not be life threatening, you should be wary about giving it as food may not be the best decision.

In fact, cat owners are warned about giving it only as a treat and occasionally. Otherwise, your cat may be in danger of having Yellow Fat Disease or Steatitis.

This condition is very common in obese cats that are younger although it can happen to any cat.

When this happens, the adipose tissue of your kitty will have a discoloration and it can be inflamed. As a consequence, you will have one reluctant cat that is always in pain.

8. Fried Foods

fried chicken

Cats can be a lot like humans that we tend to forget that they are not. When there’s a feline in the vicinity and you are eating, prevent yourself from sharing food with it. There are certain foods that cats can’t eat.

Most human foods are oily and high on fat. This combination is lethal for cats because it can cause stomach problems. When you give your cats food that is high on fat, they could suffer from diarrhea.

Just like in humans, consuming food items that are high in fat can cause health complication in felines. Pancreatitis which is accompanied by loss of appetite, vomiting, and abdominal pains could happen if kitty stays on a fatty diet.

For your part, too much fat could lead to various cardiovascular issues, kidney and liver problems, and various health complications.

This is one reason why feeding food to cats that are cooked using an air fryer (check it on familynano.com) is healthier since fat content is lower. Doing this could also benefit you but don’t use this as an excuse to ignore your cat’s needs. Cats have different nutritional needs and always given them food that will keep them energetic and healthy.

What Should Your Cat Be Eating?

what cant cats eat tinpaw

Now that you know what’s bad for your kitties, you should be paying more attention to its diet. It is important to invest in a nutritious cat food for your cats rather than feeding kitty with scraps from the table.

Cats are not humans. They can’t partake in your meals all the time no matter how close they understand your feelings and thoughts.

One good way to show our dear pets how appreciative we are of them is to give them proper nutrition. Now you know what cats can’t eat.

Try to stick to other food products when feeding your pet. When in doubt, do a bit of research. Better yet, don’t feed it to your pet.

So, what food items should a cat refrain from eating? Tell us about your experience with food and your feline in the comment section. We’d appreciate the share and it’s great to inform other cat owners about these dangerous foods for their cats.

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