Can Cats Eat Corn? Expert Advice on the Controversial Maize

[thrive_drop_caps color=’orange’ style=’2′]C[/thrive_drop_caps]ats are just like small kids, they eat everything! At least most of these fur balls do. Have you ever walked in on your cat and you had to reprimand it because it was eating something dangerous?

Every responsible pet owner knows that cats are not like humans –kitties cannot tolerate the same food that you and I can. In fact, even foods that are nutritious for humans can be harmful to cats. Milk for instance is a total no–no for your pet since most cats are lactose intolerant.

Can cats eat corn? I have been curious about this same thing just like the rest of us although there are human food products that cats can eat safely.

We don’t want to accidentally feed my cat with something that can make it ill. Those cute eyes wouldn’t even make me!

Is Corn Safe For Felines?

cat eat corn on the cob

Once and for all, we will address this question. And, luckily, the answer is yes!

Corn is a grain which forms part of the ingredients of most commercially available cat food. You can try checking the ingredients portion of major cat foods and you will see corn whether it’s a low quality product or a premium one. So, it’s generally safe for your cat.

Cats require protein in their diet and corn can be a source of protein. But, it should never be your main protein source because by nature cats are carnivores. They still need high quality meat in their diet as this might lead to having damaged organs and malnutrition.

Always keep in mind that veggies and grains are not a sufficient source of nutrition. While it would be safe for cats to eat a bit of corn from time to time, don’t allow them to get used to eating it.

Can Your Kitty Face Problems When She Eats Corn?

Your Kitty Face Problems When She Eats Corn

While we did say that corns will not cause any harm to your kitty, there can be some cats that are sensitive to grains. Since corn is also considered as filler, it could not be ideal as far as nutrition is concerned. Your cats could also have allergies and itchiness and worse, it could also lead to hot spots and to excess shedding.

Aside from that, there are also many corn products today that are not naturally grown and are actually genetically modified. This kind of corn product may produce protein but this nutrition can be toxic to your cat.

genetically modified corn

This could also cause liver and kidney problems and although studies related to this have not been proven, there remains to be a lot of speculation that this kind of grain can be harmful to cats.

Needless to say, cats that experience extensive bouts of diarrhea should not eat grains including corn.

Can eating corn occasionally harm kitty?

Can eating corn occasionally harm kitty

Not really, but you should limit your cat’s corn consumption to a minimum. Try to observe how your cat reacts after the initial corm feeding but keep it to a minimum. You don’t want to regret giving your lovely cat something as worse as diarrhea.

If you ever decide to feed corn to you cat, always make sure that it is fresh. Do not ever think of feeding stale corn to your feline. If your stomach can’t tolerate anything stale, there is no reason why your cat can as they have the same sensitivity.

The same rule goes for feeding expired corn to your cat. If you make the mistake, your cat can get salmonella from E. coli and it would not be a good sight which speaks a lot about you being a good pet owner. As much possible, avoid committing feeding mistakes such as this.

When your cat had just recovered from diarrhea, try to stay away from corn first. This could trigger another bout of sickness especially when your cat has just suffered from one. Always assess your cat’s diet first before you try to feed corn to them.

Final Words

cat eat corn

We know how our kitties behave the same way that mothers know that their tots are misbehaving. No matter how cute your cat looks while biting kernels off a corn cob, it would be better to skip it than see them feel bad later on.

Our verdict for corn would be safe but not ideal. You can give it in small amounts on occasion. Next time you eat corn, you can hoard it all to yourself and try not to share with kitty all of the time.

Often, cats are not aware of what is good and not good for them. It is your responsibility as the owner, to make sure that they don’t get harmed by their food.

If you really want to give them a treat, try to get one from the pet store. This would be a safer choice than using corn as your feline’s treat.

Have you ever fed your kitty with corn? Tell us about it below and don’t forget to share this post to friends who are not sure whether corn is good or not for their cats.

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