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Nulo Cat Food Review: Everything You Need To Know


f you have been reading the web about some highly recommended products, you might end up looking for a trusty Nulo cat food review. Some cat owners are curious about this brand since it is fairly new. The company behind this brand is based in Austin, Texas and there are some people who already experienced feeding this to their cats.

To give you a better idea if this is a good choice for kitty's main source of nutrition, we will go over the nitty gritty details in the next sections. Just like most other companies engaged in providing cat food, Nulo claims to use ingredients that are all natural. Aside from that, this brand's cat food flavors are mainly fish based.

Nulo Cat Food Review:
A Closer Look

Nulo Grain Free Dry Cat Food

Nulo Grain Free Dry Cat Food ( Via:

Nulo Grain Free Dry Cat Food is popular with cat owners at the moment but it offers major benefit for felines. Based on manufacturer claims, this cat food is one of the best investments you can make when you are concerned about your cat's health. The food is made in the United States and this cat food promises to have the right appeal to your kitties.

Let's face it! With so many cat foods entering the market, you have so many options. It's hard to decide if you can trust a particular brand or not.

To help you make a decision whether this Nulo recipe variant is a good pick or not, here's a quick list of why it is a great buy or not.


  • Ideal for kittens and elderly cats.
  • Good list of ingredients.
  • Appeals to the palate of most cats.


  • May be hard to find in local pet stores.
  • Cats are not too excited about this cat food.
  • Some felines snubbed the food.


We had a quick run through about Nulo’s Grain Free Dry Cat Food above. Now, we will go into a more detailed look at what you can expect from this cat food. Hopefully, you will also find something more impressive about this brand.

1. Grain-Free

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Grains are one of the most common reasons for allergies in cats. Hence, those who are parents of picky eaters would rather avoid all the inconvenience of having a sickly pet and are willing to shop for the right brands for your kitty.If the search for cat food which is true to its claims is impossible to find, you will have a huge problem in your hands. Nulo offers an option which can offer everything you might need. Nulo is free from soy, wheat, corn, white potatoes, flavoring, tapioca, and artificial flavors.

2. Low Carb, High Protein

what is the Best Cat Food For Diarrhea

Cats may have a penchant for jumping from high places and running around but it’s also true that they are prone to obesity. Hence, it would be best to choose the cat food which would keep kitties strong without containing excess carbs and fat. Nulo addresses that concern to ensure your feline would stay by your side longer. Nulo makes use of protein derived from meat. In fact, 83 percent of the protein from this cat food comes from animals.

Cats need meat in their diet and this is just the right food when you have a precious cat.Since this cat food contains reduced amount of carbs, you can help your kitty maintain its weight. By helping your cat stay fit, kitty can avoid kidney disease, osteoarthritis, and various respiratory ailments.

3. Just the Right Size

Best Grain Free Food for Cat Review

Flavor could be the determining quality when it comes to cat food. However, size should be a consideration too! Nulo comes in a shape similar to a disk which is something that appeals to choosy kitties.

4. General Impressions

Wet or Homemade cat food

Given the facts mentioned above, the general feedback about this cat food is that it is a good choice for felines. Nulo pays close attention to what goes into the food felines are consuming. Unlike most other popular brands, this cat food does not focus on just the taste but the nutrition as well.Unfortunately, the general feedback about the taste is not too positive.

There’s no doubt that this cat food is good for cats but it takes time before cats appreciate what this food can do. Some pet owners complain that it takes prodding before their felines decide to eat a serving of Nulo although they are happy about how nutritious this cat food is.


greater diet of your pregnant cat

While the aforementioned Nulo recipe is one of the highest rated products for kitties, it’s just reasonable to expect that some pets out there will not take to this cat food right away.


Nulo Grain Free Indoor Cat

Nulo Grain Free Indoor Cat ( Via:

The duck and lentil recipe from Nulo happens to be a great option for your cats. This is deemed to be one great choice for indoor cats.


  • Ideal for kittens and elderly cats.
  • Good list of ingredients.
  • Appeals to the palate of most cats.


  • May be hard to find in local pet stores.
  • Cats are not too excited about this cat food.
  • Some felines snubbed the food.


Nulo Grain Free Canned Wet Cat Food
Duck & Tuna Recipe

Nulo Grain Free Canned Wet Cat Food Duck & Tuna Recipe ( Via :

Dry cat and kitten food can be harmful to felines. This canned wet cat food is made from healthy ingredients to promote kitty’s health.


  • Most cats like this food.
  • Great choice of ingredients.


  • Can be hard to find.
  • Not all cats love this.


Nulo Grain-Free Cat Turkey Can

Nulo Grain-Free Cat Turkey Can ( Via :

Made mainly from ingredients sourced from the United States, this cat food is a good pick when you are searching for a healthier kitty diet.


  • Free from fillers.
  • Ideal for cats requiring a specific diet.


  • Not always in stock.
  • Tends to be a bit more expensive.


A Cat'sTwelve to Eighteen Months

Now that you know more about Nulo Grain Free Dry Cat food, it’s time to decide whether it is good for cats or not. Based on the information we have, Nulo is just like a bitter pill. Some cats may not be too interested in eating it but it is good for them.The ingredients in this cat food are impressive. As noted in this Nulo cat food review, pet owners have glowing remarks about how this product resulted to healthier felines.

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