How Do Cats Mate ? 3 Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

How Do Cats Mate ? 3 Facts That Will Blow Your Mind


ating is a natural process and if you have cats, you should be highly familiar with it. Just like other mammals, there’s a mating season for cats.

Anyone who owns a feline hates this season since cats tend to be out of control when they are in heat. If you don’t have a clue on how kittens are made, here’s a preview that could answer “how do cats mate?”

If you have a cat, you might find it hard to keep it inside the house when it is in heat. These cats would wander in search of a mate and their love for you will not prevent them from escaping when you are not looking.

This is this one season where you can find your kitty blocks away because it has been looking for some other cat to ease the urge to copulate.

How Do Cats Mate ?

Cats Mate

If you have not stumbled on two noisy cats in the middle of the night that disrupted your sleep we will break down the basics of cat mating for you.

Female cats in heat seem uncontrollable, even if you just stroke them, they will assume the mating position. Your female cat crouches down in front of the male cat with its posterior raised and tail at the side. If there is an available male cat, that feline will try to sit over the female cat's rump placing his feet on her side.

After assuming the position, the tom or the male cat inserts his penis. The entire cat mating process happens quite quickly as ejaculation occurs in just 15 to 30 seconds. Once done, the tomcat emits a low growl while your female cat will shriek.

This is pretty much what you hear during mating season. There are also projections in the cat's male organ that could cause pain to the queen but is necessary to produce an offspring.

This process may be repeated a few minutes or hours after. Queens in heat can be quite active and mate with a tomcat 30 times while in heat.

When Do Female Cats Start Mating ?

Once your female cat reaches puberty, the difficult job of keeping her inside the house during the mating season would be added to your list. In some breeds, female cats go into heat as early as six months.

When your cat is in heat, she would be looking for a mate and when it comes to cats, they would be desperate to find a male cat. If you do not want a litter at home, you should make sure that your cat is secured indoors. Otherwise, you would be dealing with a bunch of kittens which could be nice if you have the time to take care of many cats.

Cat Hug

Often, cats are in heat in the spring or the summer season. The daylight hours seem to have a significant effect on the female cat's ovulation. The period in which your cat is in heat could last from five to six days and you should be prepared for this cycle to reoccur every two to three weeks.

Unless you get your cat spayed or it becomes pregnant, the mating cycle will continue. If you are trying to breed a cat, this won't be a problem but if not, you need to keep your cat indoors. However, be prepared to see male cats outside your home if you have a female cat "in heat" because they have this mating call that attracts cats of the opposite sex.

If you are planning to breed a cat, make sure that it is at least one year old.

Cat Kiss

During this period, you should prepare yourself for cat vocalization, lots of it. This is the way for cats to tell where a possible mate is and they will run to the direction of that call. Male cats respond when they hear a female call so that's why cats know when there is a queen looking for atom.

Who Would Female Cats Mate With?

how do cats mate

Most of the time, female cats or queens would mate with any available tomcat. It doesn't matter whether that cat is its father, brother or cousin. Cats are just made that way.

As we have previously noted, try to avoid breeding cats in their first two seasons. They are too young to carry kittens at that age.

However, the surprising fact is that your kitten litter could have different fathers since the queen could mate with different tomcats during the mating season. This phenomenon is not exclusive to cats but it could also happen to dogs. So, basically, your cats could only be half brothers or sisters since there's a chance that they have different fathers.

Final Thoughts on Cat Mating

Cat Love

Just like any cat parent, you would have to suffer through the mating season. By now, if anyone asks “how do cats mate?” you would have a ready answer.

If you have a female cat, you would surely feel not too happy when mating season rolls in if you don’t plan on breeding cats. What are your thoughts on cat mating? Tell us in the comments section below and be sure to hit share.

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