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The Revealing Truth: Do Cats Shed Whiskers?


et’s talk about cats. If you currently have one, you would understand that taking care of these little fur balls could be difficult sometimes. They love pets, but they could also be stubborn and hard to deal with.

However, if you’ve come to love pet parenting, you would feel that it’s rewarding to take care of them too. This is especially true when you are a hands-on parent. And by hands-on, I mean knowing your cat’s “attitude” and knowing what’s best and worst for it.

For me, learning more about cats and their behavior makes all the work a little more bearable. It is good to review basic facts about the feline family, but it’s also cool to know the unpopular ones. If you have not tried doing this, with this article, I’ll highly encourage that you do.

For instance, did you ever know why cats purr and rub their bodies against yours? Or, do you know what skin conditions they could get from food or their environment? If you do, well that’s right for you. If you don’t, pick up that phone and read up.

One thing particularly bothered me when I first got a cat. I used to ask, “Do cats shed whiskers?” I’ve had furry dogs all my life, and I know they do drop, especially when they scratch. But how about for cats? Well, I had to do research. Here are the cool “cat things” I found out.

The Truth About Cats And Whiskers

The Truth About Cats And Whiskers

According to an article from Cat Health Detective, a cat grows its whiskers even before its other body parts. Depending on the specific species, the hairs could grow long or short.

But what do these tiny numbered strands do anyway? A cat’s whiskers act as their “security switch.” This part of their face is made to be very sensitive. It helps them know if there are predators nearby.

I’m sure you have observed this in your respective homes. Cats are indeed extra sensitive. They pay immediate attention to any sound they perceive. Even when they sleep, they could easily sense if someone is around. The whiskers are responsible for that too, especially during the night.

Still, according to the article, cats use their whiskers to interact and send signals to other cats or other animals. They move it forward to greet and move them back to fight.

Now do these “security switches” fall out? The answer is yes. They shed from time to time and not really in regular periods. Once they drop, it usually takes the cat around two weeks to grow them back.

What happens when the whiskers shed, then? Do the cats lose their sensory strength? The answer here is no.

When the whiskers fall out, they strands are not cut off entirely. There are tiny hairs left for the cats to use. This is why the attention span of cats never changes in normal conditions. They remain sensitive to their environment.

Cats and Their Hair

Cats and Their Hair also shares some strange facts about cat whiskers. In their article, they stated that although they shed their hairs, it doesn’t mean it should be cut off. It is highly discouraged to cut them off.

Like mentioned above, your fur baby uses its whiskers to guard themselves. Without it, they will feel incomplete and unsafe especially when they go to unfamiliar places.

Unlike in a regular grooming, when you cut these hairs off, your cats may respond differently. Aside from being not used to having their noses bald on that part, they might feel off.

They could get dizzy or even confused. You will readily notice these weird reactions. After cutting the whiskers, they may either hide or fight you. And this may not end up well for the both of you. The worst case scenario might be ruining your budding relationship with them.

This is not to cause you to overreact, but to let you know how important the whiskers are to cats in general. It is entirely fine to see the whiskers shedding; that is part of their structural makeup anyway.

As puts it, force-cutting the whiskers could be dangerous. It is similar to suddenly blinding someone without any notice. You wouldn’t like that to happen to you. Thus, never do it to your beloved cats.


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So, yes, shedding of whiskers is completely normal. You need not worry that your cat may be having health problems. But of course, it would still be safe to use your “parental instincts.

If you feel as though something is wrong, go ahead and have your vet check your cat. Not to lecture much on taking care of your cat's’ whiskers, but I do hope these facts call your attention.

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